Adam Milstein Emphasizes The Need For Cooperation Between Christians And Jews To Stamp Out Hate

Adam Milstein and Pastor Carlos Ortiz together published an article on the HuffPost on the need for Jewish and Christian cooperation to stamp out hate and protect liberal values in the United States. Mr. Milstein points emphasizes in the article that Christians are being slaughtered by radical Islamists in the Middle East. The Christian population overall is in decline in the Middle East as radical Islamic ideas and groups spread throughout the region.

Isreal is the only country in the Middle East that provides safe haven to Christians and all other minority groups such as Druze and Samaritans. Both the Jewish State of Israel and Christians are routinely demonized and attacked by radical Islamic terrorist groups. Carlos Ortiz is a Christian Pastor and created the Hispanics Allied for Israel organization. It seeks to gain Hispanic support in the USA for the Jewish people and the Jewish state.

Carlos Ortiz echoes Adam Milstein’s statement that Jews and Christians must unite together to drive out the hate that is spreading across the Middle East. Both leaders also agree that Christians and Jews must stand up to the BDS movement at home that aims to delegitimize Israel. Adam Milstein describes the BDS or Boycott Divestment and Sanctions Movement as anti-Semitism in disguise as a social justice movement. He points out that terrorist groups and leaders are actually leading and organizing the campaign.

The Jewish people are routinely attacked and demonized and increasingly so are Christians in the Middle East and elsewhere. The Jewish Christian Alliance is vital for the continued existence of our great democracy and civilization states Adam Milstein. After all, our civilization is based on the Judeo-Chrisitan tradition. It is these traditions that form our rich history, culture, laws, and government.

One of the major points in the article is that terrorist groups that have links to the BDS movement routinely launch attacks against Israel using rocket fire and suicide bombers. Such groups are also targeting Christians living in the Gaza Strip and the Palestinian territories. Only by standing firm and fighting back, can the Jewish people and Christian minorities hope to survive and continue their legacy in an increasingly hostile Middle East region.

Adam Milstein is originally from the Jewish state of Israel and served in the Israeli Defense Force during the Yom Kippur War. He is a graduate of the Technion in Israel and the University of Southern California. Mr. Milstein is now a managing director at a property management and investment firm in the United States. click  here

The Power of the Crowd – Fabletics

What makes an online business successful? The answer to that question has changed recently as the power of retail has shifted from the business to the customer. Today, it is all about customer reviews and feedback. Companies who master this aspect of online shopping are successful while those who don’t fall behind.


One company that has based its marketing strategy around leveraging the crowd is Fabletics. This activewear company was created in 2013 by Kate Hudson with partners, Adam Goldberg and Don Ressler. This team has years of experience in retail, fashion and influencing the crowd. Their goal from the beginning was to make activewear that was fashionable but yet still affordable. Up until then, offerings from activewear makers consisted of drab colors and clothes that were mainly functional. Hudson, who is an actress and an active mom, is the ideal spokesperson for Fabletics. She is passionate and genuine which builds trust with members.


From the very beginning, Fabletics had a new strategy for doing business. They recognized the trend of crowdsourcing by customers. They figured out that positive reviews drive revenue and loyalty. Fabletics also is different because they offer a membership to the company which provides perks and benefits for the customer. Memberships improve customer retention and return business. In fact, 84% of their purchases come from return customers.


Fabletics is obviously doing something right because their sales have increased over 200% since 2013 and they have over a million members. Hudson believes it is their customer-focused approach that keeps the company growing. Surveys prove her right as Trustpilot says that 84% of customers trust reviews more than branding or even personal recommendations. This is a huge number which shows why it is critical for companies to leverage the crowd for their benefit.


Positive reviews drive purchases which increase revenues. Search engines like Google place companies with positive reviews up near the top of their pages which means more traffic for the business. 74% of customers surveyed said they would move forward with a purchase after reading positive reviews. 60% of those asked said that negative reviews would cause them not to buy a product or use a service. These critical numbers illustrate the power of the crowd.


Fabletics is one of those companies who seem obsessed with their members. Everything on the website is designed to make for easy navigation to read reviews and to leave feedback. Hudson believes this emphasis on reviews and customer satisfaction keeps Fabletics competitive and accountable. Their policies are transparent as they open themselves up to real reviews from real shoppers.


All companies today have to change their marketing if they want to succeed. It isn’t about brands or company reputation anymore. Today, it is all about the power of the crowd and what they say a company is. Shoppers are using crowdsourcing to make purchases and to choose or not choose certain companies. There is no guaranteed branding to hide behind anymore. A company is only as good as its last review.

Christopher Burch Inspires His Readers to Gift Their Loved Ones

As a successful entrepreneur and seed investor with 40 years of business experience, Christopher Burch has helped grow over 50 companies. Some of these companies include Tory Burch, Poppin, Jawbone, Powermat, and Next Jump. He is passionate about gifting and always shares ideas on gifts reflecting his curious personality and unique style of rewarding. As revealed by Burch in his blog, he takes pleasure in gifting new innovations including those from ventures he sponsored. The gifts include unique items spotted during his trips while others are just extraordinary items he bought for himself.

Being aware that his loved ones most likely won’t buy such gifts for themselves, Burch surprises them with a uniquely selected range of items. Hoping to motivate his followers while gifting his loved ones, Burch made a list of top six presents he believes would match all occasions. The items include; Trademark Cooper Cage Tote, Barbour Gisburne jacket, U.S. Jaclean Zero-Gravity Massage Chair, Chocolate and candy and Snowe Home Candle Set.

Christopher Burch is currently the CEO of Burch Creative Capital, an investment company he founded in 2007. Headquartered in New York, Burch Creative Capital is built on the desire to create value through passion, innovation, and intuition. As explained by Burch, the idea for Burch Creative Capital resulted from his desire to employ his resources and knowledge to assist entrepreneurs.  For more of his entrepreneurial views, click

The company today supports the production of various consumer and lifestyle products from different industries, including technology, hospitality, retail, apparel, and food. These products include Little Duck Organics, Brad’s Raw Foods, and BaubleBar. Burch Creative Capital also recently incorporated products from Cocoon9, ED by Ellen DeGeneres, TRADEMARK, and Nihi Sumba in its portfolio.

About Christopher Burch

Besides supporting profit earning businesses, Christopher Burch has continued to support charitable and community-based organizations. He has funded several initiatives including The Sumba Foundation, NYU Langone, The Henry Street Settlement, The Child Welfare League of China and Mt. Sinai Hospital based in New York.

Christopher Burch’s career as an entrepreneur started in 1976 when he co-founded Eagle’s Eye apparel with his brother. During this time, Burch was still at Ithaca College as an undergraduate student, check They managed to grow the business to about $165 million in value then sold it. Burch has served at The Pierre Hotel Co-op Board as president and board member of the Rothman Institute Orthopedic Foundation.

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Chris Burch Lists A Few Gifts He Likes To Give To Loved Ones

Chris Burch is a venture capitalist and real estate guru who has given disruptive companies a platform to succeed in at Burch Creative Capital. He’s also a lover of fine gifts and has given fine crafts and special gifts to his family and friends, some of which have come from the companies he’s invested in. He’s told followers in blogs and social media posts about gifts he’s made including a zero-gravity special massage chair, candle sets, sweets from Fatty Sundays and Preztables and many others.  Related article on  Burch has also said that he plans on passing down one of his vacation resorts on Sumba Island to his family as well.

According to, Chris Burch built his business empire starting as the founder of Eagle Eye Apparel back in 1978. He was only a college student at Ithaca College at the time and was selling custom-designed sweaters around the dorms and campus apartments. It became more successful than he thought that soon it turned into a multi-million dollar company with over 50 stores and was eventually sold in 1998. Burch started acquiring stakes in other companies including the Internet Capital Group and sat on the board at Guggenheim Partners for several years. He also helped his then wife Tory Burch launch the fashion brand that was once showcased on Oprah Winfrey’s talk show.  Check his latest innovative product in the market, hit

Chris Burch came into real estate and hospitality back in 2004 when he formed a 10-year partnership with Alan Faena’s corporation in Argentina and helped fund the construction of the Faena Hotel + Universe. The very next year he bought several houses across Long Island and Nantucket, Massachusetts turning one of them from $14 million to $25 million in value. He made the largest hotel purchase in 2013 when he and James McBride partnered in the $30 million acquisition of Nihiatu Resort. It was built from a luxury hostel into the top-rated hotel by Travel & Leisure Magazine and was showcased in an article by Business Insider. More to read on

Other companies that Burch has had in his company’s portfolio include Voss Water, Poppin, Cocoon9 and the ED company that he helped Ellen DeGeneres launch.  Additional article here.

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Chris Burch Taking an Uncharted Island into A World Class Hotel

Chris Burch is known for his incredible businesses that spawn fashion brands to real estate. His firms are focused on everything from brand development to managing venture investments. Today, he is taking on the world of hotels in a new way, buying out a beach hostel right outside of Bali in Indonesia. He bought it in partnership with James McBride, and they both decided to give this unknown hotspot a chance to succeed again. They invested about $30 million to renovate the entire place. It all started in 2012 ad took a mere few years to get it up and running once again.   Read more about him on

They opened it back up to becoming a five-star resort, and today it is continuously growing with more people flocking to the one defunct area nearby Bali. With spending more than $30 million on the place, it’s no doubt the place has become what it is today. There is no joke that it has the potential to grow and move forwards. The beach hostel is now named, Nihiwatu, and they were voted to become the best hotel in the world by Travel + Leisure back in 2016. Check  This goes to show that the brand is what it could become, and that there is no doubt the company definitely has a future.

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Burch had a goal to find an unknown place that he could renovate to help preserve another beautiful part of the area. He also wanted to give his children another place where he could relax and enjoy his day.   Head over to to read more of his entrepreneurial views on matters around his area of interest.

Chris Burch is the man that knows exactly how to turn something into what it could potentially be. Chris Burch strives to maintain this area of the city and hopes that Nihiwatu continues to shine through and build a classy part of Bali to provide a sincere and quality experience.

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Nihiwatu was voted best hotel in the world

Big time investor Chris Burch and hotelier James McBride have banned together and created a 5 star resort called Nihiwatu. Nestled on Sumba, a remote Indonesian Island, it has been voted by Travel + Leasure Magazine as the best in the entire world. The two friends fell in love with the resort and decided to purchase it. They invested around $30 million dollars into renovating it and it sure does show! Mr. Burch purchased the resort with the intent of it being a place for his children and also wanted to give back to the community. Now Nihiwatu, which opened in 2015, is a luxurious getaway for surfers and nature lovers alike. Its pristine beauty and villas make it an award winning place for anyone to enjoy. The resort contains 27 private villas all unique and beautiful. Chris Burch also lives part-time on the island and has his own villa, including four more connected to it. They all have their very own plunge pools. His villa is named Raja Mendaka and is quite stunning.   Additional article on

Fashion mogul and investor Chris Burch has had a steady rise to the top. With a passion to succeed in business, he started early in life. His first business was a major hit and was later estimated to be worth a whopping $165 million dollars. It is called Eagle’s Eye Apparel and was sold to Swire Group. Mr. Burch also invested in Capital Group which was a smart move on his part.  Refer to for a related article.

Read his views on business related matters, check this.

Chris is currently the founder and Chief Executive Officer at Burch Creative Capital. They take a unique approach when it comes to help businesses flourish. Mr. Burch himself has invested in over 50 businesses, growing them until they became very successful. His 30 year career in the industry have given him lots of experience and now he helps others achieve success too.  Browse on to know his latest innovative product in the market.

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Chris Burch’s Resort Really Has It All

Chris Burch’s company Burch Creative Capital has been a catalyst for some unheard of brands to take off and show big competitors how they will change their market. But it’s also the holding company for several major real estate investments that Burch has made including a 2013 resort in Sumba Island known as Nihiwatu. It could be said that this place is where dreams really do come true with its beach hotels all around the island and fine dining and massage experiences that have its guests never wanting to leave. Burch put $30 million into it with partner James McBride because he said the island is where he could bring his free spirit in architectural design alive, and it was bought as something to last for his children.  More about his luxury resort on

Chris Burch became a billionaire by starting off in the fashion industry. It was a simple idea he had back in college to sell sweaters that he bought at a local factory, and each sale would make $5 in profit. The demand for Burch’s sweaters grew so large that he sold enough to build his own company, and by 1979 Eagle Eye Apparel was born. This company sold a variety of apparel besides just sweaters, and by 1998 Chris Burch had sold it for $60 million. Burch had also bought some shares in the Internet Capital Group and Guggenheim Partners during this period.  Related article on

Burch founded Burch Creative Capital in 2008, just four years after he had helped his then wife Tory Burch launch her own fashion brand. Over the years, the companies that Burch Creative Capital has seeded or partnered with include C. Wonder, Powermat, Voss Water and Actua. Burch Creative Capital also partnered in the launch of the famous ED lifestyle company owned by television talk show host Ellen DeGeneres.  To know his latest innovative offering to the market, check on

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The Faena Hotel + Universe was one of Chris Burch’s first signature real estate developments; a 5-star hotel that was built on a renovated storage facility in Buenos Aires. About a year later Burch started buying several multi-million dollar homes up and down the east coast, including a $14 million luxury house that he turned even more profitable at $25 million, and several town homes that sold for $19 million in Nantucket, MA. Burch also has a beautiful home that he built at Nihiwatu. Aside from his business activities, Burch is a philanthropist who has given to and served with the Rothman Institute Orthopedic Foundation, and the Tilton School.  Keep up-to-date with his latest timeline activities, visit his page on

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Chris Burch Knows How to Make a Business Profitable

Chris Burch is a man with his finger on the entrepreneurial pulse of retail business. He can add to his resume having founded several brands with international retail appeal: Tory Burch and C. Wonder. Now, Chris Burch takes his ability to spot retail winners to the hospitality sector. He bought a beach hostel on the Sumba Island in Indonesia in 2012. It took $30 million to renovate the property. Today, the world knows the five-start resort as Nihiwatu. In 2016, Travel + Leisure voted his venue the best hotel in the world. Check on for more about the resort.

Burch credits his decision to buy the property as wanting to preserve it for his children, and also hopes that he can give back to the community in some measure. He says the location’s backdrop is so beautiful that it allowed him to innovate in ways other locations would not allow.  For more of his entrepreneurial views, click on

His investment turned out to be far more than he expected. As such, he can now spend time between his Hamptons residence and Nihiwatu where he owns a private home.  Related article on  The Indonesia location, one of his private homes, has an additional four villas with a private pool for each.

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Burch is also looking to take C. Wonder worldwide within three years. Additional investments include an office supply firm, a manufacturer of phone gadgets, a wireless charging outfit, and an impressive real estate portfolio that includes additional property in Nantucket. It also looks like his daughters are following in his footsteps with their own fashion line called Trade-Mark. Entrepreneurs like Burch rarely slow down. By the time they close one deal, they are usually looking for the next. More to read on

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Chris Burch’s Investment In The Hospitality Industry Has Paid Big Dividends

Chris Burch is a startup business investor and a man who gets around quite nicely. In fact he even had to change his credit card recently because his former credit card wasn’t getting him in the top Manhattan restaurants or to the best hotel rooms. But he himself has bought hotels including the owner’s shares of Nihiwatu Resort, a beach resort on a remote Indonesian Island that he and James McBride decided to build back in 2013, and with $30 million invested into it it’s been ranked as the “world’s best hotel” by Travel & Leisure magazine. Visitors have admired this location for its stunningly beautiful beaches and the overall atmosphere and architecture that brings to mind dream locations you may have only seen in movies. Burch stays here part of the year in a house he built.  Check on this to continue reading about this resort.

Chris Burch was previously the founder and CEO of Eagle Eye Apparel. This was a company that started as a simple hobby selling sweaters on a college campus. Burch’s sweaters became so popular in town that he was able to buy several factories with the profits and eventually Eagle Eye had opened over 50 stores throughout the US. Burch would later sell the company for a high profit and go on to invest in other fashion companies including his previous wife Tory Burch’s fashion line.  Refer to for more reading.

Chris Burch’s signature business was founding Burch Creative Capital, a venture capital firm that became all about incubating ideas that differed from most other startups and are brought to life under Burch’s guidance. The companies that have risen from Burch’s portfolio include Powermat, Voss Water, Actua, Poppin, C. Wonder and also Ellen DeGeneres’s lifestyle company ED. Burch Creative Capital has also been the key holding company for Burch’s real estate partnerships including his first big one with Alan Faena through which the Faena Hotel + Universe was constructed down in Buenos Aires.   Read an entrepreneur’s view on business related matters, click on

Burch’s property holdings include several homes across Long Island with one home in Southampton that was bought and resold for an $11 million profit. He also purchased a Faena property condo in Miami in 2011.  Additional article on   While Nihiwatu Resort has become his chief investment, Burch also has given to non-profit organizations around the US including the Tilton School and the Rothman Institute Orthopedic Foundation. Burch also has some history in the motion picture industry as the executive producer of Tom Flynn’s “Watch It” romance comedy movie.

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Immigration Youth Program Undeniably Challenged But Empowering Action Being Prepared

The Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund has a large quantity of resource information that has been an effective tool within the immigrant community. With a community of undocumented immigrants in Arizona that is estimated at 325,000, and potentially 11 million nationwide, there is a great demand and need for them to be educated about the changes with policies, laws and government programs.

The fund brings well-researched and reliable information to those individuals as well as migrant workers and generations of documented immigrants.

When Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin established the Fund with a $3.75 million settlement, it was to bring awareness about issues relating to the Arizona community that were more localized.

Although, there was still a need for resource materials related to national immigration issues, they were not as prevalent as they are today. After the fund was created in 2013, there have been many issues that were never expected within the country as they are today.

One of those issues is the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA). Although previously protected under the Obama Administration, DACA has been proposed to end by President Trump. DACA is now one of the most talked about immigration issues facing Arizona and the entire nation. Read more: Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund and Jim Larkin | Crunchbase

United We Dream is the largest immigrant youth-led organization for undocumented individuals. It’s important for the organization to instill a certain amount of empowerment for the youth and create hope.

Discrimination is a huge problem with the immigrant issue, and often times, the youth are left without any way of fighting back against it.

United We Dream is about helping young people find their voice and transforming any possible fears about deportation, or loss of citizen rights, into action. The organization is publicly-funded through donations that are received through membership and one-time donors.

There are youth-led community events done through organized campaigns which are assembled at the local, state and federal level. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: and

Many of the youth are able to tap into their leadership skills as a result of knowing the impact they have on their community. United We Dream allows the youth the opportunity to develop a sense of ownership within the immigrant community that creates a pathway for empowerment and change.

Finding a solution with the DACA issue will require persistence and ultimately a change of direction within the Trump Administration and Congress. In the meantime, there are watchful eyes among groups that are prepared for action.