The RealReal Is Throwing Their Designer Hat Into The Beauty Ring

The RealReal started in 2011 out of the kitchen belonging to the CEO, Julie Wainwright. Just her and a u-haul going from estate sale to estate sale. Today the brand boast of over 600 employees. Prior to the beginning of The RealReal, she was very comfortable in brand management and being CEO according to the impressive list of qualifications. She knew from the start luxury resale would be a hit.

The difference between The RealReal business model and other resale sites is that they guarantee 100% authentication of the luxury goods before the item is put up for sale. This is a great piece of mind to the consumer that doesn’t always know what to look for in designer items that would make it a counterfeit. Another positive note on 100% authentication program is knowing the item purchased from The RealReal is in the very best condition.

This past holiday season, The RealReal surreptitiously added beauty lines in it’s Soho brick-and-mortar store and it’s pop-up in Las Vegas. The RealReal, who’s company credo include luxury sustainability, commitment to the consumer and consignor. The carefully selected beauty line’s main objective was to incite an influx of new traffic into its two establishments and keep current customers constantly interested in the brand. The beauty products are new, in-step with today’s ideology and sold directly to The RealReal. Just some of them include Julisis, Grown Alchemist, and Rahua. This is different than the resale end of the business but the philosophy is the same. The lines are selected with the same meticulous criteria and thoroughly tested. This school of thought is what has made The RealReal’s annual revenue an estimated 500 million dollars and raise over 173 million in growth funding. The new line of beauty products will only add more value and revenue to The RealReal.

Michael Burwell Brings Years Of Experience To Willis Towers Watson

In October 2017, Michael Burwell became Chief Financial Officer for Willis Towers Watson, replacing former CFO Roger Millay. He joins the team with more than thirty years of experience with Pricewaterhouse Coopers in the field of financial and professional services. He was PwC’s Head of Global Transformation and Chief Operating Officer as well as the US Head of Transaction Services and Chief Financial Officer.


Michael Burwell comes equipped with over a decade of delegating senior level positions of management, as well as advisory experience in relation to Transaction Services where he was an aid to corporations in pre-merger diligence and valuation. His 11 years as a CPA also gave him an exponential amount of audit experience. Burwell’s excellent track record in finances, transactions, and transformation gives him the edge needed to continue Willis Towers Watson’s endeavors of integration and further expansion.


Willis Towers Watson is a consulting and advisory firm which provides a variety of services to large and small-scale organizations. Michael Burwell’s recent accomplishments with the corporation include offering AMX services, a branch of investment management which was first introduced in Europe, to their US clients.


The services of Willis Towers Watson aid small and large capital management, which saves not only time and money, but also reduces the processes of compliance and aggregation. Michael Burwell said in a recent interview that under current client management, the firm is assisting their clients with assets of over $120m. Go To This Page for additional information.


Michael Burwell obtained his BBA in 1986 from the University of Michigan, then spent the next 31 years at Pricewaterhouse Coopers LLP in varying positions. After the success of his Detroit branch, he was appointed the leader of PwC’s central region and U.S. Transaction Services Leader.


He became PWC’s CFO in 2007, that position expanding in 2008 to the nation-wide PWC U.S. business. Michael Burwell advanced to being Global Vice Chairman in 2012 as well as U.S. Transformation, utilizing his time in this position to improve the effectiveness and organization of a variety of internal functions which included Global Strategic Sourcing, Human Capital, and Finance Technology.



Nick Vertucci and a Motivating Adventure

Nick Vertucci just penned a brand new book by the name of “Seven Figure Decisions: Having the Balls to Succeed.” It isn’t only a book, either. It’s also an autobiography that provides readers with sound advice. Vertucci uses the book to give readers insight regarding difficulties he’s come across in this world. He also uses it to provide them with knowledge that pertains to smart real estate investing concepts. Nick Vertucci goes into techniques he employed as a means of acquiring liberation from monetary stresses. There have been numerous prominent people who have backed Vertucci’s book. Kevin Harrington is a well-known executive who appreciates it greatly. Harrington is As Seen on TV’s founder. He used to be on “Shark Tanks,” too.

Nick Vertucci was reared in a household that wasn’t rich and wasn’t poor. He parents gave him access to all of the basics. They weren’t classified as being well-off in any sense, however. Vertucci’s dad passed away when the youngster was merely 10 years in age. His mom had an extremely difficult time after that. It was hard for her to balance rearing children and making ends meet at the same time. Vertucci’s existence became a lot more difficult after that, too. He resided inside of his vehicle when he was 18 years in age. He was tenacious, though, and didn’t want to allow fear to halt his development. That’s when he began a business that concentrated on computer component sales. He had an epiphany at this point in his life. He discovered the sheer joys of being his own boss and working for himself. Answering to another person just wasn’t something that appealed to Nick Vertucci in any way. The world started opening up for Vertucci after he started seeing things in a whole new light. He got into a relationship with a lady he later went on to marry. She gave birth to three wonderful children as well. Vertucci has daughters who couldn’t make him feel happier.

Vertucci is often seen working in his bright Orange County, California corporate office. He contacts his crew members via telephone frequently. He isn’t afraid to tell anyone that he doesn’t waste time on the little things. He prefers to think about options that can help him raise his profits considerably. He’s someone who regularly establishes brand new objectives. Vertucci spreads awareness about his comprehensive book with full enthusiasm and devotion.

The rise of OSI Group from Local Meat Vendor to Global Food Company

OSI Group is today the biggest food providers worldwide and has employed more than twenty thousand people in sixty-five outlets in seventeen countries. Today OSI is a global name, and not only does the group give quality customer service but also ensures their employees are happy and proud. This is in line with their founding philosophy from the days the company was a humble startup in the 20th – century. The group has since grown to a multi-national food company and gets better by the day as it continually evolves each day to greater heights.

OSI Background

Like most great achievements in the United States are immigrant influenced, so does OSI. At the dawn of the 2oth century, a German –immigrant by the name, Otto Kolschowsky settled in Chicago, Illinois. At the time immigrants of German roots comprised a quarter of the people living in Chicago. Kolschowsky was among these people and two years later he would start a humble vendor meat market and a single butchery to service meat needs for his community. Kolschowsky had a knack for business and after ten years at the summary of World War 1, he had graduated to a wholesaler. Consequently, the business would outgrow the space and Kolschowsky moved it to Maywood, a Chicago suburb. His sons would later take over and rebrand the business to Otto & Sons.

Fateful business partnership

At around 1955, Ray Kroc piloted the 1st McDonald’s restaurant, in Des Plaines, Illinois. Arthur and Harry the sons of Kolschowsky were the men of the hour as they signed a deal with Kroc to supply the franchise with beef. Years later when Kroc would fully own the McDonald’s corporation, Otto & Sons was the biggest benefactor as they would advance their supply to all McDonald’s franchises.

Transition to OSI

In the next twenty years, McDonald’s franchises had grown to global status. Their primary product was the hamburgers and hence Otto & Son had to match up with the demand. Given that Otto & Sons were among the only four suppliers of McDonald’s growth was exponential. It followed that in 1975 Otto & Sons would rebrand to OSI Group. This was informed by their growth over the years and the new management that was beginning to take charge. OSI Group would open a facility in West Jordan, Utah in 1977 which was their first outside Chicago. The concentration of more facilities in the US would follow and eventually lead to global locations in South America and Europe.

More about OSI Group

The company has received many awards in line with the environmental efforts OSI has initiated. These awards include Globe of Honor from British Safety Council which they received in 2016 and Environmental Recognition Award from the North American Meat Institute (NAMI. Additionally, the company is the recipient of the prestigious California Green Business Award which it was awarded in 2016.

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An amazing man with an amazing plan

In Indonesia there is an island that is taking the world on by storm thanks to an over achiever named Chris Burch. In between investing in brands like Jaw Bone, Voss Water and the Faena Hotel, Chris’s heart held a spot for a surfers retreat in Sumba., Petra and Clade Graves began the journey of Nihi Sumba Island in 1988. For a little over 30 years, the Graves watched the island flourish into something more than just a beautiful setting. As they watched, their dreams grow, the overwhelming feeling to share the beauty of the island grew as well.

In 2012, Billionaire Chris Burch decided to give a huge helping hand. For three long years Chris watched his baby come into work. In 2015, the Nihi resort was reopened and it quickly became the place to be and everyone on the island knew it’s name. It became the largest employer on the island and was staffed mostly by locals. Ranging from $750 to $14,000 a night, these privet villas are truly an experience that can’t be missed! Each day, fresh seafood is caught and each night it is cooked and served with fresh produce from the hotels organic garden. Every single one of these 27 villas use the natural beauty of the island to make each and every experience unique. This major contribution from Chris Burch helped to expand this amazingly beautiful surfers retreat, check, in such a way that it was said to be “The Best Hotel in the World” by Travel+Leisure magazine.

Chris knows that this is a place that not everyone has the means to travel to. So, with you in mind he is drawing up plans to bring this one of a kind experience closer to North America. One day at a time, one footprint in the sand, there dreams are coming true.  Contact details on

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Robert Ivy Receives Lifetime Achievement Award

Robert Ivy is CEO and executive vice president of American Institute of Architects. He has recently been awarded the Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award. He was given this award by the Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters. Robert Ivy receiving this lifetime achievement award, is the first time an architect has been chosen. As a Mississippi native, this is a great achievement both personally and professionally for Robert Ivy. The people who have been honored with this award in the past are actor Morgan Freeman, Eudora Welty, and Walter Anderson, an artist. This award is of great honor and Robert Ivy has truly worked hard to receive the Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award.Robert Ivy is not only an architect. He is also a commentator, author and writer. On June 2nd, Robert Ivy will officially receive his award and proudly accept it.

Robert Ivy wrote a biography “Fay Jones:Architect”. It is in its third edition and was originally published in 2001. The book shows the work from an architect who was devoted to Frank Loyd Wright. Robert Ivy received his Bachelor’s of Arts Degree in English from Sewanee: The University of the South. Robert Ivy earned his Master’s Degree in Architecture from Tulane University. Ivy was an officer in the United States Navy before becoming an architect. The national architecture fraternity Alpha Rho Chi honored Ivy with an award because of the way he effectively communicates and values design. This was a great honor also. Robert Ivy was also the editor and chief of McGraw-Hill’s Architectural Record. With Ivy as the role of leader, the Architectural Record began winning many awards. Among the awards that they won was the National Magazine Award for General Excellence. It was Robert Ivy’s genius that made the winning of these awards possible.

On June 2nd, both Robert Ivy and Andrew Cary Young will be honored with the Lifetime Achievement Award. Robert Ivy has worked long and hard to receive such a great honor. Robert Ivy has made architecture much easy for the entire world to grasp. Through his writings and his hard-work, he is able to spread his knowledge of architecture with others easily. Robert Ivy has really made a difference in the way architecture is perceived and understood. The Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award is such a great honor for the CEO of AIA to receive. He will be the first architect to ever receive this award.

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A Look At The Services Southridge Capital Offers To Its Clients Around The World

Southridge Capital helps public companies thrive by operating as an advisor and source of structured financing. They can help businesses in a variety of different industries and offer their clients access to many innovative financial solutions. Since this company was founded in 1996 they have invested almost $1.8 billion into different firms around the world. To date they have provided financing solutions to over 250 public firms. This company has management with the right experience and knowledge to over consultation services on almost any corporate issue that arises.

Among the financial services Southridge Capital offers to its clients is financial analysis. They create very detailed financial statements for their clients that project where they will be down the road. Another service they offer is balance sheet optimization where they determine what is the proper amount of debt and equity for their clients and what it will take to attain the desired financial results they are looking for. They can also help their clients when they are engaged in a mergers and acquisition event. They identify good candidates for a merger which are companies that share similar business models. You can visit their website



The top five managers of Southridge Capital are led by this company’s founder and chief executive officer, Stephen M. Hicks. The chief financial officer and controller of Southridge Capital is Narine Persaud. The director of research is Laurence J. Ditkoff and the chief operating officer and general counsel is Henry B. Sargent. Rounding out this team is Linda Carlsen who works on the portfolio management team.


Southridge Capital is based in the city of Ridgefield, Connecticut. Some of the public companies they have worked with over the years include Adama Technologies, A5, Andalay Solar, and PureSafe Water Systems. A few years ago they took on Elite Data Services Inc. as a client. This technology firm produces software applications for businesses in a number of industries such as hospitality, automotive, and gaming. Stephen Hicks said that he saw this company as one that was offering high quality and innovative solutions to their customers and so presented a solid company for Southridge Capital to invest in.



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Dr. Saad Saad’s Accomplished Career in the Medical Field

As Dr. Saad retires at 72 years of age, he has nothing but sheer contentment in the way he has led his career. Dr. Saad Saad exits the pediatric surgery arena, a field that he has worked in for a long time, with a legacy that will last for a long time after him. This Palestine native doctor has had a remarkable career despite the numerous challenges that his family had to go through in his early years. However, challenges to him have been a significant motivation and have driven his success in life.


Born at a period when Palestine was changing to Israel, the parents of Dr. Saad had to go through a compulsory relocation from the only land they had known as home and begin life again in a new place. His father who worked as a petroleum mechanic was able to lead his family through this transition at the same time instilling the significance of education into his eight children. On one of the hot days during his youth, Saad suffered from a mild stroke when visiting one of his brothers in the mining fields. This experience made him realize that he would be more comfortable working in closed environments in the future and that’s why he decided to pursue a career in pediatric surgery. Learn more:


Dr. Saad graduated in 1971 from Cairo Medical Hospital. Later he went to the United States and began his pursuit to become board certified as a pediatric surgeon by the United States. Eventually, Dr. Saad got the certification which was a daunting task at that time and became the only Arab and English speaking pediatric surgeon in the area. He became a private doctor to the Saudi Royal family but was also allowed to operate on sick Arab children. It was his only occupation till 1989 when he moved back to the US.


When he returned, Dr. Saad started his medical practice in New Jersey where he also took up continuous research on techniques to reduce the pain involved during surgery and recovery process for the young children. His discoveries were of a method to perform surgery without the need of having two incisions on the body of a child. He went on and operated thousands of kids successfully with this technique.


Dr. Saad Saad has been carrying out surgical procedures for many decades now. His accomplishments and experience are recognized by most of his peers. He has earned three awards for his relentless effort in humanitarian work. Two of the awards were from PCRF (Palestine Children’s Relief Fund) and the other one by Ramallah’s Governor who works with the Ministry of Health. Dr. Saad is a father of eight children who are very successful with degrees in teaching, master’s degrees in Engineering, and PhDs in surgery.


The Fagali’i Airport

Believe it or not, the Fagali’i Airport, located on the Isle of Upolu, wasn’t paved until June 2002. Before that, it was was an all grass airstrip. In January of 2005, the Fagali’i Airport was decommissioned due to safety concerns with the surrounding village as well as the noise of the landing and taking-off of aircrafts.

Polynesian Airlines, who were the original owners (now known as Samoa Airways), re-opened Fagali’i Airport in 2009 even though the decision received more than a fair amount of criticism. The concerns were with, of course, the safety of the surrounding village as well as environmental issues.

Fagali’i Airport is open to the public and offers international flights, Pago Pago, the capital of American Samoa, being just one of many destinations. Both Samoa Airways and Tolofa Airways operate out of Fagali’i Airport.

Fagali’i is also known as Fagali’i-uta. A census taken in the year 2006 reported the village’s population at just under 1,600 people. Fagali’i also has an 18 hole golf course. It is named the Royal Samoa Golf Course and is very close to the airport. It was opened in 1970 and was originally a 9 hole course. A lot of golfers state that the course is quite challenging, especially when you factor in the heat and humidity.

Chris Burch: Developing the Island of Sumba

The remote island of Sumba is located in the Indonesian archipelago. The island has limited facilities, but it never stopped Chris Burch and James McBride from discovering its real beauty. Chris Burch is an American businessman and entrepreneur, while James McBride is an Australian hotelier. Together, they went to Indonesia to scout the best place where they could set up their dream resort. When they arrived in the island of Sumba, they were amazed by the beauty of its beaches, and they were welcomed warmly by the locals living in the island. They later decided to buy a cove situated on the island and develop it into a luxurious hotel.

The construction of the property took years, and when it opened to the public, resort enthusiasts were amazed by the structure and the services provided inside the resort. Chris Burch and James McBride called their resort “Nihiwatu,” and after it was published online for the public to see, many have booked their tickets to Indonesia to visit the hidden paradise in the island of Sumba. Years after the establishment of Nihiwatu, the luxury resort still receives positive reviews from those who have experienced visiting it. In fact, the resort was recognized in 2016 as the best luxury hotel on the planet by the renowned travel magazine Travel + Leisure. Chris Burch thanked everyone who has nominated his resort to become the recipient of the coveted recognition.

Chris Burch invested $30 million for the construction of the resort, but he managed to take his capital back immediately because of the surge of tourists coming into his cove ( Today, the residents of the island of Sumba are thanking him and James McBride for choosing their island as a gateway for tourists. The island of Sumba drastically changed ever since the duo discovered its beaches in 2012. Today, the residents of the island enjoy traveling on their paved roads, and a hospital just opened near the island center to cater the residents and the visitors of Nihiwatu. Chris Burch also gave the local people jobs, and he stated that more improvements would come shortly that would benefit everyone on the island.  For additional article, click

Anyone flying into Indonesia can access the Nihiwatu resort. Visitors would have to contact Chris Burch, James McBride or any of their associates if they wanted to visit the resort. Chris Burch ensures all of their visitors that they would enjoy their stay on the island because of the warm hospitality from the locals.

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