Kevin Seawright Helps Baltimore Area Residents Archive Homeownership

Kevin Seawright is helping residents of Baltimore and the surrounding counties achieve the dream of owning their own home. Mr. Seawright has founded a real estate and development company called RPS Solutions LLC. The firm has redeveloped and renovated dilapidated and neglected apartments and homes in Baltimore city neighborhoods such as Belvedere Square and West Edmondale.

Seawright’s firm currently targets affordable homes and works to renovate them so that the homeowners have a sense of dignity and are proud of their living places. RPS Solutions LLC also works with buyers of affordable homes, mortgage lenders, real estate agents and contractors to negotiate deals. This is so that people seeking an affordable home in Baltimore and the surrounding area can find one.

Kevin Seawright told LocalTalkNews that he is driven by more than just profit in the Baltimore housing market. He wants to see the communities at Baltimore thrive and become more vibrant and active. One way of doing that he says is by boosting home ownership rates. Vizualize reports his firm Seawright states is doing all it can to help Baltimore area residents of all backgrounds achieve their dreams of owning a home, and a home they can be proud of.

He believes that with firms such as his helping people buy, renovate and evaluate their options in the Baltimore area housing market, the percentage of homeowners can rise drastically and surpass state and national averages.

Increasing home ownership rates will make neighborhoods more stable and economically viable. Instability and economic woes are a problem that has plagued many cities including Baltimore. Getting people in charge of their own homes is one way of combating this problem, and Seawright is doing all he can to combat it. RPS LLC is in fact dedicated to renovating, constructing and selling affordable homes in Baltimore and nearby areas.

Mr. Seawright has previously worked in management and accounting positions in private industry, and state government in Maryland. He has also worked in education where he served on the board of a community college and as a director of the Newark Economic Development Corporation which was focused on revitalizing the city of Newark, New Jersey.

Richard Blair Of Wealth Solutions Offers Lucrative Investment Opportunities

To many people, renting their homes to overnight and other short-term guests sounds like an easy way to make money. They hear reports of people making loads of profits through Airbnb and other companies and are encouraged to take the plunge. What those people often don’t realize is that there are many risks involved with becoming a short-term landlord. One of those risks has to do with insurance coverage for injury to or damage caused by those guests. In many cases those expenses end up being paid by the person offering the home for rent and they end up losing money and incurring the wrath of their neighbors by renting their home.

Potential Insurance Issues

Short-term rentals can lead to a number of issues with your homeowners insurance. One issue is those policies often don’t offer coverage for short-term rentals. Many insurance companies consider that commercial activity. They will either cancel your policy, instruct you to get a rider, or recommend a business liability policy. Although Airbnb and other companies offer insurance help for the host, it doesn’t kick in until the host has exhausted their resources. That means the host may be financially responsible for any injuries, damage, theft, lawsuits, or illegal activities the short-term tenant causes or incurs. Plus in some communities you could be charged for running a commercial enterprise without a license.

Contact An Investment Professional

If you are looking for a great way to make some money, a safer path would be to contact Richard Blair of Wealth Solutions. Blair has years of experience working with small, medium, or large investors and helping them to get a good return on their investments. Simultaneously, he has been involved with companies like Crownbridge Wealth LLC, Blair Insurance Group LLC, Worldwide Ventures Gp LLC, and United Global Securities, Inc, all of which have helped his clients to prosper.

He also provides valuable advice on estate and tax planning, employee benefits, asset protection, state and federal tax issues, and other areas. Rather than allow clients to invest in risky ventures like short-term rentals, Blair has led them to other more lucrative investment opportunities that will pay them dividends for years to come.

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Thor Halvorssen Links Socialism to Human Rights Violations

Thor Halvorssen gave an insightful interview with Fox News on his take on democratic socialism and how it is linked to human rights abuses. As the president of the Human Rights Foundation, Halvorssen is very much acquainted with the massive human rights abuses that go on all over the globe everyday. The reason Halvorssen was asked by Fox to speak about socialism is that socialist policies have played a central role in the campaign of U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders for president. Sanders has promoted socialist policies as a way to deal with the economic problems in the U.S. because Sanders thinks it involves a more equitable distribution of resources and will help protect the poorest classes of society. Although Thor Halvorssen does support Senator Sanders’ presidential campaign, he thinks that there are some very real problems with socialist policies being adopted.

Halvorssen links socialism to human rights abuses based on the role of the government in a socialist society. The socialist government is given the right to set various prices of goods and services. Also, the socialist government may even control the distribution of various goods and services. Halvorssen says the problem with this is that there can be a scarcity of certain necessary goods. If those goods are things like food and water, the society could be headed towards a major problem on the order of a humanitarian crisis. According to Halvorssen, it is a basic human right to have access to adequate food and water everyday. Halvorssen points to the example of Venezuela and the humanitarian crisis the citizens are dealing with right now. The government is rationing access to electricity, food, water and medicine. In Venezuela, there is little hope for a change in policies while the socialist ruling party remains in power. Halvorssen further explains that the situation in Venezuela is demonstrative of wheat happens when an authoritarian leader is empowered through socialist policies.

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Brad Reifler Shares His Insights On Becoming A Successful Investor

Brad Reifler, Founder and CEO of Forefront Capital, has first hand knowledge of both sides of the investment market. On the professional side, he has helped the 1 percent of the population that has the money to be considered wealthy enough by the government to be able to invest in a variety of different funds. On the personal side, he has seen first hand what can happen to the other 99 percent of the population who are not considered wealthy enough to invest in those funds and what could happen to their money.

Like most parents, Reifler wanted to help fund his children’s college education. He invested in the popular 529 college savings plan. However, it did not turn out to be a good investment. When it came time to use the money, the account did not make any money and actually lost money. After the retirement of his father-in-law, Reifler had a problem with trying to invest money that was entrusted to him. This helped to reinforce the fact that the common investor has very few options when it comes to trying to invest.

It is because of these problems, that Reifler has become committed to helping the 99 percent of the population who want to become sound investors, but do not have the money to become credited by the government. Reifler shared some sights into how to be a wise and hopefully successful investor. His first piece of advice is to play it safe.  There needs to be a line of communication as well as trust when it comes to choosing your fund manager. Lastly, know what your investment goals are and take it slow.

Reifler’s independent, professional career started in the 1980s, when the Reifler Trading Company was founded. Reifler turned his company into the largest futures company in the world before he sold it. Reifler expanded into the global market and in 1995 founded Paili Capital.

Now, Reifler focuses on Forefront Capital. His project right now is the Forefront Income Trust. This trust was created to help the average investor invest money. It only takes 2,500 dollars to invest in this trust. XRepublic has the full story.

Police Union Indicated In Wrongful Behavior

Allegations of rampant discrimination have been circulating over the San Fransisco area police unions. It is alleged that racism as well as a lack of concern over promoting diversity within the department have all been overlooked by the union and its officials. A task force was setup to investigate further into the matter.


The former president of the Police Officer’s Association gave a depostition to the task force concerning those issues and homophobia. Mr. Delagnes also stated that the union and its activities were seriously hindering the ability for chiefs and commissioners to get their jobs done. They were and are essentially caught between that rock and a hard place.


Delagnes stated that the political arena expects the chiefs to assure diversity and fairness within the hiring and promotion practices of the department.


The former president of the Officer’s Association, George Gascon, also recounts other instances where racial slurs and remarks were made by upper ranking individuals in the hierarchy. At one formal dinner the remarks were so loud and boisterous that a civilian actually approached the individuals and asked them to be stopped.


As a standard practice all allegations have been denied. Ranking officials dealing with these allegations state that Delagnes lacks the credibility to be taken seriously. They do state that he has a vivid imagination though. Officials with the union seem unconcerned and rather annoyed by the statements.


When asked if he would go further into depth with his deposition, Delagnes made it clear that any further statements would need to be through a subpeona to the task force. It will be at that time that further expounding upon the allegations and offering of physical proof will be done.


Time will tell where these allegations will go. In past instances with police forces in the area some proof of culpability has been substantiated. Further investigations will definitely be in order and a full report from those who have allegedly been harmed will be needed.

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Online Reputations Can Be Changed Any Time

There are a lot of people who need to get their online reputations changed because of something that happened that was not positive. They need to get a company like Status Labs to help, and they need to make sure that they have done something that is going to change their negative image. The negative image is going to be much easier to change if people are going to ask for a company like Status Labs to help.


The first thing that a company like Status Labs does is make sure that they are clear on what the problem is They look into it before they keep going, and they decide how they will get the work done based on the scope of the problem. It is pretty easy to handle most of these problems, and the largest problems are met with a huge response. This means that all the people who are able to get services will be able to see the progress of the situation as they wait for the work to be done.


It is also important for people to make sure that they all have the right things in place to handle the job. Status Labs and other companies like them are going to work very hard to put out as much positive energy as possible for their clients, and they make sure that every situation is diffused so that there is not a problem going forward.


There are a lot of people who have problems with their reputation online because of bad press and other bad news. It is important that all these companies get the help that they need when they are in a crisis. A crisis can be handled pretty easily by Status Labs and other reputation companies, and it is important that all these companies feel like they have a chance to change their fortunes.

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Charles Koch Shares Wisdom from His Father

Primarily known for diverse petroleum products, Koch Industries’ largest subsidiaries include Georgia-Pacific, Invista, and Molex. With an annual revenue of 115 billion dollars, Koch Industries is the second-largest privately owned company in the United States and employs 100,000 people worldwide. Charles Koch has been the CEO of Koch Industries since 1967, and in his 50 years as CEO, Koch Industries’ revenue has increased by early 250 times, and its holdings expanded far beyond petroleum production and refining.

Charles attributes his work ethic to his father who he says had him start learning the value of hard work at an early age. Not wanting his sons to become “country club bums,” Fred Koch was especially hard on Charles. Fred sent his son out to the field to pull up dandelions at the age of six, and as he grew, the work grew harder. Charles has described a youth spent cleaning barn stalls, digging post holes, and baling hay. In addition to physical labor, education was made a priority, and Charles received both a bachelor’s and master’s degrees in engineering from MIT.

When Fred Koch’s health started to fail, he asked Charles to be his successor in heading his company, Rock Island Oil & Refining Company. If Charles did not accept, Fred would sell the company.

After his father’s passing, Charles Koch found a letter in a safety deposit box dating back to 1936. The letter detailed how Charles and his brothers would receive “what seems like a large sum of money,” when they turned 21 which they were to use as they wanted, whether to squander or use as a “tool for accomplishment.” The money was, in a way, a test of their character to see if they had the work ethic and the drive to use the gift as a tool to grow. The letter advises them that “adversity is often a blessing in disguise and is certainly the greatest character builder.” He closes the letter with a reminder to “be good to [their] mother.” After 50 years heading one of the wealthiest companies in the United States, Charles still keeps the letter framed in his office, his father’s wisdom used to guide him through his life.

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Diversant & One of Its Key Leaders – John Goullet

Gene C. Waddy is the owner of Diversant LLC. He is a visionary entrepreneur in which he made this organization to be the largest African American owned IT solutions and staffing agency in the US. This firm provides a wide array of IT staffing and diversified products that include innovative diversity solutions, direct hire, and IT staff augmentation. Also, this firm is fully certified as a Minority Owned Business Enterprise (MBE). With Diversant, Waddy is reflected of his personal drive, professional expertise, and his commitment to help others. And as result, this organization has grown tremendously even though the economic downturn, and a great reputation was gained for excellence among several Fortune 500 companies.

Diversant is a distinctive kind of IT staffing agency in which methodologies are original with top class. These are transformative ideas that aim to meet the needs of associates, clients, and communities they work with.

The principal of Diversant is known as John Goullet. He is also an entrepreneur that develops a slew of highly successful ventures. Goullet began working primarily as an IT consultant. He founded another business called Info Technologies, which is also an IT staffing agency. And as a result, Info Technologies became an ultimate success that grew to $30 M. And in 2010, Goullet and Waddy merged their companies to form Diversant LLC. It was first Diversant Inc. before the merger. And in being Diversant LLC’s Principal, Goullet can continue his passion for the development of new ways to meet the challenges concerning the IT marketplace which is always evolving.

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Another Profitable Year at Madison Street Capital

Madison Street Capital had a great business year in 2015 as the financial report for the year indicates. A 27% growth in the volume of transactions speaks highly of the investment bank’s market-oriented services.


Investors and other clients will be thrilled by the reports. The financial report further inspires confidence in Madison’s client-centered approach and are likely to receive even more customers in future.


The staff at Madison Street Capital should take the credit for their important role in business development. Madison encourages its employees to make the clients a central focus of attention. At Madison, all employees undergo rigorous training and refresher courses on client-centered practice hence their high output.


Madison seems to benefit from its large economies of scale as other small hedge funds struggle for new business. The high operational costs and lower charged fees made it even harder for hedge funds to find their footing in 2015. Madison navigated this environment due to the differentiated service that they offer. It can balance the interests of buyers and sellers hence the good performance.


One of the strong pillars that hold Madison together is the current CEO and founder, Anthony Marsala. Anthony has gained the respect of his peers in the industry for his strategic vision and planning. In fact, he has been labelled as one of the game changers in the hedge fund administration. Madison has just been in operation for five years, but it has already surpassed the profitability levels of more experienced firms.


In as much as they offer the usual hedge fund operation such as investment advisory, mergers and takeovers, valuation and corporate financing, they went away from the norm. Usually, investment banks focus on the opportunities in the developed world.


Today, Madison has been able to expand throughout the US, Canada and booming markets across the world. It’s propelled by opportunities in the real estate, energy, healthcare, telecommunications and manufacturing industries. Luckily for them, the small and middle markets have yet to be invaded by investment firms; thus, they can expand their business and take on new clients.


Another factor that contributes to the growth of Madison is their high level of accountability and transparency. Previously, firms in the industry have always been secretive about their alternative investments. At Madison, each client receives tailor-made investment advisory service. Those that trust Madison with their money understands the projects it’s going in. Lastly, Madison avoids losses by diversifying its interests in as many industries as possible.