Reputation Management CEO Talks Success

Status Labs is becoming an increasingly important part of the digital landscape and you might not even be aware that they exist. Status Labs is what we call an online reputation management firm where their focus is to help companies craft a public image while maintaining said image in the face of potential crisis. Darius Fisher, the President and CEO of Status Labs, is the brains behind the operation and one of the major reasons that the company is experiencing such explosive an successful growth.


Darius Fisher sat down with Reiva Lesonski, CEO of GrowBiz Media, in order to talk about what makes him tick and why his company has found so much success. If you want to know one thing about Fisher, thanks to this interview, you need to know that he is hyper focused and constantly prepared. Fisher says that his favorite quote is, “Chance favors the prepared mind” and that his focus in business is to find the “quickest line to the money”. Fisher’s focus on successful business building has become something to be admired as the company continues to expand outward.


There was a point in time where Status Labs didn’t have an assured future. In 2011 Status Labs was under public scrutiny thanks to the behavior of a former company president. Fisher was tasked with stepping in and taking charge. From 2012 to today we have seen Status Labs grow and expand by over 1,000% — getting named to the Inc. 500 Fastest Growing Companies list in the process. What this says is that both Fisher and the digital PR world are expanding at the same time, proving that there is something here to pick up on.


As an entrepreneur Fisher says that he chased the profession for the most common reasons: to become his own boss and to have freedom to travel. It wasn’t until he quit his copywriting job to focus on business that he really began to feel success. Now Fisher is a stalwart piece of the digital PR puzzle and we expect to see his hands all over the expansion of Status Labs into the future.

Discover The Secrets To Manifesting Your Unique Talents

Nobody considered the fact that this purple haired or maybe pink haired young woman would change the face of the cosmetics industry. Doe Deere suggests from a young age that she’s had an entrepreneurial spirit that took shape in her home country of Russia. Surprisingly, at the tender age of 13 Deere was wearing temporary tattoos as a novelty and began to sell them to her friends in school. Doe Deere knew from then on that she was business minded and she didn’t have traditional thoughts for her success. Lime Crime Magazine Galore has named her female entrepreneur of the year for her successful Lime Crime cosmetic line.

When Doe Deere was 17 she moved to New York City and she never left behind her business savvy and marketing skills. However, she started as a musician in New York working with a local band. Doe says this experience caused her to have a great appreciation for the people that came to her shows and were willing to sponsor her events. She says this experience contributed to her success in makeup sales. After leaving her band, she decided that she would create bold rich makeup colors and discovered that it was a favorite for a lot of women.

Doe Deere can remember trying on her mother’s makeup and accessories as a youth and not being pleased with the neutral dull colors of the late 90’s. In fact, searching for the appropriate colors for her mood allowed her to create and design her own line of lipsticks and eye shadows in a velvetine matte texture that was unheard of in the industry.

Lime Crime products can be easily purchased over the phone or through their secure website. Best of all, you can have them shipped to your door in under a week. They offer exclusive offers for their first time customers and many promotional offers for their members. Customers can appreciate the waterproof formula that causes Lime Crime cosmetics easy to wear, but they are also easily removable. Customers are encouraged to visit their online Youtube tutorials to find out more information on how to mix and match, apply, and remove Lime Crime cosmetics.

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Jim Hunt Is A Disciplined And Driven Individual

Jim Hunt is very clear what he’s all about when you look at the information he has published. He is an investor and stock trader who helps people learn the secrets of the stock exchange. Whether a bull or bear market is about to come, Hunt seems to be there always making the right move at the right time. Hunt has described himself as not ambitious, but simply a man who believes stock trading is not as complex as most financial institutions have made it out to be. Hunt has a YouTube channel where people can follow his instructions on using stock charts and executing trades.


Ideamensch, a blog about entrepreneurial ideas wanted to know what made Jim Hunt tick, so they interviewed him recently. First, they asked him about why he started VTA Publications, and his answer was to give the less-knowledgeable investors a leg up in competing with the banks. He was also asked about what kind of business opportunities he would recommend to new entrepreneurs and he talked about Clickbank, an affiliate publishing company that users can make money for marketing business products with. And his best way to spend $100 is to subscribe to quality information in financial research.


Hunt’s company, VTA Publications is the main source of his work. The company is known as a distance learning course publisher of that provides materials to self-starting investors and stock traders. The source of knowledge for VTA Publications booklets comes not only from business experts around the world, but also from timeless books such as the bible. The company hosts seminars featuring prominent business guests, and all the lectures given at these seminars are available to order with the rest of the course materials. All of the publications can be ordered by going to, and they ship to all countries across the globe.  Be sure to follow Jim on Twitter for updates about VTA, but also check out StreetWiseNews to learn just what makes this system special.

The tax situation in New Zealand

The recent media coverage with reference to New Zealand foreign trusts portrays it as a sexy airport thriller with an addition of wealthy people, financial deals and exotic lands. The trust is, however, different than viewed since most of the things regarding tax is a bit more mundane.

The OECD is an organization responsible for maintaining a list of tax havens in the world and New Zealand has never been and does not seem likely to join that list. The main characteristics of countries with tax havens are that they impose no or nominal taxes. They also lack transparency and that their procedures and laws prohibit the exchange of intelligence and information with other governments. New Zealand does not even have a secretive private banking industry.

The requirements placed on trustees and how it handles foreign trusts are a few ways in which New Zealand has continually shown leadership in tax transparency. All of this goes towards assisting governments that request significant information.

Michael Cullen introduced new rules in 2006 after extensive consultation. His rigorous regime required that a New Zealand resident trustee of a foreign trust to submit a Foreign Trust Disclosure and keep financial and various records for tax purposes. The details include particulars of settlements, trust deed, specifics of the trust’s assets and money that the trustee receives and spends. Trustees should keep information about codes of account and the accounting system.

Heavy penalties were implemented for those who failed to keep records in New Zealand and be recorded in English. In 2011, these powers were enhanced with the implementation of world standard money laundering legislation.

In various countries, settling of a trust requires a person to report the settlement of funds to their own central banks, revenue authorities and other authorities. New Zealand has thirty-nine double tax agreements. These agreements are designed to decrease tax inhibitions to investment and cross-border. This helps in preventing tax evasion and tax avoidance.

Respected New Zealand accountants and trust lawyers operate foreign trusts on international client’s behalf hence enhancing New Zealand’s reputation amongst international taxation experts and the OECD.

Geoffrey Cone is a graduate of the New Zealand’s University of Otago. He was a bright kid and excelled with a diploma in tax and trust law. He started working in Auckland in 1980 then moved to Christchurch. It was at Christchurch where he became a chairman and partner of a leading law firm. He then started practicing commercial litigation, trust advisory and taxes. He later appeared at various levels as a chief counsel.

In 1995, he joined British West Indies as a leading litigator for less than two years then returned to practice his trade in Auckland. He then started his own firm called Cone Marshall Limited.

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A Plea To Allow Securus To Help Parents In Prison

An eye-popping 2.7 million children in the United States has a parent behind bars. In fact, the United States incarcerates more than citizens per capita than any other country on the planet. So no matter what you may have done wrong to put you in prison, you should know that you are not alone. And there is a way for you to alleviate some of the distress put on your children for your incarceration.


Securus is a telecommunications company that serves prisons all over the country. This company offers video chat much like popular video chat apps and websites, such as Skype, G chat and Facebook messenger. It is an incredibly normal part of life for most people these days and it is the technology that can bring you into the living room of your home with your child.


Children are especially adept with technology these days. Just imagine, you and I are going to be the old people that are not able to use the technology of the future while the children of today will be able to easily use it. Though probably even make fun of us for it. But that’s just the point — your child thinks technology is an abundant part of everyday life.


So when they see your face pop up on the screen, they are going to think it’s completely normal. They don’t have to put up with an hours long drive to come and visit you or go through the scary process of a security checkpoint. Their surroundings can be there home instead of the cold, hard steel and concrete of the jail. Your virtual visit with them can be as free and as easy as possible.


And there is even better news. Securus makes video calls a cinch for inmates and their families. Your family just needs to go online to their website in order to create an account. The easy to use website allows them to set up a proper time to chat with you. And the service doesn’t cost that much, making the upkeep of the account a breeze.


In the end, Securus allows you to be a good parent and prevail through this very difficult time in your life. It is easy, affordable and abundant, so why not take advantage of it? If there is anybody that should not be suffering through this difficult time, it is your young child.

Securus Video Visitation – Kids from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.

Effects of Brexit on Gold Price

As the Brexit shock develops as the global financial crisis did, it would be glad buying gold at 1000 Euros per ounce as prices rise amid the next ten years of turmoil. However, the Brexit rush to buy gold at 1000 Euros per ounce puts private investors at a risk of not meeting the actual gold returns. Over the past few weeks, the gold price has risen by over 17.6% against the British Pound. As such, returns for retail markets gold products have varied wildly. Experts say that how you buy gold is just as important as when you are selling it. More than any other major assets, gold price may decline wildly if you involve brokerage costs. Therefore, before you buy gold today ask yourself; who will I sell to? What delays and hassles might I encounter? And what will be the profit margin?

Currently, many coins and small bar shops are bidding gold on different search engines like Google. Indeed, they are bidding up to 10 Euros for you just to click their advert, and never mind whether you become their customer because the retail gold investment market is far much lucrative for the miners than for the investors.
Contrary, wholesale gold market for governments, hedge funds, and miners do not trade small bars or coins. Instead, it sells bulk gold bars cast by a few and closely-monitored by large refineries. These bulk gold bars weighs around 400 ounces and comes with a quality guarantee. If any gold bar is ever found to be lighter than the markings stamped onto it, the refiner will have to compensate the buyer. Additionally, they are stored inside specialist vaults, guarded by the latest hi-tech motion sensors.

When kept inside specialist vaults, these bars retain their maximum resale value until withdrawing moment. They are then shipped off to the melting point where they are molded into wedding rings, bracelets, bonding wires for microchips used in smartphones, and sporting trophies. Interestingly, the smaller the unit, the higher the manufacturing cost. Additionally, the more the intermediaries between a buyer and the manufacturer, the more you pay for handling and shipping expenses, profit margin, and insurance cover.

Therefore, before buying gold bars be sure to check the market trends. Today it could prove a great day to buy gold bars, but maybe buying one month ago would have been better. Buying six years before the Brexit would have been smarter considering that there are ready markets where you can sell your bars instantly.

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Sifting Through the Brexit Aftermath, Investors Find Gold

Important Information About Original Medicare Plans and Medicare Advantage Plans

Health insurance coverage is an important thing for all individuals and families to consider. Healthcare costs can become a real concern when injuries occur, illness happens or simply just to maintain good health throughout life. With all of that in mind, it is easy to understand why people are trying to get a better grasp on various types of health care coverage options, like Medicare Advantage Plans on There are some differences between Original Medicare Plans and Medicare Advantage Plans that everyone should be aware of.

For starters, it is important to note that Original Medicare Plans are handled by the federal government directly. Medicare Advantage Plans, on the other hand, are provided by private insurance companies. However, the same types of medical services, with the exception of hospice care services, are covered under Medicare Advantage Plans. People who subscribe to these plans pay a copay and/or deductible (for example, an office visit copay of $15) for medical services provided under the plan. All Medicare Advantage Plans also have a yearly limit on how much subscribers have to pay out-of-pocket. Once that limit is reached, subscribers do not make any other payments for the rest of the year.

Choosing the Best Medicare Advantage Plan Provider

Because Medicare Advantage Plans are administered by insurance companies, it is important to choose a provider with a track record for success and excellent customer service. InnovaCare Health has been recognized as a top provider of Medicare Advantage Plans and Physician Practice Services for years. InnovaCare Health is dedicated to helping people find the right type of health care insurance coverage for their unique medical needs.

Strong Leadership Team Makes InnovaCare Health a Top Provider

InnovaCare Health is made up of a strong team of dedicated professionals and some of the most experienced leaders in the industry. Rick Shinto, M.D., MBA, serves as the Chief Executive Officer. Penelope Kokkinides is the Chief Administrative Officer of the company. Both of these leaders are experienced in the healthcare/insurance industries and they work together to make InnovaCare Health one of the premier Medicare Advantage Plan providers in the United States.