The Privileges that the Securities and Exchange Commission has given to its Informants.

In 2010, there was a transformation of legislations that manage the United States’ finance industry. These changes were caused by the Congress when it passed the Consumer Security Act and the Wall Street Reforms of Dodd-Frank. The laws assisted the Securities and Exchange Commission in creating a whistleblower protection program, which safeguards the individuals who offer to provide valuable intelligence to the organization on any business that is not abiding by the federal and state securities laws. According to the plan’s regulations, the whistleblower is to be offered a financial incentive and a job guarantee as a reward for giving information to the SEC.

The informants are currently represented by attorneys and law firm that have specialized in offering SEC whistleblower representation services. The Labaton Sucharow is a company that was created in 2010, and it has been devoted to providing top-notch services to its clients. The firm had the first whistleblower representation practice in the industry, and it has advanced over time. It currently employs skilled personnel, and they include company detectives, financial auditors, and forensic specialists. All staff members of the organization are devoted to offering excellent legal solutions to the clients, and they understand how the state and federal securities laws are implemented.

Jordan A. Thomas who manages the whistleblower representation services of the Labaton Sucharow is a highly skilled and experienced individual on securities. He is a chief plaintiff representation attorney, and he formerly worked for the SEC as an assistant director. Mr. Thomas sat on the board that drafted and enacted the whistleblower protection program.

The SEC’s rule have offered to be giving 10 to 30 percent of the sanctions that it collects as a financial incentive of the whistleblower. It also assures the informants that their jobs will be secured after they offer intelligence. According to the Dodd-Frank Act, the employers are not allowed to bully or fire SEC whistleblowers.

The sources of the commission are authorized to use the representation of attorneys for them to hide their identities when providing information. The SEC offers translators in case the whistleblower does not understand English and it uses client-attorney privilege in protecting the information that it receives. The informants are advised to try and hide their identity by not revealing information such as their address and names. No consultation fee is charged by the commission, and this makes it easy for anyone to access the services of the organization.


Raj Fernandos: My Summer Reading Picks

According to Raj Fernando, the summer has a lot to offer regarding education and technologies. From the summer barbecues to the summer blockbusters, from the summer road trips to the summer internships, the weather means that you will never run out of activities to fill your days.

Raj Fernando also said, You might have noticed a good pattern. Most of these choices focus on new ways of thinking and new approaches. For this reason, they counter the established facts that are taken for granted. According to Ariana Huffington, she tackles a reminder of the benefits and tackles the urge of over-productivity. When many business leaders are seeking self-sacrifice, all she asks is the benefits of prioritizing self-care. Cliff Gaddy ad Fiona Hill break down the widespread fallacies and myths about the President of Russia Vladimir Putin. They clarify on the real ambitions of the man and what t means for the West. She has constantly pushed the possibilities of technology revolution past anything ever imagined.

I hope you’ll find something that comes to the ear. You must pick the most presented in the list below.

“Mr. Vladimir Putin: Operating in the Kremlin.”

This is a book by Clifford Gaddy and Fiona Hills. According to the authors of the book, the Brooking Institution have completed working on their Russian friend’s implications for the West. Vladimir Putin is the center of discussion in the book. It portrays his priorities and ambitions concerning his Russian way of thinking and perspective.

“The Sleep Revolution, Ariana Huffington”

When personal work and work were blended in age, Ariana makes a compelling case that self-maintenance and sleep have the greater effect on performance in the two worlds.

“Third Wave, by Case Steve”

The recent technology can make entrepreneurs revolutionize every sector of the world’s economy. What is to be lost|? What will we gain? And what does it all mean to you and me?

“Smarter Better Faster, by Charles Duhigg”

From the Power of Habit author comes to an applicable, yet probing, science of productivity examination. It contains an appendix of real-time instructions. While you try to control what you think, you should manage how you think.

Madison Street Capital: A Leader in Investment Banking

Investment banking is an inherently complex process, and few firms have the knowledge to bridge the gap between investors and businesses. Madison Street Capital, based in Chicago, has worked with companies in hundreds of industries in all aspects of the capital-raising process, from valuation to deal structuring. This experience allows the firm to help clients determine the best capitalization and financing options for their deal. The Madison Street Capital reputation for expertise in mergers and acquisitions is strong, with the company specializing in both buy-side and sell-side advisory to maximize valuations.

Madison Street is a leader in hedge fund financing and deal structuring. Karl D’Cunha, a managing director at the investment firm, commented on the wave of hedge fund M&A deals in 2015 and 2016 for the website Hedgeweek. According to D’Cunha, assets are high in the hedge fund industry, but recent lackluster performance and higher costs have driven managers to seek out new solutions in the form of consolidations. Although M&As are still happening, hedge funds are looking to non-traditional deals, such as incubation, revenue-shares, and PE stakes and bolt-ons. He expects to see more of these types of deals in the future.

Madison Street Capital provides services in all areas of investment banking. In addition to M&As, buyouts, and business valuations, the firm advises companies on bankruptcy and corporate governance. Madison Street Capital even provides wealth management and tax advisory services. Headquartered in Chicago, Madison Street has helped companies all over the world and has offices in Africa and Asia. One of the world’s fastest growing investment banks in the middle-market sector, the firm was a finalist for Boutique Investment Banking Firm of the Year at the M&A Advisor Awards. MSC has also won or been in contention for a host of awards since its founding, a testament to its reputation in the industry.

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The Future Start-Up Enterprise Belongs to Mike Baur

There is plenty of buzz these days about start-up companies and for very good reason. Over the past decade the start-up trend rose significantly and began reversing an otherwise downward percentage, showing an impressive and positive future. In fact, in 2015, start-ups experienced the largest year-over-year increase above the past two decades. As a result, the rate of new entrepreneurs has substantially grown throughout the entire world.

Mike Baur, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of Swiss Start up Factory, knows those statistics better than anyone and he continues to operate with the mindset of moving this incredible entrepreneurial opportunity forward. Know more about Mike Baur at

Mike received his master’s degree from the University of Rochester, in New York and also has an Executive master’s degree, which he earned from the University of Bern, in Switzerland. He’s had a prestigious and dedicated career of almost 20 years in banking. Mike was also given the honor of being chosen as an Executive for the Board of a very large Swiss Private Bank. During the height of his extensive career he made a calculated, yet risky decision, to leave the traditional banking industry and take his extraordinary skills to an entirely new level to fulfill his real passion.

In 2014, Mike launched and co-founded the now very successful Swiss Start up Factory in Zurich. Swiss Start up Factory aligns with many growing and younger companies, in the very early stages, to help them branch out further by increasing their digital technology capabilities. The SSUF Accelerator program, which was designed by Mike, is a three-month incubator program which includes financial partnering as well as mentoring. Mike, himself, has also become a mentor and an active partner in guiding the youth and future entrepreneurs.

The Swiss Start up Factory model was created with the concept of having a team spirited approach for entrepreneurs with great ideas. Mike says that “the team is the most important aspect of the start-up business.” He believes having the team with diverse talents, skills-sets and backgrounds, gives the start-up the best opportunity and added-value for success. Mike also says entrepreneurs need to “be ready, be committed, go the extra mile, be really convincing to your ideas and ready for all surprises that will come.”

Mike’s passion and sound business sense led him to accomplish having the number one rated and privately funded Information Communications Technology (ICT) Startup Accelerator’s in Switzerland.

Magnises Attracts New Crowd of Millennials

Billy McFarland is a young guy that wanted to give young people a chance to acquire a black card. This is one of the most promising new things for millennials that are getting out and about on the town in the East Coast. For $250 a year young professionals can get access to a Magnises club that puts them in an exclusive environment. This was once a members only club, but now there is a great amount of buzz about the open enrollment for new members.

People are accepted on a rolling basis when they sign up. A lot of the members that are signing up for the card have American Express Cards, but Magnises is not a credit card. It is simply more a payment tool for those that are interested in joining the club. The benefits are not worldwide, but there is definitely some potential for this club to grow. There are some interesting benefits like VIP exclusive invitations to late night parties. This is ideal for people that like to avoid the hassle on getting into clubs. The Magnises ClubPass is a big thing for people that like to party.

There have also been great events like movie premieres and after parties for members. Fourth of July parties are commonplace, and there is also buzz about the South Hampton parties. The Magnises club is something that is exciting for the millennials that may have been denied access to these type of environments prior to discovering the Magnises club.

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The thing that the Magnises club has managed to do is make so many more experiences better. The VIP treatment is something that many people look forward to. They want that complimentary bottle of champagne when they go out to the club. They have the desire to get the concierge services when they travel. This is something that makes people feel special. That is what gets people hooked on what the Magnises provides. This is a club experience that is bound to provide more people with better ways to save money.

A person that is outgoing is going to love what they can get when they sign up for a membership with the Magnises club. Billy McFarland has established the perfect black card on for those people that attend places like the Ainsworth or the Bounce Sports Club. These are environments that give people access to discounted tables and exclusive reservations when they have the Magnises card. On the East Coast this may be one of the best cards to have if you are the life of the party for your group.

The millennials that are hanging out today want to be part of a trendy scene. They want the exclusive membership that gives them access to more things. This allows them to post more videos of exclusive outings on their social media sites on People love to post the pics and videos of outings with celebrities in VIP settings. This is something that the Magnises club gives them access to.