Squaw Valley Ski Holdings Phenomenal Response To An Unfortunate Situation

A statement was made by Squaw Valley in response to recent news. E. coli bacteria was found in Squaw Valley’s upper mountain’s area. It was in the water meant for drinking. This issue involved people’s health, so it was reported to the Environmental Health Department located in Placer County.

Since this happened, treatments have been applied on a consistent basis to the water and improvement is being seen. There are a total of four wells serving the area in the upper mountains and three of them are displaying lower levels of coliform. There is absolutely no E. coli present in any of the wells. The director of Environmental Health in Placer County is Wesley Nicks and he has stated to the Sierra Sun that the situation is being handled properly.

The upper mountain restaurant’s are temporarily closed and the skiers are not being allowed to drink any of the water until everything if fully resolved. Due to the speed in which the situation was handled, there have been no issues involving health difficulties reported. This famous ski resort on squawalpine.com is still operational.

A statement was given to the Sun on November 30th by Liesl Kenney who is the Director for Public Relations for the Squaw Valley. The statement basically said that due to an unusually strong storm numerous Placer County water systems were adversely affected. The unusually heavy rain caused one of the water systems of Squaw Valley that had been upgraded to overflow. This happened at the High Camp as well as the Gold Coast and caused the system to become contaminated.

Fortunately, that was the only system that was affected and the other systems are fine. The water that was contaminated was never made available to the public. The routine testing always performed on these systems showed the contamination so the Environmental Health located in Placer County as well as the Public Service District located in Squaw Valley were notified immediately. Numerous experts in the area of water safety were also contacted immediately. The experts gave the necessary help so that all possible steps were taken and the situation will be monitored until all of the system’s water is showing normal levels again. Not until the officials have deemed the water to be perfectly safe will the regular usage of the water be allowed to continue.

The customers safety is the most important concern. The problem that occurred is being taken quite seriously as do any possible issues concerning safety at the resort. While waiting for the issue to be fully resolved, guests at both the High Camp facility and the Gold Coast will have full usage of the facilities. Bottled water for drinking purposed is being provided at no charge. Guests will be contacted as soon as the experts have given confirmation the issue has been taken care of. A heartfelt thank you was given to the officials of both agencies for their continued assistance and support.

Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Squaw_Valley_Ski_Resor

Ignition Financial Offers Outstanding Car Refinancing Loans

Refinancing auto loans refer to the process of taking a second loan in an attempt to secure a vehicle. The new second loans come with new terms, and in most instances, the terms stipulated are better than those of the first loan. These kinds of loans are suitable for everyone and are issued based on the customer’s needs. Ignition Financials is one of the top companies in the United States that provides auto refinancing loans. Below are merits of refinancing your vehicle.


  • Lower interest rates


Refinanced car loans normally have interest rates that are lower than those of current loans. Additionally, the loan amount is a bit lower.


  • Reduction in monthly payments


Refinancing loan extends the period needed to pay a particular loan and, hence, reduces the monthly repayments.


  • Flexibility of the loan


With car refinancing loans, it is possible to extend or reduce the loan term.


About Ignition Financials


Ignition Financial was established in 2015, and its headquarters is in Austin, Texas. The firm offers services in automotive financing. Additionally, it pioneers in linking its clients with a variety of finance sources. The chief executive officer of this company is Taylor Carstens. Before establishing Ignition Financial, Carstens worked at Toyota where he acquired skills in sales and finance. It is while working at Toyota that he was inspired to create his firm. Carstens and his team of experts are always ready to match clients with loans that suits their budgets. Jana Mearns is the operations director while Melissa Constante and Alaina Villa are the loan advisors.


Services offered by Ignition Financials


Ignition Financials has a team of loan experts who provide advice to clients and match them with favorable loan financing options. They assist borrowers in securing a loan based on their credit history. They help borrowers with refinancing an existing auto loan, acquiring fund to purchase a leased vehicle, and loans to buy company’s car. Ignition Financials specializes in delivering slash my payments programs that ensure borrowers obtain the loans they deserve at reasonable interest rates.


Why you should choose Ignition Financials


  • Monthly installments are reduced based on clients preference


  • Ignition Financials offer lowers rates



  • Loans offered are inclusive of taxes and other extra fees


  • The firm has made the loan application procedure easy and straightforward



  • Ignition Financials employees are there to assist in the loan application process


  • The loan advisors ensure borrowers understand every type of loan that is available.

Discover The Secret To Healthy Vibrant Hair That Is Easy To Manage

Finding the right conditioner to cleanse and revitalize your hair is easy as a bottle of Wen by Chaz. Their cleansing conditioner is widely used among women because of it’s all natural ingredients and ability to provide elasticity. Wen by Chaz is 95% organic and cruelty-free. Enjoy cleansing conditioners that are infused with aromatherapy that include scents like Mandarin Fig and sweet almond.

Transform your dry brittle hair into locks you can manage easily. Combined with their shampoo their cleansing conditioner works wonders on your hair from root to tip. Wen by Chaz offers you the convenience of ordering their products directly from their website and having them shipped to your front door or beauty salon.

Wen by Chaz conditioners work on all hair types and comes packaged with the proper amount for your hair, listed on the outside of the product. Get the correct amount requirements that will provide effective results for your hair every time. They recommend that you use their all natural shampoo along with their cleansing conditioner for maximum results.

A recent Bustle online magazine article reported the results of one young lady that decided to use Wen by Chaz on her thin hair. After every shampoo she would use their cleansing conditioner and noticed immediate results from previous breakage and frizz issues with her hair. She now recommends their products to all the online Bustle readers.

Wen by Chaz Products

– Styling products
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and much more

Are you tired of struggling with your hair? Wen by Chaz provides an affordable cleansing conditioner that will revolutionize the way you treat your hair for far less than their competitors. Pamper your hair with a cleanser that will give you extraordinary results.

Wen hair by Chaz can repair your hair from the damage of perms, dyes, and other chemicals. Best of all, it protects your hair from all weather conditions. Cleansing your hair with their conditioner will leave you feeling confident about the restoration of your hair. Thousand of women know Wen by Chaz as a name they can trust for nourishing and removing dirt buildup from their hair. Wen by Chaz is used by top entertainment professionals for better looking hair on camera. You’re invited to visit select retailers and purchase Wen by Chaz from the hair care section.

What to Look For When Planning Events in NYC

If you’re looking for event planners in NYC, which is the right way to go, there are certain things to consider before you actually hire one.


Before looking for an event planner it helps to know what your budget is and what the goal of the event should be. Will you be handing out awards? Delivering a call to action for an important cause? Merely celebrate an occasion? A bit of all three? Knowing the purpose for the event helps you define the elements of the event you’re set on prior to reaching out to an event planner, which can help you determine if your budget is sufficient for the event.


This will allow you to begin your hunt for an event planner in earnest. With no shortage of sites and services dedicated to tracking the reputation of service providers, your search can be narrowed to event planners that specialize in the exact type of event you’re hosting. You can even filter them by their filter them by client satisfaction and professional ties to the industry.


This opens the door to interviews. Event planners are typically warm to the idea of interviewing prior to being hired for any event. It’s an opportunity to certify your prior research on their professional bona fides and determine if a good working relationship can be established. While not always ideal, this is something that’s best done in face-to-face interviews.


When you’ve found an event planner that feels like a good fit for you, you can begin to collaborate on ideas that forms ideas for a successful event. Though you may find yourself attached to certain ideas, it’s important to consider what event planners professional opinions o what is and isn’t effective for the occasion, venue, and budget. And when it comes to how much you will spend, it’s expected that a professional event planner will provide their budget, complete with fees, up front. This doesn’t exclude negotiating or haggling, and you should always protect your investment prior to agreeing to hire a planner, but hiring a planner should be part of your budget from early planning.


Though you’ve hired an event planner, your input is needed to make sure you’re satisfied with the outcome.


About Twenty Three Layers:


Twenty Three Layers is one of the better known event planning companies in NYC. Relying on creative professionals to design memorable events that marries style and perfection, they’ve made their mark on event planning. With a scrutinizing attention to detail, Twenty Three Layers has organized memorable events that serve as the foundation for professional relationships across business markets, making them ideal for large-scale and intimate events, for businesses, charitable organizations, and even family affairs.

Get More Data For FreedomPop Phone Plans By Completing Offers

Even the free cell phone service featured in a FreedomPop review comes with 4G LTE data, which means that those who get the service will be able to obtain 500 MB of completely free data that can be used to send text messages, to surf the Internet, to run applications and more. When the data comes within 100 MB of being depleted, an email will be sent out to the user to let them know that they will be automatically topped up. Turning off this feature is always possible by going online, but there is a charge per megabyte if the plan isn’t topped up.


It’s always a good idea to either purchase additional data or to complete some of the many offers that FreedomPop has, or a user may consider using the Wi-Fi service that FreedomPop has because it’s a great price for only five dollars per month for unlimited service. With the Wi-Fi service being available in millions of locations, it makes it so much easier for a person who has constant access to Wi-Fi service to use the service to get unlimited calls, text messages, and data from FreedomPop for only five dollars per month.


Those with a compatible phone that allows for Wi-Fi calling can always use the Wi-Fi service in place of the free plan, which gives them all the services that they need for less than the cost of a fast food lunch. One can always choose to get the $10.99 paid plan, which has 500 MB of data but unlimited talk and text. Those who want to up their plan to the unlimited everything plan will not have to worry about data because the data is unlimited. There is also 1 GB of 4G LTE data added to the unlimited everything plan.


FreedomPop allows its users to customize their different plans, either by adding extra data or even an international calling plan, which many people can use. Some choose to use the international calling plan while they are in the United States, but some choose to use the plan while they are overseas, which can be done without roaming charges in many different countries. FreedomPop has great prices on their international calling plans, and additional plans can be added to make phone calls to other countries that are not on the list of countries that can get unlimited calls on the international plan.

Billy McFarland Is A Young Genius In The Business World

Billy McFarland may be young but that’s no hindrance on his accomplishments. McFarland is only in his mid 2o’s and he already is the CEO and Founder of Magnises. That’s quite an accomplishment for almost anyone and especially someone so young. His age is actually a compliment to what he founded. Magnises is something that is geared towards millennials. It’s a card with additional perks and even an additional lifestyle.

According to Buzzfeed, The founder Billy McFarland wanted a card that would appeal to the younger ages of 25-35. He wanted something that had relatable perks and rewards to that age group. He noted that other credit cards often geared their rewards towards an older crowd and there was nothing marketing towards younger adults.

So, enter Magnises. Magnises is only available in New York and it essentially creates a network among new yorkers. It’s great because it’s not necessarily a new credit card or debit card. Instead, it takes what a user has already and transfers it to the Magnises card. It’s used to enhance a user’s social life, overall.

McFarland is seeing quite a bit of success with his startup. After all, he’s no stranger to it. McFarland started up his own company at the age of 13. It was an outsourcing business that matched clients with designers online.

Billy McFarland also founded a different online platform called Spling. He is the current CEO of the site which turns URLS from text links into images. McFarland has truly discovered what it takes to be a successful businessman. His talent, personality, and experience has led him to partner with clients such as Discovery and Universal.

One of the most astonishing aspects is that McFarland did all of this without completing his education. He dropped out of college when he was only a freshman because he knew what he wanted to do and more importantly, how to do it. McFarland is truly a genius in the business world. His Magnises card has only been around since March of 2014 so it will be interesting to watch it grow and watch what he comes out with next.

Geoff Cone’s Outstanding Efforts


Geoff Cone is a law practitioner with over thirty-five years of experience. Cone who started his career back in the year 1980 in Auckland has gathered a lot enough experience from different firms at different levels. He is the CEO of Cone Marshall Limited a law firm that is given recognition in New Zealand as the first one to operate in foreign countries offering tax and trust-related services. The 62-year-old International tax and trust attorney also had to work hard for close to 18 years before starting his first law firm. Geoff is known for his very precise analysis on matters related to tax and international trust.


Geoff Cone who is a real patriot responded to an article that to some extent associated New Zealand to tax havens. A tax haven country doesn’t subject her citizens to paying tax but if it does then it is a nominal tax. That practice is a violation of international law on taxation and revenue transparency. The use of some secretive banking methods and firms and denying other governments information that they are supposed to get are just some of the characteristics of tax havens. Exchanging of information on taxes is considered as a tool that can be used to regulate domestic tax and put more effort on it, this is according to 2002 OECD agreement which is also referred to as the gold standard transparency. New Zealand has met all the requirements that are in place and should be followed by all trustees. Geoff Cone says that New Zealand was among the first countries that OECD listed in its white list to have successfully implemented tax standard that was agreed upon internationally.


New Zealand has proved that it is determined to distance itself from the tax haven by continuously implementing all the set regulations including the filling in of IR607 form that keeps New Zealand’s financial records that could be used for tax purposes. The major use of the foreign trust is assets protection but not tax planning. Other countries have developed confidence in New Zealand and named it as the safest country, which has transparent jurisdictions. NZ has high chances of going up because of the experienced accounts and lawyers who deal with international clients on foreign trust. Cone says that New Zealand is still on the safe side and cannot be grouped among the tax havens.


Apart from defending his country Cone also loves his wife Sarah who is American. Casa Marron in South America is Cone’s most favorite place that he frequently visits with Sarah. This couple narrates how life in Casa Marron is beautiful, relaxing, and admirable. Cone is a defender of both his family and his nation. Throughout his life there a proper balance between family life and his profession.