Boraie Development continues driving hot New Brunswick real estate market

Sam Boraie, vice president of operations for Boraie Development, is excited about his firm’s most recent project. The Aspire, a gigantic, mixed-use development will be marketed to a younger, more affluent demographic than some of Boraie’s past projects. But this is all part of a long term plan started by Sam Boraie’s father, Omar.

A lonely visionary

Omar Boraie, the patriarch of the Boraie family and founder of Boarie Development (, came to the New Brunswick area in the 1970s as an immigrant from Egypt. The former chemist was excited to be in America, a land of nearly boundless opportunity, compared to his home country.

Perhaps it took a beginner’s mind, someone who wasn’t familiar with all of the old tropes of real estate development, to see the opportunities that were right in front of those who had spent their entire lives looking at them. Like a resident of Cape Canaveral, for whom seeing millions of pounds of metal being hurled into space becomes just another part of the daily routine, American developers took for granted the fact that much of the nation’s finest housing stock and historical architecture had been allowed to lie fallow at the core of burnt-out, devastated cities, from Detroit to Camden and New Brunswick.

Omar Boraie saw things differently. In the late ’80s, New Brunswick was little different from Camden, Newark and other hollowed-out urban cores that had been allowed to fall into a state of ruin. But Boraie had a vision. Manhattan real estate, even then, was inflating to proportions beyond all reason. If Boraie could attract high-end tenants by creating top-tier Class A office space in downtown New Brunswick, he might be able to set off a chain reaction of economic development that would never stop.

At first, Boraie and his son were laughed out of meetings with bankers. But eventually they secured financing. Albany Street Plaza was the first Class A office space built in New Brunswick in decades. It quickly filled.

Soon after, the Boraie’s followed up with luxury condos for those professionals working in the city. Today, New Brunswick is one of the hottest high-end real estate markets in New Jersey. For more info, check out Sam Boraie’s crunchbase page.

Securus Technologies Is Receiving Amazing Feedback For Their Technology

For many years, it has been inmates who have been leaving Securus outstanding reviews regarding the amazing technology that has been placed in jails. This especially includes Securus’ famous video chat service. However, prison workers have recently joined in on the positive feedback. Prison workers have been using the technology created by Securus to make the jail a safer place.


Due to the technology implemented by Securus, prison workers no longer have to handle commissary money. Traditionally, commissary money would go from a friend or relative, to a prison worker, and then to the inmate. Securus Technologies’ technology makes it possible for family members and friends to send money directly to the inmate. This eliminates the involvement of a prison worker. This money goes into a secure account, and there have been no problems with this system. This has made prison workers feel safer at work. They do not have to worry about getting accused of stealing money or the like.


Securus Technologies was recently happy to discover that detectives are also using their technology to stop crime. The technology detectives use is the visitor database. This database shows how many inmates a single visitor comes to see on a weekly basis. All phone calls are monitored, and the visitor is watched if illegally activity is suspected. This technology has helped detectives arrested thousands of individuals just within the last few months.


Securus Technologies wants to hear from more prison workers and law enforcement officials. They want to know how they can create better technology to help law enforcement officials and prison workers even more. Securus Technologies is open to phone conversation all hours of the day, or they can be reached by email and will respond in a matter of hours. Securus Technologies is interested in helping the entire community.


The Lung Institute Is Using Stem Cells to Help People Heal Naturally

Most people don’t give a lot of thought to their lungs. Breathing is an action which is usually performed without thinking. Most movement has a direct path of cause and effect. People want a drink, so they move their arms to lift the glass to their mouth. If people want to run than they’ll work to move their legs faster and faster. Breathing is something different though. It’s so important that the body usually handles the matter by itself. But illness and injury can change everything. People will often be very conscious of every breath they take. Likewise, the normal repair and maintenance of the cells which make up the lungs will also need some extra care and attention. Until very recently people’s options were fairly limited. Damage to the lungs ( tends to occur on a very low level. It’s usually a problem with the lung’s cellular framework, rather than an obvious physical tear or wound.

The recent change has to do with something called stem cells with an organization known as the Lung Institute, reports The Lung Institute has developed a method to help the body do what it does best, heal itself. They recognized that the very small scale they were dealing with didn’t lend itself very well to traditional medical procedures. Meanwhile, research into the body’s methods of forming healthy new cells and tissue was advancing at a rapid pace. The Lung Institute realized that stem cell therapy was a perfect match for lung conditions. The idea quickly turned into a successful reality.

The Lung Institute can now offer patients cutting edge stem cell therapy that’s been able to achieve some amazing results. One of the biggest reasons for this high rate of success is that it’s helping the body help itself. Lungs are supposed to work without any conscious intent to breathe. Likewise, lungs are supposed to heal themselves without continual medical intervention. The Lung Institute’s stem cell treatment operates under that principle as well. They begin by taking a small blood or bone marrow sample from the patient’s body.

Stem cells are extracted from the sample and turned into medicine. This medicine is then delivered to the patient’s lungs. From there the stem cells are able to help the body help itself. It essentially jump-starts the body’s own natural methods of healing damaged tissue in the lungs. At the same time the stem cells provide material to rebuild those damaged areas. The Lung Institute’s revolutionary stem cell therapy is accomplishing something that medicine has never been able to do before.

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