Dr. Saad Saad’s Accomplished Career in the Medical Field

As Dr. Saad retires at 72 years of age, he has nothing but sheer contentment in the way he has led his career. Dr. Saad Saad exits the pediatric surgery arena, a field that he has worked in for a long time, with a legacy that will last for a long time after him. This Palestine native doctor has had a remarkable career despite the numerous challenges that his family had to go through in his early years. However, challenges to him have been a significant motivation and have driven his success in life.


Born at a period when Palestine was changing to Israel, the parents of Dr. Saad had to go through a compulsory relocation from the only land they had known as home and begin life again in a new place. His father who worked as a petroleum mechanic was able to lead his family through this transition at the same time instilling the significance of education into his eight children. On one of the hot days during his youth, Saad suffered from a mild stroke when visiting one of his brothers in the mining fields. This experience made him realize that he would be more comfortable working in closed environments in the future and that’s why he decided to pursue a career in pediatric surgery. Learn more: https://www.meridianhealth.com/location/meridian-faculty-pediatric-surgery-eatontown/index.aspx


Dr. Saad graduated in 1971 from Cairo Medical Hospital. Later he went to the United States and began his pursuit to become board certified as a pediatric surgeon by the United States. Eventually, Dr. Saad got the certification which was a daunting task at that time and became the only Arab and English speaking pediatric surgeon in the area. He became a private doctor to the Saudi Royal family but was also allowed to operate on sick Arab children. It was his only occupation till 1989 when he moved back to the US.


When he returned, Dr. Saad started his medical practice in New Jersey where he also took up continuous research on techniques to reduce the pain involved during surgery and recovery process for the young children. His discoveries were of a method to perform surgery without the need of having two incisions on the body of a child. He went on and operated thousands of kids successfully with this technique.


Dr. Saad Saad has been carrying out surgical procedures for many decades now. His accomplishments and experience are recognized by most of his peers. He has earned three awards for his relentless effort in humanitarian work. Two of the awards were from PCRF (Palestine Children’s Relief Fund) and the other one by Ramallah’s Governor who works with the Ministry of Health. Dr. Saad is a father of eight children who are very successful with degrees in teaching, master’s degrees in Engineering, and PhDs in surgery.


The Fagali’i Airport

Believe it or not, the Fagali’i Airport, located on the Isle of Upolu, wasn’t paved until June 2002. Before that, it was was an all grass airstrip. In January of 2005, the Fagali’i Airport was decommissioned due to safety concerns with the surrounding village as well as the noise of the landing and taking-off of aircrafts.

Polynesian Airlines, who were the original owners (now known as Samoa Airways), re-opened Fagali’i Airport in 2009 even though the decision received more than a fair amount of criticism. The concerns were with, of course, the safety of the surrounding village as well as environmental issues.

Fagali’i Airport is open to the public and offers international flights, Pago Pago, the capital of American Samoa, being just one of many destinations. Both Samoa Airways and Tolofa Airways operate out of Fagali’i Airport.

Fagali’i is also known as Fagali’i-uta. A census taken in the year 2006 reported the village’s population at just under 1,600 people. Fagali’i also has an 18 hole golf course. It is named the Royal Samoa Golf Course and is very close to the airport. It was opened in 1970 and was originally a 9 hole course. A lot of golfers state that the course is quite challenging, especially when you factor in the heat and humidity.

Chris Burch: Developing the Island of Sumba

The remote island of Sumba is located in the Indonesian archipelago. The island has limited facilities, but it never stopped Chris Burch and James McBride from discovering its real beauty. Chris Burch is an American businessman and entrepreneur, while James McBride is an Australian hotelier. Together, they went to Indonesia to scout the best place where they could set up their dream resort. When they arrived in the island of Sumba, they were amazed by the beauty of its beaches, and they were welcomed warmly by the locals living in the island. They later decided to buy a cove situated on the island and develop it into a luxurious hotel.

The construction of the property took years, and when it opened to the public, resort enthusiasts were amazed by the structure and the services provided inside the resort. Chris Burch and James McBride called their resort “Nihiwatu,” and after it was published online for the public to see, many have booked their tickets to Indonesia to visit the hidden paradise in the island of Sumba. Years after the establishment of Nihiwatu, the luxury resort still receives positive reviews from those who have experienced visiting it. In fact, the resort was recognized in 2016 as the best luxury hotel on the planet by the renowned travel magazine Travel + Leisure. Chris Burch thanked everyone who has nominated his resort to become the recipient of the coveted recognition.

Chris Burch invested $30 million for the construction of the resort, but he managed to take his capital back immediately because of the surge of tourists coming into his cove (wingsjournal.com). Today, the residents of the island of Sumba are thanking him and James McBride for choosing their island as a gateway for tourists. The island of Sumba drastically changed ever since the duo discovered its beaches in 2012. Today, the residents of the island enjoy traveling on their paved roads, and a hospital just opened near the island center to cater the residents and the visitors of Nihiwatu. Chris Burch also gave the local people jobs, and he stated that more improvements would come shortly that would benefit everyone on the island.  For additional article, click architecturaldigest.com.

Anyone flying into Indonesia can access the Nihiwatu resort. Visitors would have to contact Chris Burch, James McBride or any of their associates if they wanted to visit the resort. Chris Burch ensures all of their visitors that they would enjoy their stay on the island because of the warm hospitality from the locals.

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Innovacare Health Is Bolstering It’s Ranks and Moving Towards the Future

Innovacare Health — a leading Medicaid and Medicare organization — recently made a few surprising additions to its chief staff. Johnathan Meyers, Penelope Kokkinides, and Mike Sorinto all joined the chief staff this year. Both Johnathan Meyers and Mike Sortino were educated picks. Their resumes and portfolios fit the job perfectly and neither raised any eyebrows upon announcement. The other pick, Penelope Kokkinides, on the other hand, is a bold and innovative move from CEO Rick Shinto.

Who is Penelope Kokkinides?


Penelope is now Chief Administrative Officer at Innovacare. She has a massive portfolio that features Chief Officer roles and Vice President roles at some very big names. Centerlight HealthCare, Touchstone Health, and AmeriChoice are some of the names that should ring a bell to anyone familiar with the Medicare and Medicaid industry. Penelope was a rose ready to be plucked. Not only is her portfolio above industry standards, she holds two masters degrees (one in public health and another in alcohol and substance abuse) and has the work ethic of someone with something to prove. It’s difficult to believe that Innovcare Health was able to grab Penelope. Her history and portfolio give her the illusion of being wholly overqualified for any position. This is just the sort of hire that we have come to expect from Rick Shinto a man who continue to surprise us at every turn.


Rick Shinto the Magic Man


Rick Shinto may be magic. It’s safe to say that if he isn’t magic, he is one of the most reckoning and tactile CEOs in the healthcare industry. Rick started the same way that most doctors do, practicing medicine. As a pulmonologist in Southern California, Rick’s bright future as a doctor was sidestepped by his business-oriented mind. Rick jumped straight into a Vice President role for MedPartners and since then has a 20-year long portfolio of companies where his title usually contained the words CEO or Vice President. Ricks latest project Innovacare seems to be the one that is able to hold up to his ambitious standards. Rick — a man with a certain suave charm — has led his company Innovacare into the future in a big way. Innovacare is now one of the top companies in the world for Medicare and Medicaid Solutions.


About Innovacare


Innovacare Health is a North-American company that provides Medicare and Medicaid Solutions. They have over 120 years of combined experience and manage over half a million lives. Priding itself on “Value-based care” Innovacare has created inventive solutions to problems in the patient care field. Innovacare’s Medicare Advantage and Medicaid plans have catapulted them into one of the top spots in the healthcare industry. Working with patients, providers, and workers, Innovacare has made a serious stamp on the industry as a whole


Tony Petrello Invites Broadway Star Tommy Tune To His Home

Tommy Tune moved a long way from home years ago when he graduated from one of Houston’s top dance schools and took center stage as a Broadway performer. Tune starred in famous productions like “Grand Hotel,” “A Day in Hollywood/A Night in the Ukraine,” and “Nine” for which he was presented several Tony awards.

Ironically enough, in his return home to Houston he was welcomed by another Tony, the CEO of Nabors Industries Tony Petrello. Petrello had actually spent his childhood in a Newark, NJ neighborhood just outside of New York and later moved to Houston after joining America’s top oil drilling contractor, but his connection there is something he holds in common with Mr. Tune. The welcome home party was a gallant reception at the Petrello estate and Tune and Petrello were joined by the Miller Outdoor Theatre advisory board, the place where Tune performed at his homecoming.

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Tony Petrello has a long list of responsibilities as CEO of Nabors Industries, and he can be credited with keeping the company on a schedule that’s led to billions of dollars in revenue each year. They’ve also patented some of the most advanced rigs systems in operation which include automated drilling and analytics gathering. Anthony Petrello also made a joint venture partnership with Saudi Aramco this last year and also helped bring a merger through with Tesco Corporation.

During his childhood, Tony Petrello became a brilliant student who had a great math acumen. He achieved a high GPA and gained admission to Yale University where he studied under one of the top mathematicians of his day, Serge Lange. Petrello turned a different direction upon graduating from Yale and decided to pursue law. He completed a JD, passed the bar exam and began practicing at New York law firm Baker & McKenzie in 1979. Petrello became adept at tax law and finding loopholes in transaction regulations, and it led to his being hired as chief operating officer of Nabors Industries’ Board of Directors in 1991. After holding that role for about 20 years, Petrello became CEO when Eugene Isenberg who had previously served in that position passed away. He was also nominated chairman one year later, and his compensation was also given a large bonus amount in 2013 as part of a shareholder arrangement which made him top-paid CEO of America at $68.7 million.