Meet The Compassionate Lawyer: Jeff Herman

Some things happen and remain printed in our minds forever. One example is a case of sexual abuse and rape. The act is something that the victims find difficult to get past and forget. Founder and Managing Partner of Herman Law; Jeff Herman chose to represent the cases of such malicious action after an encounter with a woman whose son had been raped by a pedophile employed in pre-school. Later, Herman came to realize that there were many cases of the sought.


Today, Jeff Herman is a nationally recognized attorney. He has represented thousands of brave victims of the sexual and rape cases. If you are struggling with such a case, he is the right person to approach. He understands how delicate the issue is, and the hurtful emotions that come with the experience. Jeff Herman says that he finds joy in helping the victims heal and move on with their life. He further explains that as much as seeing the people who did the evil act face justice doesn’t erase the act, it helps, and it’s comforting to know they pay for their crimes.


Jeff Herman has been in the field for more than two decades. He says that these years have helped him gain the skills required to interview the victims. He understands that many people find it difficult to go through the whole act again. It is critical that they are interviewed without making them feel like their dignity is being reaped off.

It is sad to hear stories of people who have been sexually abused. However, Jeff Herman says that having people have the confidence to talk about what they went through is very empowering. Talking about it makes them heal. One trend that excites Herman is the #metoo movement. Having people from all over the world talk about the experiences helps the people who have gone through the rape cases stop feeling alone. Go To This Page to contact Herman and Herman Law.


When we look back on our lives, they are certain things we feel we could change to improve our results. Jeff Herman says that there is the anxiety that people face when they are young. You become so worried about the end and forget to enjoy the ride. If Herman went back in times, he could embrace and enjoy the journey.



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Vinod Gupta From Commodore Corporation To InfoUSA

Self-made millionaire, philanthropist, entrepreneur and Rampur Maniharan Indian native did not grow up with a silver spoon in his mouth and had to earn everything he has accomplished. From beginning his educational career in 1962 to selling his company for over $600 million by 2010, Vinod Gupta story serves as an inspiration to all walks of life.


Vinod Gupta began his road to success in the small town of Rampur Maniharan, where at a very young age Vinod Gupta learned life lessons from his father that served as a foundation to build him to who he is today. Attending The Indian Institute of Technology in 1962, Gupta began his educational groundwork in agricultural engineering and graduated in 1967, with a Bachelor’s degree in Technology. From 1968 to 1971, Gupta pursed his Master’s in agriculture engineering and business from the University of Nebraska. Vinod Gupta also earned a Master’s in business administration during the time he earned his degree in agriculture engineering.


Gupta was able to put his talents to use during his time as Marketing Research Analyst at Commodore Corporation. Commodore Corporation was based in Nebraska and was one of the largest building supplies companies in the middle states of the United States. Gupta took a small $100, he borrowed from the bank and created marketing materials he used to target potential businesses that would be interested in the solutions offered by Commodore Corporation.


In 1972, Gupta founded the American Business Information. The American Business Information became the go-to business resource for other technology-centered business seeking to grow and expand their market share. By 1992, the company was valued at $500 million and Gupta stepped down as CEO and renamed the company InfoUSA, as it was now not limited to the mid-west but provided solutions for the nation. By 2010, the company was renamed again to InfoGroup and was sold for almost $700 million. Refer to This Article for additional information.



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Gregory Aziz Instilled The Drive For Innovation Back Into The Success Formula At National Steel Car


National Steel Car is a Canadian based company that is well known in the railway industry for being a top producer of freight cars for the railroad industry. The company has been around for over a century and in the last 20 plus years has seen a major resurgence of the success that it enjoyed earlier in its existence. This renewed success has been spearheaded by the company’s visionary Chief Executive Officer. That man is Gregory James Aziz. The most surprising thing about Gregory J Aziz and his massive success at rejuvenating the fortunes of the venerable company is the fact that he had a long and highly distinguished business career in multiple other fields prior to purchasing National Steel Car. Not only that, but those prior companies were completely unrelated to the railway industry.


Greg James Aziz was born in Ontario, Canada in 1949 to a business-oriented family that ran a food wholesale business called Affiliated Foods. After graduating from college, Greg Aziz decided to go and work in the family firm and see what he could do to help grow it. His time with Affiliated was a massive success and Gregory Aziz helped the company greatly extend its reach of distribution to the point of being one of the most successful companies of its type in all of Canada.

Even though he had massive success in the food industry, Greg Aziz wanted to challenge himself once again, this time in a new business venture. He relocated to New York City and started a brand-new career as an investment banker. Much like his success in the food industry, he soon became massively successful in this new endeavor. It was this success that opened up the door for Greg Aziz to take over the position he would become most well known for. Read This Article for more information.


He came upon the opportunity to take over legendary Canadian railway company National Steel Car. The company had been massively successful during the first half of the twentieth century. The company’s fortunes had gone the other way during the second half of that century, but Greg Aziz felt he could change that. He knew the company had an outstanding base of engineering and he desired to make that his main focus. At the same time, Gregory Aziz built up the employee base at Steel Car so that he would have the necessary labor force to boost production.


After that, he had his engineers solidly commit to creating the most innovative railcar designs in the business. The turnaround was quick and soon National Steel Car was producing many times the number of railcars that they had been in the past. The fact is that Gregory James Aziz’s ability as a motivator was exactly what National Steel Car needed to return to its past glory.





Drew Madden Is Willing To Go Up Against Amazon

Amazon has been eerily taking over many aspects of the retail and internet services industries, but some companies are pushing back. One of those companies that will refuse to go down without a fight is CVS pharmacy.

Amazon is looking to obtain pharmacy licenses in multiple states, leading speculators to believe that they will be competing with the country’s top pharmacies. As a retaliation, CVS had acquired Aetna, which may lead them to break out into the insurance side fo the medical industry.

On the other hand, pharmacy licenses may also be applied to the sale of medical equipment. In that case, it may be a false alarm that they will be selling medication but rather medical supplies through their e-commerce platform.

In whatever direction that this may lead, medical industry investors are sitting at the edge of their seats to see what unfolds. Any medically related announcements by Amazon is likely to have an impact on their stock prices, likely for the better.

Many legacy pharmacy providers are already pressed in this competitive market and closures or mergers are looming. CVS, on the other hand, is likely to expand their reach in America to remain a big player.

Think of the current market as an all-in-one solution to win the hearts of their consumer. Amazon is especially aggressive at customer ownership in the sense of having them locked in to buy all of their products through their outlets.

As CVS is known in the medical industry, they will be taking a similar approach but with medical specifics. It would be awfully convenient to pay your insurance bill in the same place you pick up your diabetes medications or cough syrup. It would not be surprising if they expand their online operations with other retail chains the following suit.

Who is Drew Madden?

Drew Madden may be at the forefront of this merger of the medical and IT industries since that is exactly what he specializes in. Taking a look at his online portfolio, Drew has maintained relationships with large medical software companies for years. His recent tenure was with Nordic Consulting Partners, which lasted for 6 years, had shown his ability to grow a startup into a multi-million dollar enterprise.