The Stream Energy Philanthropic Spirit

What is Stream Energy all about.

Through innovative and unique approach to the market, stream energy is one if the biggest direct energy sellers in the world. When it was founded in 2005, by Rob Snyder and Pierre Koshajki, it relied on the world of mouth, marketing by publicity, to sell energy. Stream energy has, with a network of independent associations across the country, the energy seller has set itself at a very unique position in an already dominated market. The energy company has diversified it’s products to include technological advancements in some of them and still operate at a low price for consumption. Some of the companies energy plans include, the 30 thermostat plan and the stream budget power plan. The latter enables energy consumers pay a constant low monthly payment per year. The 30 thermostat com e with a free Lyric thermostat that allows the consumer to regulate their home temperature on their smart phones or tablets from where ever they are.

Environmental Consciousness.

Apart from being conserned with saving cost, stream energy is also conserned with saving the planet by preserving the environment. The company not only utilize technology is making work easier for the consumer but to also develop clean and green energy products developed from renewable sources. The Dallas-based energy company has gone further, in terms of preserving the environment, by joining arms with Habitat for Humanity and the Red Cross to cultivate and drive grassroot giving.

Hurricane Harvey.

When Hurricane Harvey stormed Texas, most companies, corporations and individuals and their thoughts and prayers to the families that lost their homes, members and their pets. While that gesture is reasonable and acceptable, stream energy was on the ground working with other well wishers to salvage want was left and to rebuild that affected areas. The energy firm proved to be one the best in leveraging charity and philanthropy by using more than money to set Dallas on the road to recovery. The company recently launched the Stream Cares foundation. A charity foundation that will formalize it’s philanthropic position in the ongoing Texas rebuilding and countrywide.

The Swift Growth of Over Time

Nexbank Capital is a Dallas based financial services company that deals with commercial banking, institutional services and mortgage banking. The company caters for its clients by providing them with customized banking and financial services.

The company announced that it managed to raise $20 million in the common equity capital raise that ended on 30th June, 2017. Money received from this capital raising effort will go to corporate purposes. As a result of this closing, NexBank has generated more than $220 million of equity and debt since 2016. In a statement, John Holt, President and Chief Executive Officer of NexBank, said that the support that they received from the shareholders provides a validation of the company’s business plan and a formidable financial position. He also added that the capital will allow NexBank to stimulate growth in an effort to enhance its performance.

In the half-year financial results of 2017, NexBank Capital, Inc is reported to enjoy a net income of $46 million. The return on average assets and the return on average equity were 1.7% and 31% respectively, year-to-date for 2017. At the core of company is the NexBank SSB, a top regional bank that has played a significant role in the growth of the company. In June 30, 2017, the Bank’s tier 1 leverage ratio and the risk-related capital ratio was estimated to be 8.2% and 13.23% respectively.

In 2015, NexBank announced its acquisition of the College Savings Bank of Princeton, which has specialized in 529 college-saving program. Announcing this acquisition, John Holt stated that their main aim was to see College Savings Bank maintain its name and branding under the umbrella of NexBank. Since it was founded in 1987, College Savings Bank’s primary goal has been to focus on college savings. Parents preparing their children for advanced education have continuously partnered with the reputable bank.

The Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, Matt Siekielski, applauded the acquisition stating that it will allow them to cater for their clients and at the same time helping families to save for higher education. The acquisition will help NexBank to expand its platform and speed up growth at the company.

Richard Liu Qiangdong On The Growth Of JD.Com


Richard Liu is the 44-year-old CEO of the ever popular and growing an online retail giant which offers deliveries within China as quick as under 3 hours if one resides in Beijing. Globally, shipping can take up to 15 days at the maximum.

As of now, the goal of Richard Liu Quiangdong and is to grow in China first and then expand eventually into Europe and America, starting with SouthEast Asia. Richard Liu responds when asked about his business model for growth, that, “It’s hard to use one business model all over. In SouthEast Asia we look for local partners.” grew 100% every year-over-year with the exception of this year, in which they have been focusing on quality concerns regarding users, supplies, shipping, and more for the world. Richard Liu Quiangdong was additionally quoted as saying that, “We want to see better profitability to our shareholders; I challenge myself every day to grow.”

Liu’s biggest competitor is Walmart. JD has one billion products to choose from, as compared to Walmart whose product list is in only the millions. It is unclear whether or not JD is looking to cut down on their inventory to match the Walmart model, or if they are looking to retain their current inventory size. After all, in the past ten years they’ve focused on cost and efficiency: they are admittedly comparable to Costco in terms of prices. Refer to This Article to learn more.

Their longest turnover time is only 35 days, and Richard Liu says that soon the turnover time will be less than 20 days. Growth seems to be occurring behind the scenes. When asked if Richard Liu thought that expansion into the United States was difficult or that the rules were fair, he responded by saying that “Protectionism is quite serious there; it will hurt the U.S. economy, too.”




Gregory Aziz: Reviving The Fortunes of National Steel Car

When Greg Aziz led a group of investors to purchase National Steel Car in 1994 from Dofasco, it was an investment decision laden with operational and financial optimism as well as sentimentalism. For several decades, the company was a symbol of national pride and prestige. The company was a market leader when it comes to railroad freight cars and freight engineering technologies not only Canada but globally.


Located in Hamilton, Ontario, National Steel was a leading employer of the local population and a key driver of local and national economies. Therefore, the move to purchase National Steel Car by Gregory James Aziz and his partners was aimed at not only restoring the company to rightful place within the industry but also restore national pride and provide a source of livelihood for the local population.


Following the purchase, Gregory J Aziz embarked on an ambitious plan to transform the company’s fortunes. It was a goal that they achieved within five years of taking over the company. Through the visionary leadership and management acumen of Mr. Greg Aziz as its president, CEO, and chairman, National Steel Car’s productivity increased close to four folds. With a revamped production capacity, the company produced over 12,000 railroad freight cars compared to 3,500 when Mr. James Aziz took over the company. With increased productivity came the need for improving the company’s employee base. The company base shot to 3,000 workers within the five years, up from a paltry 600 when Greg Aziz led the takeover.



A New Era of Success


Under the leadership of Greg Aziz, National Steel Car has transformed into a global market leader when it comes manufacturing of railroad cars and research and development of leading manufacturing and engineering ideas. The company has invested in innovative technologies that have seen it become an award-winning global brand. Two years into Greg Aziz’s tenure as the company’s senior most executive, the company was honored with the prestigious TTX SECO Award for recognition of its high-quality products. Since then, the company has won the coveted prize annually. The company has received the ISO 9001:2008 for eighteen consecutive years due to its commitment to innovation.

The new era at the company has also been marked by increased engagement in the local Hamilton community especially when it comes to supporting local charity initiatives and development projects. The company organizes an annual food bank drive in addition to the Christmas Party that brings together former and current employees of the company and their families. It also sponsors the local Salvation Army, Hamilton Opera and the Theatre Aquarius among others. Go Here for more information.




The Progressive Ways Of Michael Burwell


Michael Burwell is well known business man. His experience in the fund business spans more than three decades. He operates predominantly out of Michigan and went to college in the same state. The extensive wisdom and knowledge he garnered through school and working has been an advantage to various firms in the course of his career. Michael Burwell is now serving the role of the Chief Financial Officer, for the company Willis Towers Watson.


Preceding his current endeavor, Michael was a part of the business team for Pricewaterhouse Coopers. At the point when WTW Chief Financial Officer, Roger Millay left the company, it was then allowed to an experienced Michael Burwell. Most of the work positions held by him have been at the top level within that given company. His extensive background in the industry of banking has been the foundation for his steady progression. The opportunities that have constantly found him have been because of his work ethic and enduring vision. Although the company has a solid reputation, they can surely benefit from skill sets that Michael Burwell will bring to their roster.


Michael Burwell is not a person who shies away from giving another people credit. Positive reinforcement and unity are both components that have been the fuel for his successes in business. The ability to progress and persevere has always been a characteristic of him. Burwell communicates that innovation is a regularly evolving aspect, and we must be able to keep up with it. Burwell is known for showing his gratitude to people. He expresses that successes are a team effort. Michael Burwell enjoys giving to others and does so often. He has contributed to many charitable efforts and continuously donates his time and finances to progressive movements.


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Entrepreneur Whitney Wolfe Herd Shares Some Difficulties Leaders Have At Startups

For someone that hasn’t even hit age 30 yet it’s pretty remarkable what entrepreneur Whitney Wolfe Herd has accomplished so far in her life. She founded Bumble, and is its chief executive officer, which quickly sprinted into being the second most used dating app due in large part to its unique premise.

She didn’t like that with traditional dating apps women would mostly be passive, waiting for men to contact them. She decided to flip this on its head and allow only women to make that first move. This has proven to be a winning formula and her app now has around 31 million users worldwide.

Forbes also honored her recently, placing her on their cover and naming her as one of their coveted 30 Under 30 list. After getting married to Michael Herd, an oil and gas businessman as well as a restaurateur, her Italian wedding was extensively covered in the pages of Vogue.

While some might feel intimidated meeting someone who launched a global brand at age 25, Whitney Wolfe Herd is actually pretty cool. She shows concern for others and isn’t full of herself like many who find success early in life can be. She really does want to help women find success in life, personally and professionally, and sets people at ease who talk to her.

When she started Bumble, Whitney Wolfe Herd had few resources. She says her marketing budget was sidewalk chalk and she dressed up her dog in a bee costume to get some attention. She hired three young women, one still in college, and they got the Bumble app on the App Store. Tinder and Bumble Are Seriously at War

Her company now employs over 80 people at its headquarters in Houston, Texas. Whitney Wolfe Herd says that as her budget grew and she hired very experienced people she faced some difficulties around pay. Billion-Dollar Bumble: How Whitney Wolfe Herd Built America’s Fastest-Growing Dating App

In particular, she struggled with whether she should boost the pay of those that were on her early team to match the pay she was providing to more seasoned veterans. To address this issue she requires everyone to openly discuss their salary at semi-annual reviews so that the women she employs advocate for themselves and how much they earn. Whitney Wolfe Herd doesn’t care what she’s supposed to do

Charlemagne Tha God; Why Rape Reports Should Be Handled Cautiously


Lenard Larry McKelvey commonly known as Charlamagne Tha God is a radio and Tv personality who is known worldwide. He is popular as the co-host for Breakfast Club which is an internationally recognized radio show. He is also popular for his involvement in music related shows and specials and public appearances.

As he was growing up in South Carolina, McKelvey was arrested for some small offenses and also bore witness to some crimes. He later decided to enroll for night school and soon started his radio hosting career alongside Wendy Williams where Charlamagne Tha God quickly gained a mass following.

At the age of 22 in 2009, Charlmagne was detained following the issuance of a warrant of arrest for him. The charge was criminal sexual conduct with a minor in the second degree. The charges came after a 15 year old girl accused him of rape. Charlmagne Tha God cooperated with authorities and he pleaded guilty with a lesser charge. He was sentenced to three years’ probation and the case was dismissed in 2002.

Jessica Reid, Charlamagne’s accuser decided to bring up the case again almost a decade later. This came at a time when Charlmagne;s career was at its peak. Her reasons for bringing up the case again include the fact that she has not been able to get closure. Charlmagne was later cleared of the charges since his DNA was not present in the rape kit that was used to sentence him in 2001.

After Charlamagne’s case, it has come to the limelight that at least 2 to 10% of reported rape cases are fake. False rape claims are a major source of negative cultural effects. Studies have even been carried out to understand the psychology behind those who lie about being raped. It has been established that people who lie about rape have the habit about lying about other things in their life as well. Go To This Page to learn more.


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JD.COM Unveils Eco-Friendly Packaging Initiative, also known as Jingdong Mall is a leading e-commerce company based in China, has unveiled an environmental-friendly packaging program. The program will ensure customers get products that are packed in reusable or recyclable packaging in an effort to promote sustainable consumption.

The company is striving to make e-commerce eco-friendly and reduce costs. Jingdong has estimated that the program will make them save 32.5 million RMB per year. In the platform, customers will have the opportunity to choose whether to receive a product packed in reusable packaging or not. The packaging is returned after use.

Customers who will opt for the packaging will earn royalty points that they could use to buy products in the platform. The packaging is applicable to small-size and medium-size products except fresh food.

Jingdong plans to extend the program to Chengdu and five other cities in less than a month. The program has already been rolled out in Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou as well as Shenzhen. Moreover, It aims to extend the program to 20 cities by the end of this year. Click Here to visit their page.

According to the Head of Planning and Development at JD Logistics, Bing Fu, the company is always looking for ways to use green-logistics to reduce e-commerce waste. He added that the eco-friendly initiative will enable its customers enjoy the company’s products and services without worrying about carbon emissions. has always embraced the green approach and it has endeavored to promote it to logistics across industries. In 2017, JD Logistics launched Green Stream Initiative. The initiative is the largest environment effort that is aimed at promoting use of eco-friendly packaging. JD aims to replace the currently used boxes with green boxes. It has also endeavored to make 80% of its packaging materials re-usable and to replace 50% of plastic packages with biodegradable materials. It also aims to make 100% of logistics packaging recyclable or re-usable.

In an effort to be environmental conscious, JD started using hydrogen-powered trucks for logistics. It introduced the vehicles early this year in Shanghai and went down the history lane as the first largest use of hydrogen-powered vehicles for logistics in the country. Jingdong is keen on not releasing more carbon to the environment. It also introduced 50 solar-powered vehicles in Beijing to help in delivery services.



Malcolm CasSelle Continues Stellar Career with WAX Platform

Malcolm CasSelle first appeared on the digital scene back in ’95. The current CIO of OPskins, and acting president of Worldwide Asset eXchange, started out as a co-founder for NetNoir. NetNoir was one of the original media production websites, and focused exclusively on Afrocentric culture. Years later CasSelle made a move to China where he served from ’98 to ’02 as the CEO for Pacific Century CyberWorks. Over the next decade he would serve in a wide variety of top-level executive positions; working for virtual businesses at the forefront of current technology. This experience would bring CasSelle into the fields of virtual banking, paywall solutions, social media, and gaming.

A graduate of MIT with a bachelor’s in Computer Science, as well as a graduate of Stanford with a master’s in the same subject, CasSelle has always been an innovator. Now, he is planning to break out into the next frontier. Cryptocurrency has been gaining ground since Bitcoin’s startling success. Despite the vested interest many businesses the world over show in virtual monies, cryptocurrency has yet to enjoy mainstream success. Many experts prophesy that traditional banking itself will eventually go fully digital, with physical assets like company stock becoming virtualized. Despite this cryptocurrency is still held back by rampant fragmentation and fraud. CasSelle’s new WAX platform may provide a solution through its use of blockchain technology. Worldwide Asset eXchange is a new P2P platform established by OPSkins. Led by CasSelle the platform uses blockchains to generate smart contracts. This provides security for transactions and eliminates the need for intermediaries. It also allows gamers a return of investment by allowing cross-game trading.

Such an ability has the promise of creating a whole new market. One that big gaming giants cannot ignore. If the market becomes viable enough the gaming industry may very well initiate cryptocurrency mainstream status. At least this is what CasSelle thinks. As an early-stage investor in both Bitcoin and Facebook his instincts can be trusted. Those instincts made OPSkins the largest bitcoin merchant on Earth, only time will tell what they will do for cryptocurrency.

Charlamagne Tha God And Kanye West’s Interview Was Cancelled!


Charlagmagne Tha God, is a radio personality whom appears on “The Breakfast Club”. He was scheduled to do an interview with the very well known, Kanye West, to discuss the mental health issues black men have and how to get through the hard times.

But unfortunately the “TimesTalk” was cancelled simply due to not wanting the conversation to go in a different direction. Charlamagne Tha God has anxiety and has been struggling with it since he was a child.

He has mentioned over and over how seeing a therapist as a black man can help heal them of any mental issues they may have due to many past traumas. Kanye West has also been diagnosed with Bi Polar Disorder at the age of only thirty nine. He also has made it very clear that he has struggles with this disorder and even seeks help through his family, friends, and doctors. Charlamagne also was admitted to an institution for having a “Breakdown.” Which in his words was not a break down but more of a break through.

Having mental disorders can be tiring and put a lot of stress onto yourself. People with anxiety deal with a lot of over thinking, they also tend to obtain bits and pieces of OCD and Depression as well. Charlamagne Tha God has talked about how it’s very important to seek help, and to obtain a therapist. The interview was canceled due to the respect of Kanye’s mental state as well as the timing for such a personal interview. Refer to This Article for more information.

The two hold the same argument on mental issues but different political views as Charlamagne says ” Kanye West does not represent all black people….I’m black and I don’t support Donald Trump in any way, shape or form.” Unfortunately there is no proof that this is also a reason for the interview being cancelled as every has a right to their own political beliefs. Both, Charlamagne Tha God and Kanye West just want people to understand the issues regarding mental health and how important it is to always seek help when you need it.