Larkin and Lacey: Exposing Arpaio

Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Maricopa County, Arizona became a national figure when he imprisoned two journalists, Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey, on what were clearly bogus charges in 2007 in an effort to stop them from reporting on his department’s misdeeds.

Larkin and Lacey were Arizona residents and co-owners of Village Voice, a media company that owns the paper the Phoenix New Times. They saw how Arpaio’s department engaged in racial profiling and other misconduct, such as inhumane treatment of prisoners and illegal searches and arrests.

Wanting to bring national attention to all of this Larkin and Lacey ran story after story about Arpaio, hoping to get some national attention onto him. During their investigation of Arpaio Larkin and Lacey uncovered a secret Grand Jury he had assembled that seemed to be operating without just cause. They didn’t learn what the Grand Jury was investigating but they ran a story on it and Arpaio used that as an excuse to have them arrested. Read more: Village Voice Media | Wikipedia and Larkin and Lacey Fruntera Fund | Crunchbase

Charging the two journalists with interfering with an investigation, Arpaio ordered Larkin and Lacey arrested and they were picked up from their respective homes on October 18th, 2007. Larkin and Lacey were held for 24 days before being freed. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: and

There was a national outcry that finally succeeded in bringing Arpaio’s activities to the national attention. Though he was admired by some, most Americans of all political striped were against his violation of freedom of the press.

A judge finally ordered Larkin and Lacey freed and all charges against them dismissed. The Grand Jury was determined to have been founded without cause and dissolved. With these blows to his goal of putting them behind bars Arpaio went to trial himself.

He was found guilty but pardoned by President Trump. Arpaio lost his 2016 re-election bid for a seventh term, ending his career as sheriff. The people of Maricopa County were tired of the hits to their reputation the Counties coffers.

Larkin and Lacey sued the county and were awarded $3.7 million in a settlement. They used this as seed money to start a civil rights defense organization, the Frontera Fund.

Focusing Frontera on defending the 1st amendment and Latinos specifically, Larkin and Lacey hope the organization repair some of the damage done to the Latino community by Arpaio. The two continue to cover Arpaio’s activities as he seeks a seat in the U.S. Senate representing Arizona.

Immigration Youth Program Undeniably Challenged But Empowering Action Being Prepared

The Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund has a large quantity of resource information that has been an effective tool within the immigrant community. With a community of undocumented immigrants in Arizona that is estimated at 325,000, and potentially 11 million nationwide, there is a great demand and need for them to be educated about the changes with policies, laws and government programs.

The fund brings well-researched and reliable information to those individuals as well as migrant workers and generations of documented immigrants.

When Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin established the Fund with a $3.75 million settlement, it was to bring awareness about issues relating to the Arizona community that were more localized.

Although, there was still a need for resource materials related to national immigration issues, they were not as prevalent as they are today. After the fund was created in 2013, there have been many issues that were never expected within the country as they are today.

One of those issues is the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA). Although previously protected under the Obama Administration, DACA has been proposed to end by President Trump. DACA is now one of the most talked about immigration issues facing Arizona and the entire nation. Read more: Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund and Jim Larkin | Crunchbase

United We Dream is the largest immigrant youth-led organization for undocumented individuals. It’s important for the organization to instill a certain amount of empowerment for the youth and create hope.

Discrimination is a huge problem with the immigrant issue, and often times, the youth are left without any way of fighting back against it.

United We Dream is about helping young people find their voice and transforming any possible fears about deportation, or loss of citizen rights, into action. The organization is publicly-funded through donations that are received through membership and one-time donors.

There are youth-led community events done through organized campaigns which are assembled at the local, state and federal level. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: and

Many of the youth are able to tap into their leadership skills as a result of knowing the impact they have on their community. United We Dream allows the youth the opportunity to develop a sense of ownership within the immigrant community that creates a pathway for empowerment and change.

Finding a solution with the DACA issue will require persistence and ultimately a change of direction within the Trump Administration and Congress. In the meantime, there are watchful eyes among groups that are prepared for action.


Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin Form The Frontera Fund

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin were inspired by the abuse of their own rights to reach out to the Hispanic community in Arizona. Their lives were forever changed on October 18, 2007, when they were arrested in their homes by Arizona’s ruthless Joe Arpaio. Arpaio was known nationwide for being “America’s toughest sheriff“. His pursuit of innocent citizens in the Hispanic community was documented and exposed by journalists Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin. Therefore, Arpaio arrested them and threw them in jail. Due to public outcry over Larkin and Lacey’s constitutional rights being violated, they were released the very next day.


But they did not let this stop them from continuing to write about the truth and continuing to expose Arpaio for his crimes.


In fact, Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin went on to found the The Lacey & Larkin Frontera Fund to advocate for the rights of migrant workers and the right to free speech. They are based out of the Phoenix, Arizona area and describe themselves as bi-lingual and bi-cultural. They believe in the rights of immigrants and do what they can to help the Hispanic community in Arizona. They also describe themselves as defenders of freedom of expression and as actively encouraging civic participation.

Lacey And Larkin’s Event That Began The Frontera Fund

Mike Lacey and Jim Larkin are two humanitarians and civil rights activists who live in Maricopa County in Arizona. They’re most noted for starting the Frontera Fund, a non-profit group that publishes stories and offers assistance in particularly to Hispanic migrant groups, though it also has been said to be an important advocate of freedom of speech and constitutional rights. Lacey and Larkin support organizations that fight for justice against unfair laws and groups that are affected by them, and those organizations include Arizona DREAM Act Coalition, Arizona Justice Project, Kino Border Initiative and Phoenix Allies For Community Health. Lacey and Larkin have a unique story that explains how they started the Frontera Fund.


Mike Lacey and Jim Larkin actually have a long history as newspaper contributors that goes way back to 1970 when they joined Village Voice Media which was then known as the New Times. Lacey was originally from New York but had moved out to Arizona when he enrolled at Arizona State University. One of the first incidents to drive his passion for humanitarian news and accurate reporting was a cartoon he saw published that mocked a student protester during the Vietnam War that he felt wrongly depicted what was actually happening. He then joined a Phoenix newspaper group known as the New Times which would later go through a series of buyouts and deals with other media groups until it eventually merged with Village Voice Media. Lacey’s friend Larkin would join the paper not long after he arrived.


Although Lacey and Larkin started out as advocates for reporting the true stories of protesters and the political culture at the time of the war, they moved on to many other topics that became hot issues in the coming years. One of their biggest interests by the 1990s and moving into the 2000s was in immigration, and they wanted to get the true stories of Mexicans coming into the country. But it was while doing these stories that Larkin and Lacy began to have clashes with then Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, one of the more controversial law enforcement figures of his time.


In 2007 Arpaio sent a special unit to arrest Larkin and Lacey for publishing information that supposedly was supposed to be silenced because it was on a subpoena. But in reality the subpoena had been illegally obtained by a corrupt district attorney and Arpaio was really attempting to silence the two journalists for writing about his corrupt detentions of migrants and discrepancies in his office’s budget. In 2013, a year after a circuit court had ruled Lacey and Larkin were wrongfully arrested, the two won a $3.7 million lawsuit for damages, and it was that money that started the Frontera Fund. Since then they have used the funds to help distressed and troubled immigrants throughout Arizona and the greater southwest.


Thor Halvorssen Links Socialism to Human Rights Violations

Thor Halvorssen gave an insightful interview with Fox News on his take on democratic socialism and how it is linked to human rights abuses. As the president of the Human Rights Foundation, Halvorssen is very much acquainted with the massive human rights abuses that go on all over the globe everyday. The reason Halvorssen was asked by Fox to speak about socialism is that socialist policies have played a central role in the campaign of U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders for president. Sanders has promoted socialist policies as a way to deal with the economic problems in the U.S. because Sanders thinks it involves a more equitable distribution of resources and will help protect the poorest classes of society. Although Thor Halvorssen does support Senator Sanders’ presidential campaign, he thinks that there are some very real problems with socialist policies being adopted.

Halvorssen links socialism to human rights abuses based on the role of the government in a socialist society. The socialist government is given the right to set various prices of goods and services. Also, the socialist government may even control the distribution of various goods and services. Halvorssen says the problem with this is that there can be a scarcity of certain necessary goods. If those goods are things like food and water, the society could be headed towards a major problem on the order of a humanitarian crisis. According to Halvorssen, it is a basic human right to have access to adequate food and water everyday. Halvorssen points to the example of Venezuela and the humanitarian crisis the citizens are dealing with right now. The government is rationing access to electricity, food, water and medicine. In Venezuela, there is little hope for a change in policies while the socialist ruling party remains in power. Halvorssen further explains that the situation in Venezuela is demonstrative of wheat happens when an authoritarian leader is empowered through socialist policies.

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