The Wet Wonders of Waiakea Water

Selling bottled water is today a huge industry. So much that it is estimated that all of the worldwide industry combined is worth over $100 billion. Years ago, people would have thought the idea of buying bottled water was ridiculous when it is readily available in most homes. The idea still sounds absurd if you think about it. People are beginning to realize this. They are also recognizing that buying bottled water is environmentally damaging because of the traditional plastic bottles. That is why some companies are adding unique traits both to make their product stand out and to make it seem much less absurd. Some say they enhance the water with this or that vitamin. View Related Info Here.


Others describe a unique filtration process used to produce the water. One of the many entrepreneurs who hopped on the bottled water wagon with a unique touch is Ryan Emmons. He founded Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water by providing bottled water that was chock full of health benefits and came in a very environmentally friendly packing. Emmons himself is a bit of a rarity in the bottled water industry. He is a young man in an industry almost entirely dominated by older entrepreneurs. He started the company when only 22 in 2012. He has since led Waiakea Water with an amazing growth of 4000%.


Waiakea Water gets its water from a pure, naturally alkaline source. Emmons had fallen in love with the pure Hawaiian waters while spending his winters and summers there with his family. The water source, a little southwest of Hilo on the Big Island, is said to be one of the healthiest, purest, and most sustainable water sources in the world. The company name says this is volcanic water. That is because the source comes out of the Mauna Loa Volcano. The pH is chock full of electrolytes like sodium, potassium, magnesium, and calcium, and silica.


Silica is seen as important for people suffering from Alzheimer’s. Medical studies have shown that drinking 10 mg of silica-laced water a day can reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s by 11 percent. This is only one of the many health benefits associated with Waiakea Water. As mentioned, the container is environmentally friendly, but the eco-friendliness doesn’t stop there. The bottling facility uses 33% renewable energy in its daily process. In September of 2012 Waiākea became one of the world’s first beverages ever to be awarded CarbonNeutral® certification.



Waiakea Water: A Successful Bottled Water Company

Waiakea is the first Hawaiian volcanic water brand. Founded in 2012, from 2014 to 2016, Waiakea has grown by the impressive 1,059.3%. Ryan Emmons, who is the founder and CEO of Waiakea is thrilled at the fact that they made it at the top of the 500 of Inc. 5000 list and that the company is proof of the fact that a business can be successful and still maintain its moral and social responsibilities towards the people and the planet.

The volcanic water of Waiakea comes from the top of Mauna Loa, the world’s most active volcano on the Big Island of Hawaii. It starts on the top as rainwater, snow and condensed moisture from the arctic winds. The filtration process is long yet thorough. The liquid passes the volcanic rock, which acts as a natural filter and mineral enhancer. The result is a 7.8 – 8.8 PH alkaline water, containing natural elements like potassium, calcium, sodium, magnesium, and silica, all essential to human well being.

The founder of the company, Ryan Emmons, spent part of his youth in Hawaii and was inspired by the Hawaiian culture values of putting the land and people first. His family’s access to Mauna Loa volcano has given him the opportunity to create an ethical and healthy alternative to a massive water bottle industry. Along with the eco-friendly approach, with 33% of production using sustainable resources, Waiakea has also partnered with the Pump Aid, which provides water to 1,35 million people in the sub-Saharan areas of Africa. For every bottle of water sold, Waiakea donates 650 liters of clean water to areas, deprived of fresh drinking water. The company is sustainable and uses and donates less than 1% of the water available in its aquifer sources. The bottles of the company are completely biodegradable. Waiakea has a CarbonNeutral certification granted for its renewable practices and effort to minimize emissions.

Since it has been established, Waiakea has been globally acknowledged for its innovative approach to business. Waiakea is setting and will set in the future a high standard for water bottle businesses.

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