An Interview with Richard Liu Qiangdong of

Richard Liu Qiangdong has more than two decades of experience in the entrepreneurship sector; he is a devoted leader, loving father, husband to Zhang Zetian, Philanthropist and a role model to many people. Richard Liu is also a graduate from the Peoples University of China where he gained extensive knowledge in the Sociology field. Working part-time in freelancing Richard Liu enhanced the programming skills that earned him a job at the healthcare company in Japan as the director for computers where he worked for two years.

Richard Liu having graduated with EMBA from business school, he was able to launch his company selling computer products; the business started as small retail, but after six years there were 12 stores serving people with high-quality products and services. As the CEO of Jingdong Richard Liu decided to close the 12 stores since he had made a loss after the SARS hit; he gave his staff members supplies to sustain their stay at home. Richard Liu and one of the managers remained at Jingdong but seeing how the offline business was decreasing they launched online platform where people can order goods online and pay on delivery. There are robots and drones to deliver products hence no inconveniences. J.D has more than $54 billion market value more than 160,000 employees and more than 500 logistic centers in China.

J.D deals with various sector goods including consumer goods, electronics and fashion; thus there is a need for research to understand the needs and interests of their clients. There is always stiff completion from other related companies including Walmart but since J.D has a variety of goods they can choose from they prefer going to Jingdong. Richard Liu holds many meetings through email to keep him updated on the company progress. Richard Liu enjoys exploring in the desert he has visited all deserts in the world where he takes time to flashback and reflect on his achievements. Also, he loves swimming and long walks to keep him relaxed from the office stresses. Richard Liu is a role model for many people from humble families and investors.

Lincolnshire Management: the Investment Company of Choice

Lincolnshire Management was founded in 1986, it is privately owned and focuses on dealing with control investments in the ever-expanding middle market businesses. The company has spread itself into different industries through investments. It has over 85 investments that have all been done within the last 3 decades. The company is based in New York with more offices in Los Angeles and Atlanta to mention but a few.

The firm manages clients’ equity that is worth over one point seven billion in funds. The funds include the recently transacted 835 million dollars of Lincolnshire Equity Fund. The firm has proven to be extremely successful at being flexible in designing investment plans for their clients. The companies listed on their portfolio get first-hand expert advice on investment strategies from the company’s employees as they are highly skilled and trained. This gives the company and its clients a sense of safety and helps them better realize their objectives.

Companies that are listed in their portfolio include Dalbo Holdings which is a leader in the oil and gas industry, Allison marine a repair and Maintenance Company for boats and Nursery Supplies Inc. a creative retailer of high-end pots and containers for plants to be put in. The company’s partners are ever working to keep the brand alive by keeping innovation and constant improvement a necessity. Lincolnshire Management has proven to use very different formulas to get solutions and to also provide direct and unfaltering managerial familiarity in the operational challenges involved in the businesses it grows and blooms in the competitive industry.

The company’s employees have identified companies to invest in by primarily getting to know the markets with the largest growth potential and identifying a business that is likely to have a lot of loyal customers. The company signed a legally binding agreement to always ensure that it does responsible and transparent investing. Lincolnshire Management is well for its way to gaining a foothold in the complex and complicated industry of funds and investments. With the big surge in economic growth in most countries, the company is much more likely to succeed.

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James Dondero: A Finance and Philanthropic Leader

James Dondero is not only one of Dallas’ leading entrepreneurs, but also an esteemed philanthropist. He is one of the few great examples of a successful entrepreneur who seamlessly combines his finance work with philanthropy. Equipped with 2 bachelor of science degrees, he aims to change Dallas as much as he can within his ability. His humble beginnings at JP Morgan in 1984 eventually led to an amazing opportunity with American Express where he was able to spread his wings, so to speak. Not only handling over one billion dollars of fixed income funds, James Dondero became the chief executive officer at Protective Life’s GIC Subsidiary.

After several more years building an outstanding portfolio with several successful businesses, James Dondero started his own investment firm named Highland Capital Management, and proceeded to becomes one of the most successful alternative credit managers not just in the United States, but around the globe. Since Highland Capital Management’s inception in 1993, Mr. Dondero has grown his firm substantially and they now operate in New York, Singapore, and London. In 2014, the company reported almost nineteen billion dollars in assets. Not only a finance guru, James Dondero made it a point to get involved in philanthropy, and one touching account showcasing his philanthropic efforts was when the Dallas Zoo lost one of its prized elder Hippos.

James Dondero donated one million dollars to the zoo, and along with 14 other donators raised a staggering fourteen million dollars. The hippo habitat at the Dallas zoo is now thriving, and a joy for all visitors to see. This may seem insignificant to some, but Mr. Dondero made it his personal mission to be involved in projects that showcase Dallas as a progressive town, always looking to the future. Now in Business for over 25 years, Highland Capital Management boasts a multi-billion dollar worth, and with James Dondero at the head, Dallas’ future couldn’t be any brighter.

Peter Briger : Master of Undervalued Asset Investments

Peter Briger is one of the successful business professionals in the world. He is a principal at Fortress Investment Group and is based in San Francisco although its headquarters are in New York. The company is served by three principals who are in charge of different departments. Peter Briger, Randal Nardone and Wes Edens are the principals. These people have a role in the growth of this firm. Randal and Wes were the initial founders of the company, and Pete Briger joined them in 2002. Briger is in charge of the Fortress Credit division, and this is one of the departments that have done a great job of making the company success. With his love for distressed debts and undervalued assets, he has led this department with zeal and has been successful in his initiatives.

Peter Briger is a billionaire. He is in the Forbes list of the top 400 business professionals in the world. When Fortress investment Group made its first IPO, Briger who owned 66 million shares at the time made $2 billion officially joining the billionaires club. The IPO happened in 2007.Before he moved to Fortress Investment Group, he was working with Goldman Sachs for 15 years. Peter has always been a man of investment in areas where others feared. He has created wealth by investing in assets that are out of favor among other people.

While working at Goldman Sachs, he would buy such assets which had lost value due to political, economic or any other reasons and then hold them until the market stabilized and the prices resumed their normal process. It is the other strategy of buy low and selling high. However, to make such investments requires unique prowess, you must be very good at what you do for you to succeed. You cannot succeed in such investment without having a third eye perspective on the viability of an investment.Peter Briger has shown that he is a man on a mission of changing the world. He is ready to use the experience he has acquired through the years he has been in the industry to create wealth for clients at Fortress Investment Group.

Vinod Gupta From Commodore Corporation To InfoUSA

Self-made millionaire, philanthropist, entrepreneur and Rampur Maniharan Indian native did not grow up with a silver spoon in his mouth and had to earn everything he has accomplished. From beginning his educational career in 1962 to selling his company for over $600 million by 2010, Vinod Gupta story serves as an inspiration to all walks of life.


Vinod Gupta began his road to success in the small town of Rampur Maniharan, where at a very young age Vinod Gupta learned life lessons from his father that served as a foundation to build him to who he is today. Attending The Indian Institute of Technology in 1962, Gupta began his educational groundwork in agricultural engineering and graduated in 1967, with a Bachelor’s degree in Technology. From 1968 to 1971, Gupta pursed his Master’s in agriculture engineering and business from the University of Nebraska. Vinod Gupta also earned a Master’s in business administration during the time he earned his degree in agriculture engineering.


Gupta was able to put his talents to use during his time as Marketing Research Analyst at Commodore Corporation. Commodore Corporation was based in Nebraska and was one of the largest building supplies companies in the middle states of the United States. Gupta took a small $100, he borrowed from the bank and created marketing materials he used to target potential businesses that would be interested in the solutions offered by Commodore Corporation.


In 1972, Gupta founded the American Business Information. The American Business Information became the go-to business resource for other technology-centered business seeking to grow and expand their market share. By 1992, the company was valued at $500 million and Gupta stepped down as CEO and renamed the company InfoUSA, as it was now not limited to the mid-west but provided solutions for the nation. By 2010, the company was renamed again to InfoGroup and was sold for almost $700 million. Refer to This Article for additional information.



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