Shervin Pishevar Calls AFor An Open And Transparent Society

Shervin Pishevar is an Iranian-American entrepreneur, venture capitalist, and super angel investor. He is the co-founder and former executive chairman of Hyperloop One and a co-founder and managing director of Sherpa Capital, a venture capital fund which has invested in companies including Airbnb, Uber, and Munchery.He took to twitter to call for an open and transparent society. Shervin discussed the problems with the way human beings are innovating. Unnecessary volatility is part of the issue. It compounds the current paradigm. At the heart of Shervin Pishevar’s critique is a lack of competition. This can be seen in the differences between an economy that has a small business backbone opposed to one driven by lobbying forces by way of political arenas.

Open information allows all individuals the ability to innovate. Transparency, as cryptocurrencies are showing, help sustain trust. Both aspects are necessary for any life changing innovation. The alternative would be hasty business solutions that go viral. This does not sustain human life. It may allow people to continue breathing, but it does not satisfy humanity’s soul.

Benefits of fad business solutions are also unlikely to reach all areas of the globe. A popular fad will likely die out before those most in need receive their share. Rushing to catch up with popular consensus may also lead to a lot of unnecessary conflict that destroys resources. This is the type of volatility that Shervin Pishevar warned against.

Societies that embrace innovation are preferred. The alternative is being directed by a large company, or government dictatorship, who release new products, rather than meet the needs of consumers. Diversity, instead of bottlenecks, lead to true innovation. Divergent cultures add variety to both life sustaining resources and to new products throughout the world. Incorporating distant geographic areas are important as well. Undeveloped areas, like rainforest populations, can add to modern innovation by providing a unique perspective.

Involving the entire world means using all available human resources. This is a much better solution than an isolated corporation controlling resources of unfamiliar people and living conditions. Corporate cultures often exist to differentiate themselves from competition. Planning to provide benefits through this corporate model is, in effect, taking a blind perspective to innovation. It is a reactionary business model that does not rely upon quality planning. Shervin Pishevar’s call to true innovation touches upon a dire need.


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Gregory Aziz — The Man Who Made Steel Car

Gregory James Aziz is the proud owner of National Steel Car. They have been manufacturing the world’s best rail cars for over 100 years. They have remained dedicated to their foundation of engineering, quality, and service since the very beginning. This is what has carried the company to achieve the highest levels of success.

They are now the largest supplier of rail cars throughout all of North America. National Steel Car has an entire lineup of freight cars and tank cars for any shipping need. They stay ahead of the competition by their dedication to the newest technology with the strictest safety protocols. Their commitment to keeping people first is the main tenet when they are building their functional rail cars.

The cornerstone of the company is people. Without the people, they would not be what they are today. This is the secret to their success. Greg J Aziz has made sure that people remain a first priority by keeping his communication open with all of his employees. He makes them feel like they are his very own family. The supply line workers can recommend changes just like the engineers can lend their expertise. Everyone’s thoughts are valued at national Steel Car.

That deep sense of purpose was instilled in Greg Aziz when he was just a young man out of college. He began working at his family wholesale operation and learned what it means to run a successful business. His father taught him how to properly ensure the orders were executed and the fresh food was delivered. He helped his family company Affiliated Foods grow to be the largest supplier of fresh food in South and Central America. He also became a large produce in Europe. That success taught him to always raise the bar.


When Greg Aziz bought National Steel Car it was a small company. They were only producing 2,000 cars per year. Gregory J Aziz saw the potential and capitalized. He took the lessons he had learned while working with his family and applied them to his new business venture. Soon enough, he had grown the company to producing more than 10,000 cars every year. Read This Article for more information.

What You Need to Know About Obsidian Energy

If you would like to switch fuel companies, there is none better than Obsidian Energy. Obsidian Energy has been around for a long time and is one of the best choices for those who would like to be able to get higher-quality oils and gasses without the high cost involved. You will find that going through Obsidian Energy is easy since you’re going to be able to get the most out of the fuel without it being too expensive. Lots of people are switching to Obsidian Energy because of the quality that they are able to achieve with this, and it’s important to know that this company is a great option for you.


Obsidian Energy, formerly known Penn West Petroleum, opened for business in 1979. The company first started functioning through its main corporate office in Alberta but had its operations running in different parts of the country. The company is an incredibly large producer of oil and natural gas and supplies it to different parts of the company. Most of the oil rigs that the company had in operation were located in the western part of Canada, but more were opened later in other parts of the country. Obsidian Energy’s oil fields are located in Alberta, along the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin. This region is one of the world’s largest petroleum reserves. Obsidian’s oil production comes from three key areas in Alberta: the Alberta Viking, the Pembina Cardium and the Peace River Oil Sands.


Obsidian Energy is a wonderful company for each of your every need. They are based in Canada, and they also produce all of their own fuels like gas and oil. You are going to find that Obsidian Energy is there to help as much as they can and are going to be able to deliver to both companies and homes. No matter where you happen to live or work, you will find that Obsidian Energy is there to provide you with fuel that is going to help a lot and give you exactly what you need for the specific type of fuel that you require. Click Here to learn more.


You are going to want to contact Obsidian Energy and find out about their prices and what they are offering to those who might want to be able to get this type of fuel without the high costs involved. Make sure that you contact Obsidian Energy and see exactly what it is that they are offering and what you need to know about this type of company. There are a lot of people right now who are making use of this company with great success and finding them to be a prime choice for all of their fueling needs. Make sure to look for Obsidian Energy and see what they can do for you, since they have helped a lot of other people right now who need great fuel for their homes.


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Shervin Pishevar Comments on Economic Factors that Impact Cryptocurrencies


Shervin Pishevar is an Iranian-American entrepreneur, venture capitalist, and super angel investor. He is the co-founder and former executive chairman of Hyperloop One and a co-founder and managing director of Sherpa Capital, a venture capital fund which has invested in companies including Airbnb, Uber, and Munchery.


As Bitcoin goes so does the cryptoverse. Shervin Pishevar tweeted about economic factors that illustrate how the original blockchain, Bitcoin, fuels the overall cryptocurrency market. The market is volatile. Bitcoin is by far the most popular crypto coin. Because of these market characteristics, Bitcoin is generally the first coin investors analyze at the beginning of a bull market. The result is that emotions are more intimately tied to Bitcoin than other cryptocurrencies. Go To This Page for related information.


Shervin Pishevar calls attention to credit, interest rates, and tax giveaways. These factors are often part of the discussion about nonessential and luxury products. Unlike commodities, cryptocurrencies do not sustain modern life. The market is becoming more important across industries because of its potential to reshape the world.


Bitcoin has a tendency to spike at a year’s end. When this happens, there is a tendency for prices to fall sharply during the beginning of a year. A slow, consistent climb returns the price to a non-inflated level. February is sometimes a turnaround month. It is not uncommon to witness a market dip followed by this type of correction and still be weary of the market. This is what led to the now popular saying HODL (hold on for dear life).


Cryptocurrecy markets are by no sense mature. Shervin Pishevar’s comment illuminates why the market is young. In fact, there is a consensus among crypto enthusiasts that it has a long way to go. To be a true market, it cannot just follow the ups and downs of Bitcoin. Many investors think a true market will form when cryptocurrencies are used as a medium for payments and purchases. While this does occur now, it is much too isolated to even slightly influence the cryptocurrency market. Transactions need to be internally influential before other industries will take notice.


Establishing a true cryptocurrency market is where Shervin Pishevar’s comment about taxes, credit, and interest rates is important. These indicators are often part of economic discussions during the holiday season when Bitcoin tends to spike. It needs to become more stable and less influential over the other cryptocurrencies.


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Making Your Own Money from Home with Market America

Market America has been a leader for people who would like to be able to earn money from the comfort of their own home. If this sounds like something you’d be interested in for yourself, it is time to give Market America a try for yourself. The best thing you can do if you’re interested in Market America is to visit them on social media. They are incredibly popular and active on Twitter and Facebook, and you will notice that by their recent tweets, they are able to help just about anyone realize the true potential of being able to work from home doing something that you love.


The beauty about Market America, as outlined by their recent tweets, is that it’s a way for you to add freedom and financial growth to your life. A lot of people work away from the home and notice that they have issues with what this might entail. It might not necessarily be convenient for you to work outside of the home, and this is where Market strives for those who want an at-home job without necessarily giving up on their salary. With this company, you choose the product that you’d like to sell and then create a website that you will be able to put out to the world. This is essential for when you need and want to make the most out of your own career from home.


Market America is a Better Business Bureau accredited business has earned an A+ rating.


The reason Market America is as popular as it is, even when it comes to its social media sites, is because it is a company that you can trust. You can feel confident knowing that this company is there for you when you would like an earning opportunity from the comfort of your own home. In order for you to get started, you’re going to want to visit Market America’s official site and see what they can do for you. This is a wonderful and easy way for you to earn cash without the hassle of trying to open your own company and hoping that this is something that you are going to benefit from over the years.


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How Stream Energy Helped Those Affected by Hurricane Harvey

Hurricane Harvey was a storm that devastated many parts of Texas. This hurricane affected millions of people and damaged many homes that were in its devastating path. After the wake of Hurricane Harvey, both celebrities and businesses around the world pledged their support to help those who were suffering from this storm. One company that has headquarters near where much of Harvey’s damage had occurred wanted to do everything possible to aid charitable efforts for their local community.


Stream Energy, a company with headquarters in Dallas, also wanted to do what they could to contribute to their neighbors who were affected by Hurricane Harvey. With that in mind, this company made an incredible $25,000 donation to the American Red Cross in addition to forgiving the lateness of certain customer’s energy bills. That being said, this company still planned on doing more to help those that were dealing with the aftermath of this hurricane.


Considering that this company has headquarters in Dallas, there were many Stream Energy associates that found themselves dealing with the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. Showing that they are a caring company, Stream Energy set up a crowdfunding campaign in order to help their employees. These campaigns utilize the power of the internet in order to seek donations for a wide variety of causes. In addition, this company promised to match the donations made in any of these campaigns up to $25,000.


To summarize, Hurricane Harvey was a storm that ravaged many parts of Southern Texas. Many businesses and celebrities around the country offered donations and spread awareness in order to further relief efforts. Stream Energy is a local company that is based out of the Dallas area. This company would go to lead charitable efforts for both customers and employees that were affected by this storm. Stream donated $25,000 to the American Red Cross in addition to forgiving late fees for their customer base in the areas affected by Hurricane Harvey. Read This Article for additional information.



The Wet Wonders of Waiakea Water

Selling bottled water is today a huge industry. So much that it is estimated that all of the worldwide industry combined is worth over $100 billion. Years ago, people would have thought the idea of buying bottled water was ridiculous when it is readily available in most homes. The idea still sounds absurd if you think about it. People are beginning to realize this. They are also recognizing that buying bottled water is environmentally damaging because of the traditional plastic bottles. That is why some companies are adding unique traits both to make their product stand out and to make it seem much less absurd. Some say they enhance the water with this or that vitamin. View Related Info Here.


Others describe a unique filtration process used to produce the water. One of the many entrepreneurs who hopped on the bottled water wagon with a unique touch is Ryan Emmons. He founded Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water by providing bottled water that was chock full of health benefits and came in a very environmentally friendly packing. Emmons himself is a bit of a rarity in the bottled water industry. He is a young man in an industry almost entirely dominated by older entrepreneurs. He started the company when only 22 in 2012. He has since led Waiakea Water with an amazing growth of 4000%.


Waiakea Water gets its water from a pure, naturally alkaline source. Emmons had fallen in love with the pure Hawaiian waters while spending his winters and summers there with his family. The water source, a little southwest of Hilo on the Big Island, is said to be one of the healthiest, purest, and most sustainable water sources in the world. The company name says this is volcanic water. That is because the source comes out of the Mauna Loa Volcano. The pH is chock full of electrolytes like sodium, potassium, magnesium, and calcium, and silica.


Silica is seen as important for people suffering from Alzheimer’s. Medical studies have shown that drinking 10 mg of silica-laced water a day can reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s by 11 percent. This is only one of the many health benefits associated with Waiakea Water. As mentioned, the container is environmentally friendly, but the eco-friendliness doesn’t stop there. The bottling facility uses 33% renewable energy in its daily process. In September of 2012 Waiākea became one of the world’s first beverages ever to be awarded CarbonNeutral® certification.



Lacey and Larkin Efforts in Fighting for Human Rights

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin played the role of journalism. The two later made a decision to combine their efforts and put up an organization that will help create a room for transformation in the society. The reason why Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin came up with the organization was to mitigate the issues faced by the immigrant in the United States. The region that had been completely affected by the cases of immigrant oppression was the city of Arizona.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin aimed to boost the level of the human rights and made them flow along the right line as it is supposed to respects everybody in the society. The organization that the two set up was called the Phoenix New Times and Village Voice Media the concern of the agency was to create a balance in the society as far as the matter related to the human rights are concerned. Read more: Jim Larkin | LinkedIn and Jim Larkin |

The organization occupied the top position in the entire United States on addressing the issues facing the refugees in various parts of their residence. There were several programs that had been put forward by the organization. These include the assist to the small agency which was fighting against the human rights violation. The boost was in terms of training the management of the agencies on the excellent modes of steering their organization with an aim of creating a better environment for them to achieve their set goals.

Additionally, Phoenix New Times and Village Voice Media role was to finance the other units of the organization while in the field. There are many achievements registered by the organization through the pragmatic leadership of Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin.

The main factor that boosted their operations in the field was the experienced the two had gained concerning the situation of the immigrants. Learn more about Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin: and

Their mission was lauded by many human rights body worldwide and some of the authorities pledged to support them financially with the objective of combating violation of the human rights. Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin set up the requirement supposed to be followed by the small teams and integrated the experts in their system.

The move of the organization created a wave in the entire United States a most of the immigrants get to realize their rights. Furthermore, the organizations fighting for the human rights in the community came as a team to combat the evil practices in the community.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin faced the order of arrest from the main authorities. The origin of the command was Sheriff. The issue that made them faced detention was the information they had put in their magazine about the proceeds of the grand jury.

The motive of the publication was to sensitize the community about the events taking place. The public demanded the release of the two journalists and the step forced the judges to put aside their case. They won the case and given $3.75 million compensation. They put all the amount on elevating the human rights in the community.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin have demonstrated their concern to the community through their effort in combating the issues facing refugees in the United States.

Jeunesse: A Perfect Combination of a Supplement and a Weight Reduction Plan

Jeunesse is a company that focuses on healthy living, supplements, and anti-aging products. Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis founded the company in 2009. They have expanded around the globe with the help of their entrepreneurs, who work in over 100 countries. Jeunesse Global offers several lines of health and beauty products.


Reserve is one of nutritional supplements Jeneussse offers. It is a liquid gel blended with fruit juices and antioxidants. Antioxidants assist the body at a cellular level combating damage caused by the environment and free radicals. Reserve promotes a youthful feeling from the inside out.


Some ingredients are aloe vera, green tea, and grape seed extract. These extracts protect against damages that stress can cause. It has the soft sweet taste of berries. There is no sugar added. The sweetness is from the fruits: cherries, blueberries, and pomegranates. These darker colored fruits contain resveratrol. Resveratrol is a super antioxidant, which supports heart health and the immune system. The Acai berry, a fruit from Brazil known for its nutritional impact, supplies additional flavor and vitamins. Read This Article for more information.


Reserve comes in small compact squeeze packets. You can tear the top off and squirt it into your mouth. These are very handy to keep in your purse or pocket.


A product that goes hand-in-hand with the restorative fruit gel is the ZEN Project 8. This project is a three-step system for weight loss. It is a combination of food pairings, physical activity, and mindset.


The first step begins with eliminating refined sugars and other foods that cause the body to retain water and bloat. Losing excess water weight will cause some immediate results in the beginning stages. After completing all the steps in phase one, which takes one week, it is time to begin the second half. This step involves jump-starting your physical activity, like body sculpting, aerobic exercises, and stretching. The most important step, step three, is the time to maintain your new healthy lifestyle. You will get new recipes and learn what to do if you get off track.


Jeunesse Global is proud to offer health systems, supplements and plans to their entrepreneurs, who helped spread the word around the world. They look forward to hearing the success stories.


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Ricardo Tosto: Competent Business Law Attorney In Brazil

Are you looking for a renowned business or corporate lawyer in Brazil? Need top notch advise or legal representation?Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is a competent attorney and one of the most prominent business litigators in the industry. Ricardo Tosto who provides legal solutions to a wide variety of clients and comes highly recommended in the industry.Ricardo Tosto provides professional legal counsel to businesses, institutions, organizations and entrepreneurs. Ricardo Tosto aims to protect his clients’ business interests and help them attain success in their respective ventures.As an entrepreneur, you may already be facing a difficult issue or just considering enlisting the services of a legal expert and have questions about getting an attorney.

If you are operating a business in Brazil or manage an organization that is facing legal issues, then you need to consult with an experienced business law attorney. Ricardo Tosto can help ensure that you follow appropriate steps to resolve the situation. You need a competent lawyer to ensure that critical mistakes are avoid during your business law issue.Business lawyers or corporate attorneys with a focus on litigation represent clients in court if they’re being sued or need to file a lawsuit against another party. Generally they handle situations such as when a dispute or breach contract occurs.Before you hire a lawyer on retainer or to represent you, conduct a background investigation and read online reviews.

These include: reputation, professional experience and fees for legal services. Find out about the lawyer’s biography, experience in the field, and choose one that is suitable for your legal needs. Many companies, entrepreneurs and organizations turn to the law firm of Ricardo Tosto for expert assistance. Ricardo Tosto is passionate about ensuring his clients success and takes steps to help them understand the laws that apply in their situation.Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho has a great reputation among clients and in the industry. Ricardo Tosto works closely with clients to determine the most legal strategies to approach their situation and get them the best possible outcome in their case.