Gregory James Aziz Guarantees National Steel Car’s Success

You cannot credit every success to a leader, nor can you blame them for every failure. However, if the entire business succeeds or fails, then you can praise or crucify them as you wish. This is because a company will rise and fall based on the talent of their leader.


With that being true, the reason that National Steel Car has been able to maintain its longevity in business is because they had a great man at its helm, Gregory James Aziz.


Gregory J Aziz accomplished great things at National Steel Car Ltd while we was in the position of Chief Executive Officer. It was his wisdom that saw the company cross the finish line of one hundred years in business.


Greg Aziz was so successful because he had accumulated much wisdom. He himself credits his time at Western University, the Ontario based higher institution. It was here that he learned the fundamentals of economics and it was those fundamentals that he would apply during his time at National Steel Car Ltd.


Greg Aziz secured the company’s future by promoting several business practices. The first business practice that Greg promoted was the idea of Kaizen. Kaizen is a Japanese view of self-improvement. Rather than taking giant leaps, you improve little by little and steadily become better until one day you realize you have been transformed.


Greg Aziz applied this mentality to his business. The company must always be innovating. They did not have the luxury of sitting around on the accomplishments of the past. It was only be researching and developing new products that they could remain competitive over the next century.


Greg Aziz also applied Kaizen to the company’s efficiency. James Aziz knew that making a great product is needed, but if you can’t get enough off the belts fast enough to fit demand than your company will never excel. He personally worked with each department to see what they could do to make National Steel Ltd a more efficient company. Balancing quality and quantity is hard, but Greg Aziz was able to do it. He truly was a master in his chosen field of business. Read This Page.


Gregory James Aziz acknowledged and empowered the foundations of his business. His workers felt respected. His suppliers felt appreciated. His executives felt value. Most importantly, his customers felt loyal. By doing the ground work here, National Steel Car will succeed.

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Greg Aziz Believes In Living Life To The Full

Greg Aziz is in the catering business. Besides, he likes to be happy and make others happy too. Hence, he practices a few things and wants other to do so too.

He says that one must always do what one loves. This can be anything. It may be cooking, cleaning, and flying planes, teaching, gardening or anything else. In case they like what, they are doing, they can turn this into a career to sustain them financially. This would mean not worrying about the drudgery of their job as they are passionate about it. And this would show in their work also. This takes the stress out of a job. It leads to a happier as well as fulfilled life. The focus here is to find the passion in life and think of using it in a way to sustain it as a career. Like him on Facebook.


It is important for people to take ownership of their lives. This means eliminating all those things from life that are bringing a person down. Either a person likes those things or else, changes them!


It is important to give complete attention to mind, body, and soul. This is because it influences the entire well-being of a person. This means being careful of what is entering the mind, body, and soul. What goes in comes out. Hence negative thoughts will only create negativity all around. Good dietary habits and healthy thoughts are vital for keeping a person happy and fulfilled at all times.


There is no need to let circumstances take hold of a person. They should not be allowed to take a person down. It is true that there would always be moments in life that bring a person down. The key here is to recognize these and get back up. There are things that can be changed and some which can’t. These need to be recognized, learned from and to keep on moving! This is because life is too precious. There is no point in thinking about things that cannot be changed. Be inspired by his profile on Linkedin.

It is important to enjoy life. Greg Aziz asks people to enjoy the little things. It is important to see how beautiful the world is. Rather than focusing on the negative things, it makes sense to focus on the positive ones. There is enjoyment in the smiles of the near and dear ones. It is important to appreciate the beauty around. Go To This Page for more information.


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EOS Moves Along Ahead of Chapstick

The Evolution of Smooth has become one of the top selling brands of lip balm. There are a lot of people that are waiting to see what the next flavor from this company will be. It is a very interesting company that has managed to gain a lot of space in stores because the product design is so unique. This was an interesting way for Evolution of Smooth to cleverly gain more shelf space. Stores will obviously have to give this product more space because it was bigger. When people look at EOS lip balm products, it has obviously overshadowed the others because of the shape and colors.

This has been close to a decade of planning. Initially this was a product that was found in stores like Walgreens. This is where customers may have made an impulse purchase when they were picking up a prescription or simply browsing through the store during a lunch break. As time progressed the Evolution of Smooth went from Walgreens and expanded into Walmart and a plethora of other stores. Now it is something that has become known as the product for smooth lips.

Lots of people in the industry are surprised that this lip balm company has done so well, but it only shows that the underdog can rise to the top when the industry leaders failed to secure their post. This is what the leadership at Chapstick did. They did not secure their post as the leader by thinking outside of the box and coming up with new ideas for customers. They stayed in their lane and continued to do the same thing year after year because they felt that customers purchased their products out of routine you. The Evolution of Smooth founders came along and made a point to breakup routine.


Second To None, Cotemar Mexico Leads The Way

As the leader in Mexico’s silent petroleum revolution, Cotemar Mexico has established itself as more than just a simple Mexican support services company. Established over 37 years ago, Cotemar Mexico began with a single purpose; to help develop the oil sector in Mexico by providing an array of services aimed directly toward the oil companies. Now, almost four decades later, Cotemar is leading the way.


Cotemar’s services appear to be few in number on the surface, but don’t let that fool you. Their importance is huge. They provide the oil industry (1) Construction, modernization, maintenance, and engineering; (2) Specialized and maritime support vessels; and (3) Accommodation and catering.


Using mobile semi-submersible rigs, Cotemar is able to support construction on an oil station any way needed. Their specialized vessels are numerous in number and include: firefighting vessels, barges and tugs that help with large object transport as well as the transport of abrasive material such as sand and mud. They also provide refrigerated cargo vessels for the transportation of nourishment or any other item that needs to be cooled. Another impressive service from Cotemar is their accommodation and catering. Cotemar provides accommodation vessels with an amazing list of features which include cabins for 2 or 4 people and recreational areas that house cinemas, gyms, basketball court and TV rooms. Cotemar’s fleet has topped 30 vessels, which has allowed them the ability to offer these amazing services.


With Mexico’s oil industry on the rise, Cotemar has positioned itself to remain at the forefront of this revolution. It’s eye is always toward the future as its ability to provide top quality service and support will keep them a wanted commodity for years to come.

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Successful Technology Enterprise with Eric Pulier

The world of technology has been privileged to have a successful innovation expert Eric Pulier. He specializes in public speaking, he is a writer and an entrepreneur. He is also the founder of different technology companies which are competing strongly in the industry. Mr. Eric is the Chief Executive Officer, Co-founder and Chairman of ServiceMesh, Inc. He has founded 15 companies and he recently sold a company at a tune of $350 million. He is also a philanthropist who is based in Los Angeles, California.

Never Give Up

In the business arena, Eric has been inspirational to many people who wants to startup businesses. He believes in never giving up and pressing higher towards the desired future. In his teachings, he offers applicable and real solutions on how to constantly remain innovative in the business world. He also gives step by step approach on how a small dream can be turned into a huge reality. Mr. Eric is also an expert in training on how to become innovative and create something where other people cannot see an opportunity. Other sessions where he has taught were based on persistence, true success, change and how to surround yourself with better people.

Experience plus Innovation

Serving in different positions in different companies is a clear sign Mr. Eric has the ability to innovate and provide solutions. He served at Computer Sciences Corporation and CSC Australia Pty. Ltd as the Vice President and General Manager. He has served in different companies including Santa Monica Media Corporation, SOA Software Inc., Interactive Video Technology, and Desktone, U.S Interactive Inc. In the different companies he has been a director, director, executive director and co-founder. He is a member of Bill Clinton’s Clinton Global Initiative. Mr. Erich has been named by VAR Business as one of 30 e-Visionaries.

Early Startup

Eric started programming in the fourth grade. By the time he was in high school, he began a database computer company. After moving in Los Angeles in 1991, he had a passion to provide solutions in health care and education. He thus began a company called People Doing Things. Over the years, he has been influential and instrumental in the technology world.


Successful Business Strategies by Mike Baur

It is no secret that entrepreneurship is the center of the world’s economy. However, entrepreneurship can be challenging.One of the challenges includes starting up, the foundation of the business. From technical business terminologies to entrepreneurship networks, the whole process can be hectic. That is why a man like Mike Baur is instrumental in the field of entrepreneurship. As a teenager, Mike loved banking and finance. Mr. Baur is a Swiss businessman. He serves as the co-founder as well as the managing partner of a startup factory called Swiss Startup Factory. Baur’s experience roots from his 20 years banking roles in UBS and Clariden Leu. From the two firms, he quit forming the start-up businesses.

About Swiss Startup Factory

The Swiss Startup Factory rooted from the ambition to develop global companies that will surpass most norms related to businesses. It was established in 2014. Swiss Startup Factory offers a three-month program that provides early-stage business startups with office space, financing, coaching, mentoring, and an extensive entrepreneurial network. The Swiss Startup Factory makes bold claims while striving to achieve the objectives by providing a 360-degree platform for startup services. It provides individual services aimed at getting ideas off the ground. From input sessions and one to one mentor sessions, this firm commits to completing the startup program that will introduce their product to the market in addition to providing an in-depth tailored service package for the maturity and development of start-ups.

The WorldWebForum

Baur is a speaker at the WorldWebForum, an organization focused on youth empowerment. The WorldWebForum provides the young talented entrepreneurs in Switzerland with a top execution platform to guide them in business. This platform offers the youth a dedicated series of steps through a business-driven process to the set goals. The WorldWebForum hosts motivational speakers who offer pep talks to the youth.

Early Life and Education

Mike Baur was born and raised in Fribourg Switzerland, an area he is still connected to. He developed an interest in banking and financing as a child. When he turned 39, he began his entrepreneurial journey by quitting employment. It is, therefore, a great satisfaction that he lived to achieve his dream by practicing what he loved. Mike went to the University of Rochester in New York where he got an MBA. He furthered his studies at the University of Bern and earned an Executive MBA.

Intriguing Qualifications Possessed by Eric Lefkofsky

Born in 1969, Mr. Eric has registered a desirable profile especially as a successful entrepreneur in America. According to the latest report from Forbes, he is worth 1.27 billion USD. The days of his youth were also amazing as he studied from the University of Michigan, Law School and attained the position of a doctor in jurisprudence. On top of that he also pursued a bachelors in Arts and Sciences, still at the University of Michigan. You may find it interesting to note that Eric was elling carpets while at the University.

Eric Lefkofsky and his wife Elizabeth are remarkable in philanthropy. They launched the Lefkofsky Family Foundation in 2006 and it has since supported the benevolent, scientific and educational organizations. They serve the purpose across the globe, and are aiming at improving human life through specific programs and research. The facility also plays a central role in the Chicago arts and cultures donations.

Some Distinguished Positions Held by Eric

Having built his profile and net worth so well, Eric has proved to be accountable and as such has been the CEO of Groupon since 2013, which is a business venture launched in 2008 and serving over 250 markets in Europe and North America. He also holds significant positions in other ventures such as InnerWorkings, Qwiki, Belly to mention but a few. His leadership qualities are way above the curve and therefore incontestable.

Eric has also founded a facility aimed at automating and improving cancer treatment across the world. Tempus, which is a highly regarded facility is held as an equipment through which the medics provide their services and salutary information with an aim of improving the decisions made in regard to health. The facility is helping many believe in the ability of machine learning to enhance the health state of the human race. Basically it is meant to improve the results attained from therapies undertaken on cancer patients.


In a nutshell, Eric Lefkofsky is an icon in the entire globe, leave alone America. He has authored a book ‘Accelerated Disruption,’ which addresses crucial concepts to be upheld by ventures that will stand the great technological advancement. According to Eric, there are disruptive ventures being birthed every day, and as they get sustained in the markets, it becomes a struggle since they are unable to appreciate the speed at which technology needs to be embraced. Having several technology startups that are worth multibillion dollars accords him a position to write and offer advice.

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Raj Fernandos: My Summer Reading Picks

According to Raj Fernando, the summer has a lot to offer regarding education and technologies. From the summer barbecues to the summer blockbusters, from the summer road trips to the summer internships, the weather means that you will never run out of activities to fill your days.

Raj Fernando also said, You might have noticed a good pattern. Most of these choices focus on new ways of thinking and new approaches. For this reason, they counter the established facts that are taken for granted. According to Ariana Huffington, she tackles a reminder of the benefits and tackles the urge of over-productivity. When many business leaders are seeking self-sacrifice, all she asks is the benefits of prioritizing self-care. Cliff Gaddy ad Fiona Hill break down the widespread fallacies and myths about the President of Russia Vladimir Putin. They clarify on the real ambitions of the man and what t means for the West. She has constantly pushed the possibilities of technology revolution past anything ever imagined.

I hope you’ll find something that comes to the ear. You must pick the most presented in the list below.

“Mr. Vladimir Putin: Operating in the Kremlin.”

This is a book by Clifford Gaddy and Fiona Hills. According to the authors of the book, the Brooking Institution have completed working on their Russian friend’s implications for the West. Vladimir Putin is the center of discussion in the book. It portrays his priorities and ambitions concerning his Russian way of thinking and perspective.

“The Sleep Revolution, Ariana Huffington”

When personal work and work were blended in age, Ariana makes a compelling case that self-maintenance and sleep have the greater effect on performance in the two worlds.

“Third Wave, by Case Steve”

The recent technology can make entrepreneurs revolutionize every sector of the world’s economy. What is to be lost|? What will we gain? And what does it all mean to you and me?

“Smarter Better Faster, by Charles Duhigg”

From the Power of Habit author comes to an applicable, yet probing, science of productivity examination. It contains an appendix of real-time instructions. While you try to control what you think, you should manage how you think.

The Future Start-Up Enterprise Belongs to Mike Baur

There is plenty of buzz these days about start-up companies and for very good reason. Over the past decade the start-up trend rose significantly and began reversing an otherwise downward percentage, showing an impressive and positive future. In fact, in 2015, start-ups experienced the largest year-over-year increase above the past two decades. As a result, the rate of new entrepreneurs has substantially grown throughout the entire world.

Mike Baur, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of Swiss Start up Factory, knows those statistics better than anyone and he continues to operate with the mindset of moving this incredible entrepreneurial opportunity forward. Know more about Mike Baur at

Mike received his master’s degree from the University of Rochester, in New York and also has an Executive master’s degree, which he earned from the University of Bern, in Switzerland. He’s had a prestigious and dedicated career of almost 20 years in banking. Mike was also given the honor of being chosen as an Executive for the Board of a very large Swiss Private Bank. During the height of his extensive career he made a calculated, yet risky decision, to leave the traditional banking industry and take his extraordinary skills to an entirely new level to fulfill his real passion.

In 2014, Mike launched and co-founded the now very successful Swiss Start up Factory in Zurich. Swiss Start up Factory aligns with many growing and younger companies, in the very early stages, to help them branch out further by increasing their digital technology capabilities. The SSUF Accelerator program, which was designed by Mike, is a three-month incubator program which includes financial partnering as well as mentoring. Mike, himself, has also become a mentor and an active partner in guiding the youth and future entrepreneurs.

The Swiss Start up Factory model was created with the concept of having a team spirited approach for entrepreneurs with great ideas. Mike says that “the team is the most important aspect of the start-up business.” He believes having the team with diverse talents, skills-sets and backgrounds, gives the start-up the best opportunity and added-value for success. Mike also says entrepreneurs need to “be ready, be committed, go the extra mile, be really convincing to your ideas and ready for all surprises that will come.”

Mike’s passion and sound business sense led him to accomplish having the number one rated and privately funded Information Communications Technology (ICT) Startup Accelerator’s in Switzerland.

Reputation Management CEO Talks Success

Status Labs is becoming an increasingly important part of the digital landscape and you might not even be aware that they exist. Status Labs is what we call an online reputation management firm where their focus is to help companies craft a public image while maintaining said image in the face of potential crisis. Darius Fisher, the President and CEO of Status Labs, is the brains behind the operation and one of the major reasons that the company is experiencing such explosive an successful growth.


Darius Fisher sat down with Reiva Lesonski, CEO of GrowBiz Media, in order to talk about what makes him tick and why his company has found so much success. If you want to know one thing about Fisher, thanks to this interview, you need to know that he is hyper focused and constantly prepared. Fisher says that his favorite quote is, “Chance favors the prepared mind” and that his focus in business is to find the “quickest line to the money”. Fisher’s focus on successful business building has become something to be admired as the company continues to expand outward.


There was a point in time where Status Labs didn’t have an assured future. In 2011 Status Labs was under public scrutiny thanks to the behavior of a former company president. Fisher was tasked with stepping in and taking charge. From 2012 to today we have seen Status Labs grow and expand by over 1,000% — getting named to the Inc. 500 Fastest Growing Companies list in the process. What this says is that both Fisher and the digital PR world are expanding at the same time, proving that there is something here to pick up on.


As an entrepreneur Fisher says that he chased the profession for the most common reasons: to become his own boss and to have freedom to travel. It wasn’t until he quit his copywriting job to focus on business that he really began to feel success. Now Fisher is a stalwart piece of the digital PR puzzle and we expect to see his hands all over the expansion of Status Labs into the future.