Rowing Adds To The Achievements Of Orange Coast College

Orange Coast College’s list of achievements has been growing since the academic institution was established in 1947 with the rowing program at the College fast becoming the best known athletic option to enjoy. Many members of the rowing program have arrived at Orange Coast College in a bid to get their career as an athlete back on track after both injuries and academic issues during high school. Prior to the start of each rowing season around 80 men and 40 women try out for the different crews with many seeing their academic success expand over the course of their time on the rowing crew because of the physical and mental skills needed to become a growing success.


The main reason for the arrival of a number of rowing candidates at Orange Coast College is the success the college has achieved in delivering rowing success. Orange Coast College has built a powerful reputation as a leader among colleges of all sizes in the novice category of collegiate rowing where the institution has become 11 times national champion. Success can be measured in many different ways but for the academic staff at the College, the movement of students to major universities such as the University of Boston offers as much reason for pride as a 12th national championship would.


Moving to four-year institutions has become a major part of the development of Orange Coast College as the college ranks third among two-year institutions for transfers to both University of California and California State University. Orange Coast College has risen to become the 65th ranked two-year institution in the U.S. in terms of awarding Associates Degrees to students to take its place as a prestigious campus for both in and out of state students. Learn more: