A Review Of News Watch TV Since Its Inception

News Watch TV is a program owned by Bridge Communications, an organization that is focused on the production of videos and communications items. The program is hosted by Susan Bridges, Michael Tropeano and Michelle Ison. Reports are done by Lessie Alston, Chris Vaughn, Eric Forrest, Amanda Forstrom and Scott. The program airs on Mondays 7 am on the ION Television Network and AMC Network. In March 1990 News watch was aired for the first time, and it began as a monthly TV program that concentrated on financial news.

As the TV program continued to grow, there was a need to upgrade because of the market trends and by 1990, News Watch TV had transformed into a more entertainment-oriented TV news magazine. In April 2011, people’s favorite program was focusing on modern technology and gadgets. News Watch TV launched a new program niche that expanded its viewers and bequeathed the TV program with a new design and goal. To support its growth, News Watch TV has worked with 500 companies creating paid merchandise reviews that get air on their program. In May 2012, News Watch launched an app watch segment which is very popular today. The segment focuses on reviewing the latest mobile applications for Android, IOS and window devices.

Recently News Watch TV received Gold and Platinum 2017 Marcom awards. Also, the TV program won the videographer award and Silver Telly award for excellence in a 30 minutes entertainment program. By creating solid partnerships with satellite and cable providers, expanding in social media reach, increasing capacity and skill set video production, News Watch TV has successfully transformed from a single network to a corporate network.

News Watch TV has grown to become one of the best agency in reporting news and producing quality videos. The TV program is proud of its intelligence and quickness to identify powerful models, trends and businesses.