Gregory James Aziz Guarantees National Steel Car’s Success

You cannot credit every success to a leader, nor can you blame them for every failure. However, if the entire business succeeds or fails, then you can praise or crucify them as you wish. This is because a company will rise and fall based on the talent of their leader.


With that being true, the reason that National Steel Car has been able to maintain its longevity in business is because they had a great man at its helm, Gregory James Aziz.


Gregory J Aziz accomplished great things at National Steel Car Ltd while we was in the position of Chief Executive Officer. It was his wisdom that saw the company cross the finish line of one hundred years in business.


Greg Aziz was so successful because he had accumulated much wisdom. He himself credits his time at Western University, the Ontario based higher institution. It was here that he learned the fundamentals of economics and it was those fundamentals that he would apply during his time at National Steel Car Ltd.


Greg Aziz secured the company’s future by promoting several business practices. The first business practice that Greg promoted was the idea of Kaizen. Kaizen is a Japanese view of self-improvement. Rather than taking giant leaps, you improve little by little and steadily become better until one day you realize you have been transformed.


Greg Aziz applied this mentality to his business. The company must always be innovating. They did not have the luxury of sitting around on the accomplishments of the past. It was only be researching and developing new products that they could remain competitive over the next century.


Greg Aziz also applied Kaizen to the company’s efficiency. James Aziz knew that making a great product is needed, but if you can’t get enough off the belts fast enough to fit demand than your company will never excel. He personally worked with each department to see what they could do to make National Steel Ltd a more efficient company. Balancing quality and quantity is hard, but Greg Aziz was able to do it. He truly was a master in his chosen field of business. Read This Page.


Gregory James Aziz acknowledged and empowered the foundations of his business. His workers felt respected. His suppliers felt appreciated. His executives felt value. Most importantly, his customers felt loyal. By doing the ground work here, National Steel Car will succeed.

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Greg Aziz Believes In Living Life To The Full

Greg Aziz is in the catering business. Besides, he likes to be happy and make others happy too. Hence, he practices a few things and wants other to do so too.

He says that one must always do what one loves. This can be anything. It may be cooking, cleaning, and flying planes, teaching, gardening or anything else. In case they like what, they are doing, they can turn this into a career to sustain them financially. This would mean not worrying about the drudgery of their job as they are passionate about it. And this would show in their work also. This takes the stress out of a job. It leads to a happier as well as fulfilled life. The focus here is to find the passion in life and think of using it in a way to sustain it as a career. Like him on Facebook.


It is important for people to take ownership of their lives. This means eliminating all those things from life that are bringing a person down. Either a person likes those things or else, changes them!


It is important to give complete attention to mind, body, and soul. This is because it influences the entire well-being of a person. This means being careful of what is entering the mind, body, and soul. What goes in comes out. Hence negative thoughts will only create negativity all around. Good dietary habits and healthy thoughts are vital for keeping a person happy and fulfilled at all times.


There is no need to let circumstances take hold of a person. They should not be allowed to take a person down. It is true that there would always be moments in life that bring a person down. The key here is to recognize these and get back up. There are things that can be changed and some which can’t. These need to be recognized, learned from and to keep on moving! This is because life is too precious. There is no point in thinking about things that cannot be changed. Be inspired by his profile on Linkedin.

It is important to enjoy life. Greg Aziz asks people to enjoy the little things. It is important to see how beautiful the world is. Rather than focusing on the negative things, it makes sense to focus on the positive ones. There is enjoyment in the smiles of the near and dear ones. It is important to appreciate the beauty around. Go To This Page for more information.


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Mikhail Blagosklonny: Contributing Immensely To The Field Of Oncology

Mikhail Blagosklonny is someone who has impacted the field of cancer research immensely. He is extremely dedicated to the field and has been working in oncological research since the beginning of his career. He has been instrumental in bringing several new treatments for various kinds of cancers to doctors all over the world so that they can provide the best course of treatment to their patients.One of the first endeavors that Mikhail Blagosklonny had in the field of oncological research was when he started working for a company known as Ordway. The company was mainly involved in researching new treatments for the treatment of cancer, which was exactly the field that Mikhail Blagosklonny wanted to work in. He saw this as a brilliant fit and an excellent opportunity to do what he actually wanted to. He spent his time at the company researching and even made considerable discoveries which have impacted the medical field. He worked at the company for several years before branching out into his endeavors.

Mikhail Blagosklonny would mainly work towards finding new treatment methodologies for patients with cancer. While he was researching some of the drugs that were being used, he came across a compound called Rapamycin, which shows evidence that it would help improve the life expectancy of patients. It is a compound that is extremely common in cancer treating medicines. This discovery was seen as groundbreaking in the medical field since there isn’t all that much research being done on drugs that can potentially improve the life expectancy of those who take them. Since then, this has been one of the main arrays that Mikhail Blagosklonny has been researching in, even though it has made him stray away from his initial goal of helping find more viable methods for the treatment of cancer.

Teaching has also been something that has inspired Mikhail Blagosklonny since he believes that this is one of the best ways to give back to society. Soon after passing out of medical school, Mikhail Blagosklonny started working at the New York School of Medicine. He taught numerous batches of students here, who all looked up to him as a mentor. Today, Mikhail Blagosklonny is the head of oncological department at the Roswell Park Cancer Institute. He uses his incredible experience in the field to impart knowledge to his students. He hopes that he can inspire the new batches of students so that they will take up oncological research to help combat a disease that affects so many people every year. Mikhail Blagosklonny is also the editor in chief of his publication known as Oncotarget. With the amount of time he has spent in the field, he knows how hard it is to come across groundbreaking discoveries from doctors all over the world. He, therefore, decided to start Oncotarget which is a weekly publication that is open to doctors from all over the world. They are all encouraged to send in their work and writeups so that others can also know about them in an easier manner.

Dr. Richard Shinto and Penelope Kokkinides Takes InnovaCare Health to Greater Heights

About Richard Shinto

Dr. Richard Shinto is the current CEO of InnovaCare Health Plans in Puerto Rico. He previously served as a member of the management team as well as the President and Executive Officer of Aveta Inc. from 2008 to 2012. Dr. Shinto has extensive knowledge and experience in clinical and managed care industry. Dr. Shinto received his Bachelor of Science from the University of California at Irvine as well as a degree in Medicine from the State University of New York. He attained his M.B.A from the University of Redlands.Dr. Shinto began his practice as an internist and pulmonologist in Southern California. He has more than two decades of experience in clinical medicine and operational healthcare. His hard work and dedication have earned him prestigious awards. He recently won the accolade of the Access to Caring Award from the Western University of Health Sciences due to his role in advancing healthcare industry.

About Penelope Kokkinides

Penelope Kokkinides is the current Chief Administrative Officer at InnovaCare, Inc. Previously, she served as InnovaCare Health’s Chief Operating Officer before rejoining the institution in June 2015 as the Chief Administrative Officer. Kokkinides has over 20 years of experience in clinical medicine and healthcare, specializing in government programs. She has a broad background in developing and managing healthcare processes. As a result, she has been instrumental in helping InnovaCare improve its organizational infrastructure and healthcare models.Kokkinides holds a post-master program in Public Health from Columbia University School of Public Health, a master’s degree in Social Work from the New York University, and a bachelor’s degree in Biological Sciences and Classical Languages from Binghamton University. As the Chief Operating Officer of Touchstone Health and Corporate Vice President for Care Management and Disease Management at AmeriChoice, an affiliate unit of UnitedHealth Group, Penelope Kokkinides was instrumental in the development and improvement of the company’s healthcare model.

About InnovaCare healthcare

InnovaCare Health views its patients as a valuable asset. InnovaCare Health remains as Puerto Rico’s leading health care provider. They commit to providing high-quality and affordable healthcare throughout North America. InnovaCare Health strives to redefine its management to help adapt the complex changing health environment. InnovaCare Health aims to create sustainable, innovative, and affordable healthcare models and to integrate them with the latest technologies. Besides, InnovaCare Health operates Medicaid and Medicare Advantage plans within  Rick Shinto’s government health plan. Currently, it has close to 200,000 members who are served by a network of over 7,500 care providers.

Linda is the New Head of HCM’s Giving Program

James Dondero, the CEO and founding partner of the Highland Capital Management (HCM), has enlisted the help of Linda Owen to manage the rapidly expanding Highland’s charitable giving program. Linda Owen is an esteemed civic leader who lives in Dallas. She used to work for The Woodall Rodgers Park Foundation as the president.

In the newly established position, Owen will be the charitable giving manager in charge of administering HCM’s charitable giving program. She will partner with executives of The Dallas Foundation, a non-profit that manages HCM’s charitable funds.

James Dondero’s comments

James Dondero stated that HCM decided to assign the duty of managing its charitable giving program to a professional after it had expanded its philanthropic initiatives. Linda has a stellar record of formulating exceptional public-private collaborations in Dallas. Additionally, she is passionate about improving lives through charity work.


HCM dedicates more than $3 million yearly to philanthropic agencies via The Dallas Foundation. The firm donates towards causes like Dallas Community, health care, education, and veterans’ support. HCM funds organization like Snowball Express, the Center for Brain Health, Perot Museum of Nature, the Dallas Zoo, and the American Heart Association.

Owen’s remarks

According to Owen, HCM’s unwavering commitment to charity work is inspiring. The company works closely with foundations it funds to help them realize their goals. Both senior and junior workers carry out charitable initiatives enthusiastically.

Highland Capital Management (HCM)

HCM is a reputable investment adviser that manages assets worth about $17 billion. With over 24 years’ experience in the alternative investment industry, Highland Capital Management (HCM)X has earned a spot among the premier providers of alternative credit management services. The company is a hub of leading-edge credit solutions that include long-only funds, distressed equity, collateralized loan obligations, and separate accounts. It has offices in central cities like Dallas, Seoul, Singapore, Sao Paolo, and New York.

The Dallas Foundation

The Dallas Foundation seeks to improve living conditions of residents of North Texas by mobilizing passionate philanthropists and effective foundations. This public charity commenced its charitable operations back in 1929. It has over 300 special funds and gives out grants to organizations across different fields, including animal welfare, social services, health, and education.

Highland Capital Management Career

Eric Pulier Inspires Young and Ambitious Entrepreneurs to Stick to Their Dreams

Building a career from a point where one is struggling to becoming a successful entrepreneur is something that takes a lot of effort. Eric Pulier is among few individuals who have defied odds by pursuing areas that were viewed as difficult and too narrow for one to earn success from. Over three decades ago, pursuing technology was not regarded a perfect idea and many people chose other careers, carefully evading subjects like Computer Science. However, that changed abruptly few years later, hitting everyone by surprise at how well the field started faring and the many opportunities it carried along. Eric Pulier moved the lonely path and today, he is among highly successful entrepreneurs and technologists.

Education and passion

Eric Pulier began building skills in computing at an early age. Inspired by the wonders and benefits that technology availed, he chose to pursue the specialty and began conducting research at a very early age. At fourth grade, he already had identified his passion for computing. Eric Pulier studied at the Teaneck High School and while at the institution, he founded a computer database company from the knowledge he had acquired from his research.

This step offered him further motivation to pursue other areas of technology and nurture his passion into a successful career. Even after graduating from the high school, he decided to pursue the field and this saw him join MIT College to study Computer Science. Within this period, he was also registered at the Harvard University for a degree in American Literature and English. He graduated in 1988 from the colleges.

Career and development

The career of Eric Pulier has been an admirable journey full of discoveries and interesting leaps. He first founded People Doing Things, a company that used technology to address the problems that marred progress in various ministries. Due to his prowess, he was picked to handle the technology exhibition in 1997 that would display the technological progress the government of Bush and Al Gore had achieved and the plans they had. His skills helped him to arrange impressive presentations and to handle the entire session professionally, something that marketed him further as a prolific technologist.


John Goullet’s role in the Formation of the Info Technologies and Diversant LLC.

John Goullet is one of the most prominent IT staffing professionals based in the United States. For more than two decades, he has worked as an IT Consultant and Information Technology staffing agent. Before founding his company named Info Technologies, he used to work as a consultant for a local Computer Science Company. John Goullet has been named as one of the most sought experts in the United States. His experience spans through information technology and choosing the right staff to work for your company regarding Information Technology. He is also working or the leading African-American Information Technology company named Diversant.


In 1994, his work began as a staffing specialist before he went on to establish the Info Technologies Company. According to the recent research, the company depended on the Fortune 500 companies in the United States for business and regulation. Info Technologies became one of the best IT staffing solution company in the country and won numerous independent awards in this category. It is also recognized for the various accomplishment it has made in the Information Technology industry. For the company to succeed at what they do for business, it went on to study the corporate world trends and IT solution factors. For this reason, they ended up making numerous IT staffing solutions in a corporate world. By the time the company was merging with Diversant, it was worth more than $30 million.


In 2010, Diversant was created to become one of the most respected IT staffing solutions company in the country. For the sake of staffing services, the company decided to merge with Info Technologies and develop a high-end solution management platform which is unmatched in this industry. Moreover, the company has worked to develop and maintain excellent customer relationships in business with clients and companies. For the company to increase in growth, it determined to offer services which include staffing solutions as the primary business. While this is true, it also offers reinforcement, direct hiring, and IT professionals replacement in an organization. The company has also been voted as one of the few team that work to develop high-end solutions in a flexible environment.


Eric Pulier is in Pursuit of Greatness

Greatness is an attribute that few people actually posses. Though we are all gifted in some or fashion, it’s only a select few individuals that will go on to achieve greatness. Eric Pulier can be considered as great because he’s done many amazing things to make the lives of other people much better. The guy literally has his hands in a number of projects that stretch across a wide plane. The Teaneck, New Jersey native can be considered a tech guru thanks to his ability and capabilities of finding solutions to the most difficult equations. Technology is his weapon of choice and he uses this weapon to help progress peoples lives.

Being a “jack of all trades” has allowed Pulier to expand his gifts into other areas. The guy has invested millions of dollars into tech start-up companies. Many of these companies have gone on to become a success in their own rights. He’s donated millions of dollars to charitable organizations and he’s helped raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for his own Capital Venture Deals. Many people state that Pulier is an investor, author, philanthropist, entrepreneur, guest speaker, technologist, and innovator. He has used his intellectual brilliance on numerous occasions and was chosen to build the “Bridge To The 21st Century” platform. This was in honor of President Bill Clinton’s second term in office. The event went off without a hitch as it was broadcasted live across the country on many popular news networks. Pulier is the co-author of the successful Understanding Enterprise SOA” publication. It just seems like there isn’t anything he can’t do or won’t try.

Why we as a people don’t here much from talented individuals like this is one of life’s biggest mysteries. Though he’s not a household, Pulier has done more good for society than most of your favorite entertainers and professionals combines. Unfortunately this is the world we live in, but as long as we have individuals like Eric Pulier working behind the scenes, our future outlook on life is much better.

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Successful Technology Enterprise with Eric Pulier

The world of technology has been privileged to have a successful innovation expert Eric Pulier. He specializes in public speaking, he is a writer and an entrepreneur. He is also the founder of different technology companies which are competing strongly in the industry. Mr. Eric is the Chief Executive Officer, Co-founder and Chairman of ServiceMesh, Inc. He has founded 15 companies and he recently sold a company at a tune of $350 million. He is also a philanthropist who is based in Los Angeles, California.

Never Give Up

In the business arena, Eric has been inspirational to many people who wants to startup businesses. He believes in never giving up and pressing higher towards the desired future. In his teachings, he offers applicable and real solutions on how to constantly remain innovative in the business world. He also gives step by step approach on how a small dream can be turned into a huge reality. Mr. Eric is also an expert in training on how to become innovative and create something where other people cannot see an opportunity. Other sessions where he has taught were based on persistence, true success, change and how to surround yourself with better people.

Experience plus Innovation

Serving in different positions in different companies is a clear sign Mr. Eric has the ability to innovate and provide solutions. He served at Computer Sciences Corporation and CSC Australia Pty. Ltd as the Vice President and General Manager. He has served in different companies including Santa Monica Media Corporation, SOA Software Inc., Interactive Video Technology, and Desktone, U.S Interactive Inc. In the different companies he has been a director, director, executive director and co-founder. He is a member of Bill Clinton’s Clinton Global Initiative. Mr. Erich has been named by VAR Business as one of 30 e-Visionaries.

Early Startup

Eric started programming in the fourth grade. By the time he was in high school, he began a database computer company. After moving in Los Angeles in 1991, he had a passion to provide solutions in health care and education. He thus began a company called People Doing Things. Over the years, he has been influential and instrumental in the technology world.


Intriguing Qualifications Possessed by Eric Lefkofsky

Born in 1969, Mr. Eric has registered a desirable profile especially as a successful entrepreneur in America. According to the latest report from Forbes, he is worth 1.27 billion USD. The days of his youth were also amazing as he studied from the University of Michigan, Law School and attained the position of a doctor in jurisprudence. On top of that he also pursued a bachelors in Arts and Sciences, still at the University of Michigan. You may find it interesting to note that Eric was elling carpets while at the University.

Eric Lefkofsky and his wife Elizabeth are remarkable in philanthropy. They launched the Lefkofsky Family Foundation in 2006 and it has since supported the benevolent, scientific and educational organizations. They serve the purpose across the globe, and are aiming at improving human life through specific programs and research. The facility also plays a central role in the Chicago arts and cultures donations.

Some Distinguished Positions Held by Eric

Having built his profile and net worth so well, Eric has proved to be accountable and as such has been the CEO of Groupon since 2013, which is a business venture launched in 2008 and serving over 250 markets in Europe and North America. He also holds significant positions in other ventures such as InnerWorkings, Qwiki, Belly to mention but a few. His leadership qualities are way above the curve and therefore incontestable.

Eric has also founded a facility aimed at automating and improving cancer treatment across the world. Tempus, which is a highly regarded facility is held as an equipment through which the medics provide their services and salutary information with an aim of improving the decisions made in regard to health. The facility is helping many believe in the ability of machine learning to enhance the health state of the human race. Basically it is meant to improve the results attained from therapies undertaken on cancer patients.


In a nutshell, Eric Lefkofsky is an icon in the entire globe, leave alone America. He has authored a book ‘Accelerated Disruption,’ which addresses crucial concepts to be upheld by ventures that will stand the great technological advancement. According to Eric, there are disruptive ventures being birthed every day, and as they get sustained in the markets, it becomes a struggle since they are unable to appreciate the speed at which technology needs to be embraced. Having several technology startups that are worth multibillion dollars accords him a position to write and offer advice.

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