What to Look For When Planning Events in NYC

If you’re looking for event planners in NYC, which is the right way to go, there are certain things to consider before you actually hire one.


Before looking for an event planner it helps to know what your budget is and what the goal of the event should be. Will you be handing out awards? Delivering a call to action for an important cause? Merely celebrate an occasion? A bit of all three? Knowing the purpose for the event helps you define the elements of the event you’re set on prior to reaching out to an event planner, which can help you determine if your budget is sufficient for the event.


This will allow you to begin your hunt for an event planner in earnest. With no shortage of sites and services dedicated to tracking the reputation of service providers, your search can be narrowed to event planners that specialize in the exact type of event you’re hosting. You can even filter them by their filter them by client satisfaction and professional ties to the industry.


This opens the door to interviews. Event planners are typically warm to the idea of interviewing prior to being hired for any event. It’s an opportunity to certify your prior research on their professional bona fides and determine if a good working relationship can be established. While not always ideal, this is something that’s best done in face-to-face interviews.


When you’ve found an event planner that feels like a good fit for you, you can begin to collaborate on ideas that forms ideas for a successful event. Though you may find yourself attached to certain ideas, it’s important to consider what event planners professional opinions o what is and isn’t effective for the occasion, venue, and budget. And when it comes to how much you will spend, it’s expected that a professional event planner will provide their budget, complete with fees, up front. This doesn’t exclude negotiating or haggling, and you should always protect your investment prior to agreeing to hire a planner, but hiring a planner should be part of your budget from early planning.


Though you’ve hired an event planner, your input is needed to make sure you’re satisfied with the outcome.


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