Stock investment strategies with Paul Mampilly

Society is always in a state of change. Some advancements are coming up every other day which are changing the way we do things today. Almost every part of life has been affected by the changes that are happening. The changes will contribute happening since the world is at a stage of transformation. Technology is being implemented in almost everything that we do. Technology advancements have affected the way we entertain ourselves, shop for goods and even decorate our homes. Human preference and taste have also influenced the changes we see. People want efficient and unique things. As a result, there is pressure on manufacturers to produce items that are technologically advanced.

As technological advancements happen, some people see this as an opportunity to make money. The changes that are happening are creating opportunities for investors to generate income. As new products hit the market, certain industries are growing while others are declining. In such an environment, investors can take advantage of the opportunities available in the growing companies to invest by buying shares. As companies grow, the share value goes up. A higher share value translates to a higher payment. Everyone should be looking at the recent developments from another angle and not just be ecstasy that there new product that has hit the market. While you get happy that a new product has entered the market someone else somewhere is happy they have cashed in on the investment of products.

New technology is presenting unlimited opportunities to those who have a keen eye for opportunities. A good investment decision will save investors from bad debts which affect their lives negatively. Although investment may look like an easy thing, many investors find themselves stuck with an investment that generates nothing. Some even lose their capital because they invested in a product that did not perform as they expected. Making a correct prediction on a product that will gain and generate profits, therefore, requires research and market study to determine that indeed a particular product will continue gaining such that you will generate profits from the investment.

About Paul Mampilly

Paul Mampilly is a leading investment adviser in the United States. He is a senior editor with the Banyan Hill. His role is to advise investors on the investment opportunities available in different industries. He has been a hedge fund manager at Kinetics Asset management and the winner of an investment competition called Templeton Foundation Awards.

David Giertz Recommends Maximizing Social Security Benefits

Social Security is one of the most important topics to discuss when planning for retirement. It is also one of the most commonly misused and misunderstood retirement tools available also. According to David Giertz, Social Security is also one of the least discussed financial tools discussed by financial advisers.

In fact, David Giertz was recently interviewed for the Wall Street Journal. During this interview, he discussed how the majority of people are not optimizing their Social Security benefits properly. These actions are causing people to loose hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars over the years. Mr. Giertz also discussed how a recent survey showed that many financial advisers are not even bringing up the subject of Social Security with their clients. This trend has many financial advisers at risk for losing their clients, according to the recent survey mentioned in the article.

David Giertz has been a financial adviser for over thirty years. He has been employed with Nationwide Financial Services for several years. In fact, Mr. Giertz holds several executive positions in several of the Nationwide Insurance companies. One of these high powered positions includes Senior Vice President of Financial Distribution and Sales on Twitter.

In the thirty plus years of the financial industry. David Giertz has became an expert in various aspects of the financial planning industry. His expertise includes stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and many other tools. He has also earned four certifications within the field.

David Giertz recommended in the recent interview that fellow financial advisers help their clients maximize their Social Security benefits on He recognized that many advisers are unsure of the numerous codes and regulations that come with these benefits. However, understanding these benefits, and helping clients maximize them, is in the best interest of the adviser and client alike.