The Progressive Ways Of Michael Burwell


Michael Burwell is well known business man. His experience in the fund business spans more than three decades. He operates predominantly out of Michigan and went to college in the same state. The extensive wisdom and knowledge he garnered through school and working has been an advantage to various firms in the course of his career. Michael Burwell is now serving the role of the Chief Financial Officer, for the company Willis Towers Watson.


Preceding his current endeavor, Michael was a part of the business team for Pricewaterhouse Coopers. At the point when WTW Chief Financial Officer, Roger Millay left the company, it was then allowed to an experienced Michael Burwell. Most of the work positions held by him have been at the top level within that given company. His extensive background in the industry of banking has been the foundation for his steady progression. The opportunities that have constantly found him have been because of his work ethic and enduring vision. Although the company has a solid reputation, they can surely benefit from skill sets that Michael Burwell will bring to their roster.


Michael Burwell is not a person who shies away from giving another people credit. Positive reinforcement and unity are both components that have been the fuel for his successes in business. The ability to progress and persevere has always been a characteristic of him. Burwell communicates that innovation is a regularly evolving aspect, and we must be able to keep up with it. Burwell is known for showing his gratitude to people. He expresses that successes are a team effort. Michael Burwell enjoys giving to others and does so often. He has contributed to many charitable efforts and continuously donates his time and finances to progressive movements.


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Michael Burwell Brings Years Of Experience To Willis Towers Watson

In October 2017, Michael Burwell became Chief Financial Officer for Willis Towers Watson, replacing former CFO Roger Millay. He joins the team with more than thirty years of experience with Pricewaterhouse Coopers in the field of financial and professional services. He was PwC’s Head of Global Transformation and Chief Operating Officer as well as the US Head of Transaction Services and Chief Financial Officer.


Michael Burwell comes equipped with over a decade of delegating senior level positions of management, as well as advisory experience in relation to Transaction Services where he was an aid to corporations in pre-merger diligence and valuation. His 11 years as a CPA also gave him an exponential amount of audit experience. Burwell’s excellent track record in finances, transactions, and transformation gives him the edge needed to continue Willis Towers Watson’s endeavors of integration and further expansion.


Willis Towers Watson is a consulting and advisory firm which provides a variety of services to large and small-scale organizations. Michael Burwell’s recent accomplishments with the corporation include offering AMX services, a branch of investment management which was first introduced in Europe, to their US clients.


The services of Willis Towers Watson aid small and large capital management, which saves not only time and money, but also reduces the processes of compliance and aggregation. Michael Burwell said in a recent interview that under current client management, the firm is assisting their clients with assets of over $120m. Go To This Page for additional information.


Michael Burwell obtained his BBA in 1986 from the University of Michigan, then spent the next 31 years at Pricewaterhouse Coopers LLP in varying positions. After the success of his Detroit branch, he was appointed the leader of PwC’s central region and U.S. Transaction Services Leader.


He became PWC’s CFO in 2007, that position expanding in 2008 to the nation-wide PWC U.S. business. Michael Burwell advanced to being Global Vice Chairman in 2012 as well as U.S. Transformation, utilizing his time in this position to improve the effectiveness and organization of a variety of internal functions which included Global Strategic Sourcing, Human Capital, and Finance Technology.



A Look At The Services Southridge Capital Offers To Its Clients Around The World

Southridge Capital helps public companies thrive by operating as an advisor and source of structured financing. They can help businesses in a variety of different industries and offer their clients access to many innovative financial solutions. Since this company was founded in 1996 they have invested almost $1.8 billion into different firms around the world. To date they have provided financing solutions to over 250 public firms. This company has management with the right experience and knowledge to over consultation services on almost any corporate issue that arises.

Among the financial services Southridge Capital offers to its clients is financial analysis. They create very detailed financial statements for their clients that project where they will be down the road. Another service they offer is balance sheet optimization where they determine what is the proper amount of debt and equity for their clients and what it will take to attain the desired financial results they are looking for. They can also help their clients when they are engaged in a mergers and acquisition event. They identify good candidates for a merger which are companies that share similar business models. You can visit their website



The top five managers of Southridge Capital are led by this company’s founder and chief executive officer, Stephen M. Hicks. The chief financial officer and controller of Southridge Capital is Narine Persaud. The director of research is Laurence J. Ditkoff and the chief operating officer and general counsel is Henry B. Sargent. Rounding out this team is Linda Carlsen who works on the portfolio management team.


Southridge Capital is based in the city of Ridgefield, Connecticut. Some of the public companies they have worked with over the years include Adama Technologies, A5, Andalay Solar, and PureSafe Water Systems. A few years ago they took on Elite Data Services Inc. as a client. This technology firm produces software applications for businesses in a number of industries such as hospitality, automotive, and gaming. Stephen Hicks said that he saw this company as one that was offering high quality and innovative solutions to their customers and so presented a solid company for Southridge Capital to invest in.



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Stock investment strategies with Paul Mampilly

Society is always in a state of change. Some advancements are coming up every other day which are changing the way we do things today. Almost every part of life has been affected by the changes that are happening. The changes will contribute happening since the world is at a stage of transformation. Technology is being implemented in almost everything that we do. Technology advancements have affected the way we entertain ourselves, shop for goods and even decorate our homes. Human preference and taste have also influenced the changes we see. People want efficient and unique things. As a result, there is pressure on manufacturers to produce items that are technologically advanced.

As technological advancements happen, some people see this as an opportunity to make money. The changes that are happening are creating opportunities for investors to generate income. As new products hit the market, certain industries are growing while others are declining. In such an environment, investors can take advantage of the opportunities available in the growing companies to invest by buying shares. As companies grow, the share value goes up. A higher share value translates to a higher payment. Everyone should be looking at the recent developments from another angle and not just be ecstasy that there new product that has hit the market. While you get happy that a new product has entered the market someone else somewhere is happy they have cashed in on the investment of products.

New technology is presenting unlimited opportunities to those who have a keen eye for opportunities. A good investment decision will save investors from bad debts which affect their lives negatively. Although investment may look like an easy thing, many investors find themselves stuck with an investment that generates nothing. Some even lose their capital because they invested in a product that did not perform as they expected. Making a correct prediction on a product that will gain and generate profits, therefore, requires research and market study to determine that indeed a particular product will continue gaining such that you will generate profits from the investment.

About Paul Mampilly

Paul Mampilly is a leading investment adviser in the United States. He is a senior editor with the Banyan Hill. His role is to advise investors on the investment opportunities available in different industries. He has been a hedge fund manager at Kinetics Asset management and the winner of an investment competition called Templeton Foundation Awards.

David Giertz Recommends Maximizing Social Security Benefits

Social Security is one of the most important topics to discuss when planning for retirement. It is also one of the most commonly misused and misunderstood retirement tools available also. According to David Giertz, Social Security is also one of the least discussed financial tools discussed by financial advisers.

In fact, David Giertz was recently interviewed for the Wall Street Journal. During this interview, he discussed how the majority of people are not optimizing their Social Security benefits properly. These actions are causing people to loose hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars over the years. Mr. Giertz also discussed how a recent survey showed that many financial advisers are not even bringing up the subject of Social Security with their clients. This trend has many financial advisers at risk for losing their clients, according to the recent survey mentioned in the article.

David Giertz has been a financial adviser for over thirty years. He has been employed with Nationwide Financial Services for several years. In fact, Mr. Giertz holds several executive positions in several of the Nationwide Insurance companies. One of these high powered positions includes Senior Vice President of Financial Distribution and Sales on Twitter.

In the thirty plus years of the financial industry. David Giertz has became an expert in various aspects of the financial planning industry. His expertise includes stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and many other tools. He has also earned four certifications within the field.

David Giertz recommended in the recent interview that fellow financial advisers help their clients maximize their Social Security benefits on He recognized that many advisers are unsure of the numerous codes and regulations that come with these benefits. However, understanding these benefits, and helping clients maximize them, is in the best interest of the adviser and client alike.