The Return of the George Soros Liberal Agenda.

George Soros and the majority of his family members survived the Hungarian Holocaust. They remained adamant to survive from the start of the Nazi occupation of Hungary right to the end when Soros emigrated from Budapest. They preferred to conceal their Jewish identities and those of other Jewish families than dying because they were Jewish. The Soros family and those who were lucky to be helped by them survived by forging and using fake identity documents. 500,000 Hungarian Jews were not as lucky however, they died at the hands of the Germans.George Soros fled Budapest and settled in London specifically to study economics. In London, he could access a decent education despite his Jewish identity, unlike in the new Germanic Hungary. He had to work double shifts of hard labor to afford the education he acquired at the London School of Economics. He worked a manual job as a railway porter and a casual job of serving party lovers at a night club. Once done with his studies, he took his impressive skills and high Intelligence Quotient to the United States where he became a billionaire.

Soros worked hard and smart to be as influential as he is. He worked even harder and even smarter to earn the incredible amount of wealth that he owns. He had to furnish banks with impressive investment advice and to cultivate the American Economy to deserve the respect and adoration with which members of the Democratic Party view him. He worked hard to earn the degree of freedom with which he enjoys to be in a position to advance his liberal agenda through supporting the Democratic Party and opposing Republican leaders with a history or reputation for advancing racist agenda and oppressive sentiments. Soros is a staunch believer in human and civil rights for immigrants. He believes that America is the Promised Land and the leader of the free world and should, therefore, be respectful of immigrants’ rights. To hold the United States to its belief and obligation to its Constitution, George Soros is always supportive of the Democratic Party.

However, he is often more supportive than other instances only when oppressive administrations take power in the federal government. He was very vocal in his opposition to the Bush administration and reelection. During the push for a Bush re-election, Soros committed over 25 million dollars to lead the people of the United States away from a second Bush presidency. He was also very vocal at that time and adamantly rebuked President Bush for being racist and oppressive.Soros was more focused in international social philanthropy during Obama’s administration. His political philanthropy had drastically declined as he felt America was under a liberal rule. However, his political involvement and philanthropy skyrocketed when Trump won the Republic Party’s primaries for presidential candidacy. He accuses Trump of racism and intolerance and could not allow him to become president without facing a strong Soros’ opposition. He donated more than 25 million dollars to the Democratic Party and other civil and human rights groups to protest against the Trump bid for the presidency.