Dr. Mark Mofid, Why he Could be Your Best Choice for Cosmetic Surgery in the La Jolla, San Diego Region

You’re a Southern California girl, living in La Jolla. Like many sunshine-states, you help nature along. You eat organic. You work out and lead a healthy lifestyle. Yet, there remains a few stubborn parts of your anatomy that simply won’t respond, evading your good work, refusing to fill out, or fit into, your favorite outfits. What you require is a plastic surgeon, with excellent credentials, a recognized professional in his field, someone who also possesses the disposition to appreciate your dilemma.


Put succinctly, what you require is Dr.Mark Mofid, La Jolla and San Diego area board-certified, plastic surgeon, duly certified as well by both The American Board of Plastic Surgery and by the American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. Besides graduating magna com laude from Harvard University, Dr. Mark Mofid obtained his medical degree and relevant training in general and plastic surgery, not to mention fulfilling the requirements for an advanced craniofacial research fellowship, all while attending John Hopkins University.


Proof of the respect accorded to Dr. Mark Mofid by his peers is evidenced by his position as a diplomate for the American Board of Plastic Surgery. A fellow of the College Board of Surgeons, Dr. Mark Mofid acts as a staff surgeon for a host of La Jolla and San Diego regional medical facilities, besides being a clinical faculty member at the University of California. His learned texts on an array of reconstructive topics have appeared in the nationally lauded periodical, “Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.” See This Page for additional information.


For a mind-set perspective, a perusal of Dr. Mark Mofid‘s business website should prove encouraging, as it includes terms like, “compassionate, conscientious and personalized care.” The good doctor indicates at an interview conducted at Inspirey.com. that his most satisfying moment occurs “when a patient calls me after a surgery to tell me that they feel like themselves again.” And, since the last word should reside with the clients, a quick perusal of Dr. Mofid’s profile at Healthgrades.com  is in order, revealing an exceedingly healthy tally of 108 out of 108, who would recommend the doctor, noting attributes like, trustworthiness and the ability to explain conditions and answer questions.


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