Things You Need to Know About Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies was founded in 1986 and has its offices located in various parts of the United States including Texas, Atlanta, among many other places. The firm has since its establishment offered technology-based solutions to the correctional facilities and also connected inmates with their loved ones through accessible and affordable communication services. A vast number of law enforcers and security personnel in the United States have over the past years heavily relied on the services of Securus Technologies to better serve their clients and ensure that the public is well secured.

Besides, Securus Technologies has also taken a considerable part in connecting security personnel with crucial information concerning the inmates. The various malicious activities that used to take place in the cells have now been curbed by the law enforcers through their reliance on the camera videos as well as recorders that track their daily activities. Besides, inmates have also acquired a great chance to enjoy a high-speed technology, through which they can watch and stream great videos and movies to keep them busy as they serve their sentence in the cells. With the videos, the detainees can also acquire an excellent chance of learning new and innovative ideas through which they can develop themselves after they finish serving their jail term.

Securus technologies also connect all individuals in need of emergency responses to dispatchers as well as emergency responders. The firm also monitors products and services to ensure that every individual in the outside world gets to live safely. Due to the high value that secures technologies places to its customers, the firm has always strived to revise their products and services to ensure that they are up to date and that they move hand in hand with the ever-changing trends in today`s world. The firm still looks forward to inventing more products to ensure that it addresses the needs of every individual in the market.


Securus Technologies Is Receiving Amazing Feedback For Their Technology

For many years, it has been inmates who have been leaving Securus outstanding reviews regarding the amazing technology that has been placed in jails. This especially includes Securus’ famous video chat service. However, prison workers have recently joined in on the positive feedback. Prison workers have been using the technology created by Securus to make the jail a safer place.


Due to the technology implemented by Securus, prison workers no longer have to handle commissary money. Traditionally, commissary money would go from a friend or relative, to a prison worker, and then to the inmate. Securus Technologies’ technology makes it possible for family members and friends to send money directly to the inmate. This eliminates the involvement of a prison worker. This money goes into a secure account, and there have been no problems with this system. This has made prison workers feel safer at work. They do not have to worry about getting accused of stealing money or the like.


Securus Technologies was recently happy to discover that detectives are also using their technology to stop crime. The technology detectives use is the visitor database. This database shows how many inmates a single visitor comes to see on a weekly basis. All phone calls are monitored, and the visitor is watched if illegally activity is suspected. This technology has helped detectives arrested thousands of individuals just within the last few months.


Securus Technologies wants to hear from more prison workers and law enforcement officials. They want to know how they can create better technology to help law enforcement officials and prison workers even more. Securus Technologies is open to phone conversation all hours of the day, or they can be reached by email and will respond in a matter of hours. Securus Technologies is interested in helping the entire community.


A Company Like Securus Technologies

The public safety field is very important for the world as a whole. That is why the company, Securus Technologies takes their position seriously, and they are the leader in the field. In order for the public to know what they do in a more precise way, they have invited the people to a presentation at their complex in Dallas, TX so that they can see what they do up close. The people that attend the presentation will receive a tour of the facility up close, and they will be able to ask questions and get answers about the technologies the company uses, and why they are so good. It will be a very educational and informative experience for them.


The company is also publishing letters and comments from its followers and the public. These can be used for solving and preventing crimes in both the civil and criminal areas of justice.


Securus Technologies is in constant demand across the entire country, and they are known all across the globe for their work. The government utilizes them to help in their facilities. In a year, the company deals with over a million inmates on a regular basis. They are constantly creating new ways to make sure that the world is a safer place to live, and they have better technology each week. The company is looking forward to a very successful future.



A Plea To Allow Securus To Help Parents In Prison

An eye-popping 2.7 million children in the United States has a parent behind bars. In fact, the United States incarcerates more than citizens per capita than any other country on the planet. So no matter what you may have done wrong to put you in prison, you should know that you are not alone. And there is a way for you to alleviate some of the distress put on your children for your incarceration.


Securus is a telecommunications company that serves prisons all over the country. This company offers video chat much like popular video chat apps and websites, such as Skype, G chat and Facebook messenger. It is an incredibly normal part of life for most people these days and it is the technology that can bring you into the living room of your home with your child.


Children are especially adept with technology these days. Just imagine, you and I are going to be the old people that are not able to use the technology of the future while the children of today will be able to easily use it. Though probably even make fun of us for it. But that’s just the point — your child thinks technology is an abundant part of everyday life.


So when they see your face pop up on the screen, they are going to think it’s completely normal. They don’t have to put up with an hours long drive to come and visit you or go through the scary process of a security checkpoint. Their surroundings can be there home instead of the cold, hard steel and concrete of the jail. Your virtual visit with them can be as free and as easy as possible.


And there is even better news. Securus makes video calls a cinch for inmates and their families. Your family just needs to go online to their website in order to create an account. The easy to use website allows them to set up a proper time to chat with you. And the service doesn’t cost that much, making the upkeep of the account a breeze.


In the end, Securus allows you to be a good parent and prevail through this very difficult time in your life. It is easy, affordable and abundant, so why not take advantage of it? If there is anybody that should not be suffering through this difficult time, it is your young child.

Securus Video Visitation – Kids from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.