Lincolnshire Management: the Investment Company of Choice

Lincolnshire Management was founded in 1986, it is privately owned and focuses on dealing with control investments in the ever-expanding middle market businesses. The company has spread itself into different industries through investments. It has over 85 investments that have all been done within the last 3 decades. The company is based in New York with more offices in Los Angeles and Atlanta to mention but a few.

The firm manages clients’ equity that is worth over one point seven billion in funds. The funds include the recently transacted 835 million dollars of Lincolnshire Equity Fund. The firm has proven to be extremely successful at being flexible in designing investment plans for their clients. The companies listed on their portfolio get first-hand expert advice on investment strategies from the company’s employees as they are highly skilled and trained. This gives the company and its clients a sense of safety and helps them better realize their objectives.

Companies that are listed in their portfolio include Dalbo Holdings which is a leader in the oil and gas industry, Allison marine a repair and Maintenance Company for boats and Nursery Supplies Inc. a creative retailer of high-end pots and containers for plants to be put in. The company’s partners are ever working to keep the brand alive by keeping innovation and constant improvement a necessity. Lincolnshire Management has proven to use very different formulas to get solutions and to also provide direct and unfaltering managerial familiarity in the operational challenges involved in the businesses it grows and blooms in the competitive industry.

The company’s employees have identified companies to invest in by primarily getting to know the markets with the largest growth potential and identifying a business that is likely to have a lot of loyal customers. The company signed a legally binding agreement to always ensure that it does responsible and transparent investing. Lincolnshire Management is well for its way to gaining a foothold in the complex and complicated industry of funds and investments. With the big surge in economic growth in most countries, the company is much more likely to succeed.

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Krishen Iyer Talks About Marketing and Time Management

To succeed in business an entrepreneur needs to focus on the things that they can control, take accountability of their time, and set short to long-term goals.

If they are able to do these different things they will be able to move from point A to point B in a relatively short amount of time.

Krishen Iyer has noticed the benefits of following these simple concepts and principles in his life.

Learn More About Iyer

Krishen Iyer is the owner and the founder of a digital marketing company, the company is called Managed Benefits Services. He was raised in the diverse culture of California, he’s loved it so much that he’s decided to stay there for quite a while.

He went to San Diego State University and earned a degree in Public Administration. After he graduated from college he went ahead and dove straight into different entrepreneurial ventures. This site has more information about Iyer’s education He wanted to do something that would light a fire within him. He is a strong believer in the idea of making a dent within the universe. He focuses on marketing and bringing in more business for his many different clients across the state of California while running ventures such as his Krishen Iyer Real Estate Holdings as well.

He continues to strive for excellence in each and every single one of his endeavors, he knows that it isn’t easy market, to hustle, and to build a business, so he stays on his A-game throughout his many different ventures.

Krishen Iyer knows all too well that time is money and makes certain to make the right moves all throughout his career, providing value for his clients, his partners, and every stakeholder in his specific ecosystem.

Krishen Iyer has a specific need to continue to learn more about the different problems in life, as such, he implements this abstract trait into something more physical and real. He makes it a point to interface with his different clients to truly understand what they need and what they facing in their daily lives. He then makes it a point to spend the rest of his time looking for solutions to solve the needs of his clients over the latter half of each day.

Count on Krishen Iyer to add value to your life and your business. Reach out to Managed Benefits Services today to see how they can help you in your business and increase your bottom line.

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Nitin Khanna Reinventing the World of Business

Coming from a disciplined background, Nitin Khanna was dutiful on his way to becoming the CEO of MergerTech. Earlier in his life, he attended The Lawrence College in India, before going on to obtain his Master’s in Engineering. With his industrious nature, he established his first company MergerTech in 2009. The company provides consultancy on mergers & acquisition, with the unique selling point of Nitin Khanna providing his personal expertise.

Nitin Khanna and his brother had previously established Saber, a service company working with the government. Some of the services ranged from vehicle to unemployment registration. The company became the largest state service firm in America, employing over a thousand people on the way.

Saber was eventually acquired for a whopping $420 million in 2007, afterwards the brothers decided to set on their current venture, MergerTech. MergerTech is currently a California based investment bank consulting firms willing to sell the company under a $100 million. His salesmanship and eye for opportunity found a market ripe with opportunity, and he looks to make the most of it. MergerTech consults mature startups looking to sell, companies looking for investment and those hunting for a live boat to save equity. See more here.

Nitin Khanna has a sense of purpose and direction mixed with passion. He has produced critically acclaimed movies like “What Lies Upstream”, developed reputable wine brands like Oregon Pinot Noir and Four Handle. Along with that, he’s a passionate musician playing at concerts and festivals.

He recently backed a software company, ISos. It was founded by Anil Rana, and Gourav Arora. ISos can be used in the educational system, health and for data mining purposes by the government and external companies in the US or beyond. There is increased productivity when all the needed data is all in one place, and Nitin Khanna is making that a possibility.

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Shervin Pishevar Calls AFor An Open And Transparent Society

Shervin Pishevar is an Iranian-American entrepreneur, venture capitalist, and super angel investor. He is the co-founder and former executive chairman of Hyperloop One and a co-founder and managing director of Sherpa Capital, a venture capital fund which has invested in companies including Airbnb, Uber, and Munchery.He took to twitter to call for an open and transparent society. Shervin discussed the problems with the way human beings are innovating. Unnecessary volatility is part of the issue. It compounds the current paradigm. At the heart of Shervin Pishevar’s critique is a lack of competition. This can be seen in the differences between an economy that has a small business backbone opposed to one driven by lobbying forces by way of political arenas.

Open information allows all individuals the ability to innovate. Transparency, as cryptocurrencies are showing, help sustain trust. Both aspects are necessary for any life changing innovation. The alternative would be hasty business solutions that go viral. This does not sustain human life. It may allow people to continue breathing, but it does not satisfy humanity’s soul.

Benefits of fad business solutions are also unlikely to reach all areas of the globe. A popular fad will likely die out before those most in need receive their share. Rushing to catch up with popular consensus may also lead to a lot of unnecessary conflict that destroys resources. This is the type of volatility that Shervin Pishevar warned against.

Societies that embrace innovation are preferred. The alternative is being directed by a large company, or government dictatorship, who release new products, rather than meet the needs of consumers. Diversity, instead of bottlenecks, lead to true innovation. Divergent cultures add variety to both life sustaining resources and to new products throughout the world. Incorporating distant geographic areas are important as well. Undeveloped areas, like rainforest populations, can add to modern innovation by providing a unique perspective.

Involving the entire world means using all available human resources. This is a much better solution than an isolated corporation controlling resources of unfamiliar people and living conditions. Corporate cultures often exist to differentiate themselves from competition. Planning to provide benefits through this corporate model is, in effect, taking a blind perspective to innovation. It is a reactionary business model that does not rely upon quality planning. Shervin Pishevar’s call to true innovation touches upon a dire need.


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Chris Burch Taking an Uncharted Island into A World Class Hotel

Chris Burch is known for his incredible businesses that spawn fashion brands to real estate. His firms are focused on everything from brand development to managing venture investments. Today, he is taking on the world of hotels in a new way, buying out a beach hostel right outside of Bali in Indonesia. He bought it in partnership with James McBride, and they both decided to give this unknown hotspot a chance to succeed again. They invested about $30 million to renovate the entire place. It all started in 2012 ad took a mere few years to get it up and running once again.   Read more about him on

They opened it back up to becoming a five-star resort, and today it is continuously growing with more people flocking to the one defunct area nearby Bali. With spending more than $30 million on the place, it’s no doubt the place has become what it is today. There is no joke that it has the potential to grow and move forwards. The beach hostel is now named, Nihiwatu, and they were voted to become the best hotel in the world by Travel + Leisure back in 2016. Check  This goes to show that the brand is what it could become, and that there is no doubt the company definitely has a future.

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Burch had a goal to find an unknown place that he could renovate to help preserve another beautiful part of the area. He also wanted to give his children another place where he could relax and enjoy his day.   Head over to to read more of his entrepreneurial views on matters around his area of interest.

Chris Burch is the man that knows exactly how to turn something into what it could potentially be. Chris Burch strives to maintain this area of the city and hopes that Nihiwatu continues to shine through and build a classy part of Bali to provide a sincere and quality experience.

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Chris Burch: The Man Behind Major Fashion Brands And Luxury Hotels

When it comes to entrepreneurs who are looked at as icons in the industry, Chris Burch is a name that comes to mind. He is a businessman who has had an incredible number of successful ventures in the sectors that he has worked in. He mainly is known for the numerous fashion companies that he has invested and given life to. One of the most well-known companies that he has help build is Tory Burch, which sells clothing that is designed by Chris Burch’s wife. The brand has been incredibly successful, just like several other ventures that Chris Burch has taken on. One of the first ventures that Chris Burch started was in fact in the fashion sector and was when he was still in college. He started a brand with his brother that sold sweaters to students of the same university, as well as those living in the surrounding areas. Chris Burch and his brother put in a total of two thousand dollars towards the company and later sold it for a little over sixty million.

Hard work and dedication is something that Chris Burch has always lived by. He has always been someone who persevered for his dreams to make them a reality. He only went forward in business plans that he genuinely believed in, and which he wanted to work at. He has always been one for giving every venture that he undertakes his absolute all, and only for ones that he truly believes can be successful in their fields. Read more about him on

Chris Burch is a man with a plan. He has always worked around a good plan of action to ensure that what he does is foolproof and works out the best for him. Being business minded has helped him since it gives him an edge over other people who wanted to start up companies similar to his. Be updated with his recent timeline activities, hit on

Today, Chris Burch stands as the CEO of his own capital investment company known as Burch Creative Capital. The company has given life to several other business ventures, and has helped Chris Burch diversify his interests even more than before.   Additional article on

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One of the most recent industries that Chris Burch decided to tap into was the hospitality industry. He decided to open up a luxury hotel that would be like nothing anyone has ever done before. He bought a private island in Indonesia and turned it into a luxury vacation destination called the Nihiwatu.  For an article about the resort, click on

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How Chris Burch Succeeded In Entrepreneurship

Christopher Burch is the CEO and founder of Burch Creative Capital, a company whose mission is to create brands and invest in many areas. Apart from Burch Creative Capital, Chris has been involved in founding more than fifty other companies. Some of these firms include Jawbone, Poppin, Faena Hotel and much more. His entrepreneurial mindset began when he was pursuing an undergraduate degree at Ithaca College in 1976. During this time Chris launched Eagle’s Eye Apparel business with only $ 2000. He developed the company to the point that its net worth was $165 million. Later Chris traded the industry to Swire Group. Just after selling Eagle’s Eye, he invested the money in Internet Capital Group.  Related article on

Through combining various values and ways such as sourcing for the experience both locally and internationally and by understanding the conduct of the consumers, Chris has managed to create a great track of record in innovation.

Chris success could not have been actualized if he did not partner with other agencies. For example, he has constructed many buildings and owned land locally and internationally through partnering with real estate firms. For instance, he has been involved in the construction of many elegant homes in Florida, New York, Southampton, Palm Beach and much more. He has served as the Pierre Hotel Co-op Board’s president and also a member of Rothman Institute Orthopedic Foundation’s board. Other things that have greatly attributed to his success are being discerning and been able to make decisions.  Check for an update of his recent timeline activities.

Chris believes that success is a journey which everybody must realize its path to achieve it. He says that one must know what he needs in life. His success did not just occur in a single day. It was a long journey that took time. During that time Chris remained positive by being committed and patient even though there were many challenges.  Click on to read more of his shared insights.  His first business called Eagle Eye Apparel, which he founded while still in college gave him the necessary experience in knowing and fulfilling the needs of consumers and in marketing. Additional article to read here.

It has always been Chris’ desire to be successful with other people by creating paths for them. That is why he has always been carrying out philanthropic activities. For instances, he supports Sumba Foundation which offers different types of help to the Sumba people. He also involves himself in volunteering activities and also collaborates with charity organization throughout the world. For example, he has partnered with China’s Child Welfare League and also participated in the funding of training activities of medics in New York.  For further reference about him, head over to

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Developing Capacity as a Multiple Entrepreneur

There are many pillars of achieving financial independence. Having multiple resources is among these methods. These methods ensure that a person’s passive income increases. It means that a person can meet their needs and is left with money to save comfortably. Most people believe that they will achieve financial independence by saving. Multiple sources of money enable a person to learn about what they can do better and generate more money. These options enable a person to grow their financial capacity. Christopher Burch is an example of an entrepreneur who has harvested heavily in multi-entrepreneurship. He has more than 13 investments in 12 companies. For important details about Burch and his investments, hop over to

Christopher Burch has both domestic and international investments in businesses. See Burch international investment, check on   He provides decorations features for home décor. He sells them as a retailer. He is also investing in organic foods and technology. He has developed his entrepreneur muscle due to his interaction with various stakeholders. This experience has enabled him to achieve a strong ability to take risks. He has managed to develop his skills to understand the correct investments. This knowledge has enabled him to make the right choices as he learns from his previous mistakes. He has managed to sell some of his companies to various investors. Related article on

Christopher Burch is not motivated to invest with interest that is selfish. He invests in developing the community and young entrepreneurs. He is a creative person who is familiar with the different challenges that people face. This knowledge led to the development of the creative capital. This capital is targeted to develop the creative young people. It exposes them to different opportunities that enable them to develop their talents. It develops them into developing better creatives. He sits on boards where he delegates some of the contributions to children’s welfare. His boards fund the children who come from poor families. He ensures that they can access health care products at a subsidized cost. He has created initiatives to help young children from China. The children are safe from the different challenges that they face due to their circumstances. To read insights from Burch, click

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This shows that people should invest with greater reasons than just accumulating wealth. This will be fulfilling because it will help the community as a whole. Many people will be positively impacted by wealth that is developed to benefit others. Entrepreneurs should have a greater reason to create wealth than to improve themselves.

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Chris Burch Used His Knowledge And Expertise To Build A Highly Successful Career

Chris Burch is the founder of numerous retail brands including Tory Burch and C. Wonder. He now has his eye on hospitality which is a new industry for him. Mr. Burch and the hotelier James McBride purchased a gorgeous beach hostel in 2012. The hostel is located on an Indonesian island called Sumba and the pair has spent $30 million on renovations. The five-star resort opened in 2015 and is called Nihiwatu.

Travel + Leisure voted Nihiwatu as 2016’s best hotel. Chris Burch granted a 2015 interview with Business Jet Traveler and told them he purchased the hotel because of his children. He wanted them to be included in something that could be preserved and show them how to give something back to the community. For the full interview, click on  He feels the incredible beauty of Nihiwatu has enabled him to make accomplishments that would be nearly impossible anywhere else. He had a spa built beneath a stunning waterfall, has seen places no other individuals have ever set foot and placed a butler in every room. He is delighted with the way Nihiwatu has turned out and pleased because he says this is a rarity.

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The Wall Street Journal says Chris Burch spends part of his time in the Hamptons, part in Miami and the rest in his luxurious resort in Indonesia. Nihiwatu consists of 27 private villas including Chris Burch’s private home which is called Raja Mendaka. The section he resides in includes the main house along with four additional villas. Each villa is equipped with a private plunge pool.

Burch Creative Capital was founded by Chris Burch and he remains the company’s CEO.  Check for additional article.  For the past forty years he has been an investor and entrepreneur in multiple industries. His contributions positively affected the technology and luxury brands of Poppin, Voss water, Jawbone and the Faena Hotel + Universe. Check on his latest contribution to the market, click on  He served on the board for The Continuum Group and Guggenheim Capital.

Chris Burch began his successful entrepreneurial career in 1976 while studying at Ithica College. He started a company he called Eagle’s Eye apparel with his brother Bob and an investment of $2,000. Once the company’s worth hit $165 million they sold it to the Swire Group.  Related article on   Mr. Burch then became one of the first to invest in the Internet Capital Group whose IPO story became well known in the Internet space. Chris Burch’s success is based on his experience, intuitive understanding of consumers, his intelligence and his ability to understand the fundamentals of innovation and implementation.

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Chris Burch Has A Proven Track Record Of Business Success

The business world has many business markets that are very competitive. The way that the business world places companies in the same or similar markets makes the competition direct and long lasting. While numerous business markets are known to produce very competitive situations, two markets in particular that provide stiff competition for the companies that participate in the markets are technology and fashion.

One of the main reasons why the technology and fashion markets are so competitive is that both markets have a lot of innovation that is brought to the market by the companies in the markets. Over the years, the technology market has changed the very way that many people live on a daily basis. With innovations such as the Internet, cell phone, smartphone, and WiFi, the technology market has helped to transform the world into a digital world.

In the same manner, the fashion market is an innovative market that depends on creative ideas by the companies in the market to provide the fashion styles and trends that people follow. These fashion designs and trends shape the very way that people dress and purchase. For an additional reading about innovative market, check on

With innovation, ideas, and change being at the core of the technology and fashion markets, competition will be very active between companies because the market can only sustain a certain number of innovations and new ideas at one time from the companies that participate in the markets.  See this innovation, ideas and change from one of his latest cool company, click on

An interesting situation that is happening between the technology and fashion markets is that certain companies in the fashion market are starting to use technology in its fashion designs. The use of technology in fashion designs has become an interesting twist that some fashion designers use to spark a different look. With technology, the fashion look is interesting and also powerful because technology has become huge. Technology innovations in recent years have become more than the use of technology, the innovations have become a statement to many people.

Chris Burch is a well known business executive who understands the competitive nature of the fashion and technology markets because he has started and successfully ran companies in both markets. The blending of technology with fashion designs is an idea that he can see from a unique perspective and understand the benefits of the idea to both the technology and fashion markets.

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Chris Burch has been running successful companies since his years in college. He has a special talent for recognizing business markets and understanding how to run successful companies in markets.  Head over to for related article.

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