Lincolnshire Management: the Investment Company of Choice

Lincolnshire Management was founded in 1986, it is privately owned and focuses on dealing with control investments in the ever-expanding middle market businesses. The company has spread itself into different industries through investments. It has over 85 investments that have all been done within the last 3 decades. The company is based in New York with more offices in Los Angeles and Atlanta to mention but a few.

The firm manages clients’ equity that is worth over one point seven billion in funds. The funds include the recently transacted 835 million dollars of Lincolnshire Equity Fund. The firm has proven to be extremely successful at being flexible in designing investment plans for their clients. The companies listed on their portfolio get first-hand expert advice on investment strategies from the company’s employees as they are highly skilled and trained. This gives the company and its clients a sense of safety and helps them better realize their objectives.

Companies that are listed in their portfolio include Dalbo Holdings which is a leader in the oil and gas industry, Allison marine a repair and Maintenance Company for boats and Nursery Supplies Inc. a creative retailer of high-end pots and containers for plants to be put in. The company’s partners are ever working to keep the brand alive by keeping innovation and constant improvement a necessity. Lincolnshire Management has proven to use very different formulas to get solutions and to also provide direct and unfaltering managerial familiarity in the operational challenges involved in the businesses it grows and blooms in the competitive industry.

The company’s employees have identified companies to invest in by primarily getting to know the markets with the largest growth potential and identifying a business that is likely to have a lot of loyal customers. The company signed a legally binding agreement to always ensure that it does responsible and transparent investing. Lincolnshire Management is well for its way to gaining a foothold in the complex and complicated industry of funds and investments. With the big surge in economic growth in most countries, the company is much more likely to succeed.

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Nitin Khanna Reinventing the World of Business

Coming from a disciplined background, Nitin Khanna was dutiful on his way to becoming the CEO of MergerTech. Earlier in his life, he attended The Lawrence College in India, before going on to obtain his Master’s in Engineering. With his industrious nature, he established his first company MergerTech in 2009. The company provides consultancy on mergers & acquisition, with the unique selling point of Nitin Khanna providing his personal expertise.

Nitin Khanna and his brother had previously established Saber, a service company working with the government. Some of the services ranged from vehicle to unemployment registration. The company became the largest state service firm in America, employing over a thousand people on the way.

Saber was eventually acquired for a whopping $420 million in 2007, afterwards the brothers decided to set on their current venture, MergerTech. MergerTech is currently a California based investment bank consulting firms willing to sell the company under a $100 million. His salesmanship and eye for opportunity found a market ripe with opportunity, and he looks to make the most of it. MergerTech consults mature startups looking to sell, companies looking for investment and those hunting for a live boat to save equity. See more here.

Nitin Khanna has a sense of purpose and direction mixed with passion. He has produced critically acclaimed movies like “What Lies Upstream”, developed reputable wine brands like Oregon Pinot Noir and Four Handle. Along with that, he’s a passionate musician playing at concerts and festivals.

He recently backed a software company, ISos. It was founded by Anil Rana, and Gourav Arora. ISos can be used in the educational system, health and for data mining purposes by the government and external companies in the US or beyond. There is increased productivity when all the needed data is all in one place, and Nitin Khanna is making that a possibility.

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Chris Burch: Developing the Island of Sumba

The remote island of Sumba is located in the Indonesian archipelago. The island has limited facilities, but it never stopped Chris Burch and James McBride from discovering its real beauty. Chris Burch is an American businessman and entrepreneur, while James McBride is an Australian hotelier. Together, they went to Indonesia to scout the best place where they could set up their dream resort. When they arrived in the island of Sumba, they were amazed by the beauty of its beaches, and they were welcomed warmly by the locals living in the island. They later decided to buy a cove situated on the island and develop it into a luxurious hotel.

The construction of the property took years, and when it opened to the public, resort enthusiasts were amazed by the structure and the services provided inside the resort. Chris Burch and James McBride called their resort “Nihiwatu,” and after it was published online for the public to see, many have booked their tickets to Indonesia to visit the hidden paradise in the island of Sumba. Years after the establishment of Nihiwatu, the luxury resort still receives positive reviews from those who have experienced visiting it. In fact, the resort was recognized in 2016 as the best luxury hotel on the planet by the renowned travel magazine Travel + Leisure. Chris Burch thanked everyone who has nominated his resort to become the recipient of the coveted recognition.

Chris Burch invested $30 million for the construction of the resort, but he managed to take his capital back immediately because of the surge of tourists coming into his cove ( Today, the residents of the island of Sumba are thanking him and James McBride for choosing their island as a gateway for tourists. The island of Sumba drastically changed ever since the duo discovered its beaches in 2012. Today, the residents of the island enjoy traveling on their paved roads, and a hospital just opened near the island center to cater the residents and the visitors of Nihiwatu. Chris Burch also gave the local people jobs, and he stated that more improvements would come shortly that would benefit everyone on the island.  For additional article, click

Anyone flying into Indonesia can access the Nihiwatu resort. Visitors would have to contact Chris Burch, James McBride or any of their associates if they wanted to visit the resort. Chris Burch ensures all of their visitors that they would enjoy their stay on the island because of the warm hospitality from the locals.

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Shervin Pishevar Calls AFor An Open And Transparent Society

Shervin Pishevar is an Iranian-American entrepreneur, venture capitalist, and super angel investor. He is the co-founder and former executive chairman of Hyperloop One and a co-founder and managing director of Sherpa Capital, a venture capital fund which has invested in companies including Airbnb, Uber, and Munchery.He took to twitter to call for an open and transparent society. Shervin discussed the problems with the way human beings are innovating. Unnecessary volatility is part of the issue. It compounds the current paradigm. At the heart of Shervin Pishevar’s critique is a lack of competition. This can be seen in the differences between an economy that has a small business backbone opposed to one driven by lobbying forces by way of political arenas.

Open information allows all individuals the ability to innovate. Transparency, as cryptocurrencies are showing, help sustain trust. Both aspects are necessary for any life changing innovation. The alternative would be hasty business solutions that go viral. This does not sustain human life. It may allow people to continue breathing, but it does not satisfy humanity’s soul.

Benefits of fad business solutions are also unlikely to reach all areas of the globe. A popular fad will likely die out before those most in need receive their share. Rushing to catch up with popular consensus may also lead to a lot of unnecessary conflict that destroys resources. This is the type of volatility that Shervin Pishevar warned against.

Societies that embrace innovation are preferred. The alternative is being directed by a large company, or government dictatorship, who release new products, rather than meet the needs of consumers. Diversity, instead of bottlenecks, lead to true innovation. Divergent cultures add variety to both life sustaining resources and to new products throughout the world. Incorporating distant geographic areas are important as well. Undeveloped areas, like rainforest populations, can add to modern innovation by providing a unique perspective.

Involving the entire world means using all available human resources. This is a much better solution than an isolated corporation controlling resources of unfamiliar people and living conditions. Corporate cultures often exist to differentiate themselves from competition. Planning to provide benefits through this corporate model is, in effect, taking a blind perspective to innovation. It is a reactionary business model that does not rely upon quality planning. Shervin Pishevar’s call to true innovation touches upon a dire need.


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Christopher Burch: Billionaire Entrepreneur and Businessman

Christopher Burch is an entrepreneur, businessman, and a well-known investor. As an undergraduate student in the College, he had an entrepreneur spirit. He started climbing his business career ladder in 1976. Mr. Burch invested two thousand dollars into an apparel business known as eagle’s eye apparel with his brother. The business was successful and worth $165 million and was later sold to Swire Group. Mr. Burch continued and invested the proceeds from the sale of his Apparel company into internet Capital Group. He was among the original people that invested in this group.

He is a former board member of the Continuum Group and Guggenheim Capital. Mr. Burch is hardworking, creative, motivated, dedicated and has a history of driving success through investments.

He has contributed to the growth of many companies in nearly 40 years of his career. He has built a long track record of linking innovation to impact by combining an instinctive understanding of consumer performance with global and direct sourcing skills. Burch’s entrepreneurial principles and dream for new market opportunities is expressed through the company’s investment ideas, applying imagination, incubation, creativity, support and scale and businesses that have a positive and long-lasting impact on the lives of consumers

Mr. Burch started and launched another company C. Wonder, a retailer that deals on accessories, apparel and home décor which was later sold and purchased by another company in 2011. Mr. Burch made public his joint business venture with talk host show Ellen DeGeneres to launch her lifestyle brand.  More on  Later that year, he started Cocoon9, luxury prefab homes with contemporary design, space-saving floor plans, energy efficient features, and classy finishes, Nihiwatu and many more.

Furthermore, he is presently helping with the development of numerous other consumer products brands lifestyle ranging from home furnishings, hospitality, retail, apparel and, organic foods, and technology industries, including, Blink Health, Chubbies, BaubleBar, Little Duck Organics, Brad’s Raw Foods and Soludos. Mr. Burch has invested in several local and global real estate ventures, including the development of luxury homes in Florida, Palm Beach, New York, Nantucket, and Southampton.

He joined efforts with an architect and a hotelier in Argentina to renovate an underutilized piece of land into the Faena Hotel + Universe. He currently bought and renovated Nihiwatu, a luxury resort on the Indonesian island of Sumba ( Billionaire Burch started Sumba foundation which is committed to helping alleviate poverty, improve basic health and education of the Sumba community. He donates a portion of the hotel profit to the foundation.

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After achieving considerable success in prior business ventures, business mogul Chris Burch has decided to try his luck in the hotel industry. Burch has entered into a partnership with James McBride, who was awarded Independent Hotelier of the World by Hotels Magazine in 2016. According to Business Insider, the business partners purchased a beach hostel located on the Island of Sumba, in Indonesia. After purchasing the Hostel in 2012, for a reported $30 million, the business partners immediately began renovating the property. After the renovation work was completed in 2015, the property was renamed Nihiwatu, which translates to “nirvana” in surf slang.  Related article on

Prior to his business venture with Nihiwatu, Burch began his entrepreneurial journey in the fashion industry, which began while he was still in college. According to an article in Boca Raton news, Burch launched a company called Eagle’s Eye in 1976, his first foray into the world of retail arbitrage. Burch purchased sweaters for $10 and sold them on his college campus for $15; having found success in this endeavor, Burch commissioned a factory to mass-produce the sweaters, which in turn boosted his profit margin. In a relatively short period of time, Burch found himself earning enough money to be able to open retail stores where he could sell these sweaters, and within 10 years, Eagle Eye was generating $140 million in sales.   Click on this for a related article.

Chris Burch attended Ithaca College, earning a business degree in 1976; his early business endeavors with Eagle Eye, along with his education, helped set the stage for future business success. Burch sold Eagle Eye to Swire Group, a diversified conglomerate, in 1998, and in 2004 he launched “Tory Burch,” selling upscale women’s fashion. In 2005, Burch decided to pursue the real estate market; he purchased and renovated a home in New York, making $11 million in profit. In 2006, in an effort to further diversify his business portfolio, Burch founded J.B Christopher, a business predicated on selling construction materials to real estate developers. In 2011, Burch partnered with Austin Hearst, an American business and media executive, to develop luxury homes in Nantucket, Massachusetts, valued at $19 million.  Refer to for related article.

As a serial entrepreneur, Burch was also involved in telecommunications, bottled water, and invested in an Internet IPO for Internet Capital Group, a venture capital firm. Read the investor details, hit  Chris Burch seemingly has the “Midas touch” when it comes to the business, and if his past performance is indicative of his future success, Nihiwatu will most likely be yet another successful business venture for the serial entrepreneur.  More  about the resort on

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