Chris Burch Among Former Amex Customers Switching to Other Credit Card Companies

Entrepreneur Chris Burch has been one of the most loyal customers of American Express. He has used the company’s credit cards for over three decades. However, he recently switched to J.P. Morgan Chase & Co’s Sapphire Reserve card. With Chris Burch switching to a new credit card company, American Express will need to find ways to get and retain more customers in the near future. This is one of the main challenges that the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Stephen Squeri faces. He takes over for Kenneth Chenault and will look to help get the company through a recent rough stretch. Getting through this difficult stretch will likely be a challenge due to rising competition from banks and fintech firms that are providing more favorable products to consumers.   More of his shared views on business on

Right before Chenault ended his stint as the CEO of American Express, he said that the company was dealing with a situation that was of historical significance. It was on the verge of losing its competitive edge and was under attack from its competition. American Express issues credit cards and loans to both individuals and businesses. In recent years, the firm has had to fend off many rivals in the industry. This has made a number of investors uneasy as a result. With the departure of Chenault, many experts believe that the timing is ideal in terms of its impact on the stock market. According to an analyst for Wells Fargo, American Express still faces some considerable challenges in the near future in terms of regaining its status as s top credit card company.

Chris Burch is the founder and CEO of a company called Burch Creative Capital which is based in New York City. The company he owns manages venture investments as well as developing brands. Read and learn more about his creative output, visit the website, check    Chris is also the co founder of another company known as Tory Burch LLC. In the year 2012, Burch reached a milestone where he achieved billionaire status which allowed him to become recognized as one of the richest people in the world. As well as being the founder of Burch Creative Capital, Chris is also an investor with a company known as Guggenheim Partners.   More to read on this related link.

Throughout his career, Chris has built a number of businesses in a variety of industries. His first business venture was in the fashion industry. When he founded his own fashion company he would sell a number of sweaters. Burch would build this company into an enterprise that would earn $140 million in sales and open 50 retail stores. His next venture would be in real estate where he would purchase properties all over the world as well as build a few. His company would also sell construction materials to real estate developers as well.  Related article on   Burch also invested in an internet company known Internet Capital Group along with several other telecommunications companies such as Aliph and Powermat.

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Chris Burch’s Five Star Hotel; A Sensation

Burch Creative Capital’s founder and CEO Christopher Burch is a man with a keen entrepreneurial value which he injects into his company’s investment policy. His 40-year investment and entrepreneurial career have led to the rise of more than 50 companies. One of his greatest successes is the five star, Nihi Sumba Island Resort located on, a remote Indonesian island, Sumba Island.

The journey of Nihi Sumba Island Resort to what is now a fantastic establishment began in 2012 when Christopher Burch purchased a surf resort in Sumba. He spent 30 million dollars over a period of three years to renovate and redevelop the property. The resort, under legendary hotelier James McBride, made it to Travel and Leisure’s top 100 best hotels in the world list in under a year of its inception and was voted the best hotel in the world in 2016 and 2017.  Check

Nihi Sumba Island Resort was formerly known as Nihiwatu and was initially owned by Claude and Petra Graves. In a bid to save their collapsing business due to the challenges they faced from the Asian financial crisis in the mid-1990’s, the Graves decided to work with the tribal elders of the Sumbanese islanders. They developed a 20-year plan for the future of the island thus giving birth to the Sumba Foundation in 2001. Some of the activities the foundation is involved in include the provision of safe drinking water, reduction of malaria infections, offering education and economic support to the local communities.  Read additional article here.

After the transfer of ownership from the Graves to Burch and McBride, drastic changes were made to the resort. However, the commitment to support the Sumba villages through the foundation has been maintained. The Resort has ensured that the Sumba jungles have remained unspoiled thus bringing truth to its motto, “the edge of wildness.” The Sumbanese traditional houses are made of thatched roofs and thus forming chimney-like peaks giving the resort a distinctive outline. Hop over to to read more about the resort.

Christopher Burch had a knack for entrepreneurship from a young age. He began his entrepreneurial journey when he was an undergraduate student at New York’s Ithaca College. He started out by selling colorful sweaters on campus together with his brother. More to read on

As the business grew, they expanded to other universities and ultimately, the mainstream retail. Burch currently has a total of thirteen portfolio companies. He is also a board member and carries out advisory roles to five companies.  For his timeline activity updates, hit on

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Chris Burch Establishes a Successful Venture in the Hospitality Industry

Chris Burch is without a doubt a proven brand creator with several globally recognized brands under his belt such as Tory Burch and C. Wonder. In 2012, he demonstrated a shift in his entrepreneurial interests after partnering with James McBride, a hotelier, to buy a beach hostel located on Sumba island in Indonesia. After spending about $30 million in revamping the hostel, the duo reopened it in 2015 under the name Nihiwatu, a five-star resort.  Related article on

As a testament to Chris Burch’s skills in developing successful brands, Travel + Leisure acknowledged Nihiwatu as the best hotel in 2016. Due to his latest venture, Chris Burch spends his time in the Hamptons, his Nihiwatu resort, and Miami. At Nihiwatu, he has his private home called Raja Mendeka, which features a main house and four extra villas, each with a private plunge pool. Additionally, the resort offers other 27 private villas, which have plunge pools that provide a breathtaking view of the Indian Ocean and over Nihi Beach.  Read related article on

Since Chris Burch and his partner opened Nihiwatu, it has turned out to be a leading local employer on the Indonesian island of Sumba. The resort donates a certain portion of its revenue to the Sumba Foundation, which is an organization devoted to funding projects that support or help the local community.  To read insights and views from him, click

About Chris Burch

If his track record is anything to go by, then Chris Burch is an avid brand creator. In fact, his name is preceded by his reputation for creating disruptive businesses and brands that have a lasting, positive and direct impact on the lives of clients. Currently, he is the chief executive officer and founder of Burch Creative Capital, which helps to execute his investment philosophy. For almost four decades, Christopher Burch has significantly taken part in the growth of over 50 companies. This excellent feat is all thanks to his vast record of accomplishments as far as linking innovation to impact is concerned.  Check to read more about his creative output.

Under the leadership of Chris Burch, Burch Creative Capital prides itself on its vast brand portfolio, which includes successful brands like Voss Water, Faena Hotel + Universe and Jawbone. The latest additions to this list include Nihiwatu, ED by Ellen DeGeneres, TRADEMARK and Poppin just to mention a few. Additionally, Burch Creative Capital is also backing the development of several consumer and lifestyle brands spanning from apparel, home furnishings, and retail, to the organic foods, technology, and hospitality industries. Some of these brands include Chubbies, BaubleBar, Soludos, and Little Duck Organics.  For update to his recent timeline activities, hop over to this useful link.

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Chris Burch a Visionary Leader

Chris Burch has founded and co-founded many international retail brands and together with James McBride has decided to explore a new venture in the hospitality industry. The two partners in 2012 bought a beach hostel in the Indonesian Island of Sumba. They then renovated the hostel into a five-star resort at the cost of 30 million dollars. The resort was named Nihiwatu and was opened in 2015. Within a very short time of its operation the hotel gained recognition from all over the world as being one of the best five-star resorts globally, and in 2016 it was voted as the best hotel by Travel and Leisure Company.

Chris Burch told Business Jet Traveler in an interview in 2015 that he bought the resort for his children and as a piece, they can preserve and give back to the community. According to Burch Nihiwatu is a place of exploration where one can do things that cannot be done anywhere else. One can build a SPA under a water fall, visit places where nobody else has ever visited and have a butler in every room.

Nihiwatu has 27 private villas including Chris Burch’s private home which is known Raja Mendeka. Raja Mendeka has the main house and four additional villas all having private plunge pools. Nihiwatu has been nicknamed the Edge of Wildness and is located on the west coast of Sumba which is a remote Island in Indonesia. Nihiwatu has turned out to be the largest employer of the locals on the Island, and as part of its philanthropic activities; the hotel gives some of its profits to Sumba Foundation which is an organization that help funds local community projects. The name Nihiwatu means mortar stone and the beach was named after a rock formation on the tide on the Island.  More about the famous resort on

Chris Burch is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Burch Creative Capital. Burch is a serial entrepreneur and has been involved in several businesses in different industries such as fashion industry, technology, financial services and now hospitality industry among others. Burch is also the Co-founder of the fashion luxury brand, Tory Burch. Be updated with his recent timeline activities, click on

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Burch has over 40 years of experience as an investor and entrepreneur and has contributed to the rise of over 50 companies. Burch successes are attributed to his good understanding of the consumer behavior and his experience in international and direct sourcing. Burch is also quite good at connecting innovation to impact.  Visit his company’s website to learn more, check on

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How Chris Burch Built His Fortune By Building Lifestyle Brands

Many of the people who have had the good fortune to amass enough wealth to be called billionaires are often publicly identified with the thing that precipitated their wealth. Warren Buffett could be an expert cook or an animal lover but his name will likely always be synonymous with stock market success. Bill Gates’ name is synonymous with software while Mark Zuckerberg’s name is arguably synonymous with the phrase social network. If you had to pick a word that billionaire and entrepreneur Chris Burch should be identified with publicly that phrase should be lifestyle. Burch built his wealth through something far more interesting than coding or gambling on the stock market: he did it by building businesses with brands that spoke powerfully to consumers’ aspirations.   For his latest innovative contribution to the market, hit on

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If Burch’s name is familiar it is because his name is part of one of the most successful fashion brands in the country Tory Burch. The company is named after his former wife Tory Burch.Burch has invested or personally built business ventures that have spanned the realms of entertainment, luxury real estate, hotels, fashion, home decor and travel. His venture capital and brand development company Burch Creative Capital notes that it focuses on businesses that provide an “experience” for customers.  Visit their website, click on  The companies that Burch has helped to cultivate create experiences, services and products that make customers feel nostalgic as they sit in a movie theater watching a film he invested in, that allow customers to live out a lifelong dream of traveling to a country like Indonesia and staying in a resort that Burch helped to develop or by experiencing the satisfaction that comes from using items from a home decor line that Burch Creative Capital has invested in to express their sense of self in their home. More to read about him on

Now Burch is drawing on the talents of a luminary from the culinary world to create better experiences for the people that patronize his resort in Indonesia. According to the magazine Tasting Table Christopher Burch will be hiring Panamanian chef Andrés Morataya to cook at Burch’s Indonesian resort Nihi Sumba Island. Burch has an eye for investing in unique businesses and in unique people and Chef Morataya has made an impression on Burch and patrons of his own restaurant by employing a unique method for preparing the food that he cooks for his customers. Morataya is known for creating a makeshift grill using bricks and wood found on the beach and to grill his ingredients, an approach that no doubt gives his ingredients a unique flavor.  Head over to for related article.

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