Nitin Khanna Reinventing the World of Business

Coming from a disciplined background, Nitin Khanna was dutiful on his way to becoming the CEO of MergerTech. Earlier in his life, he attended The Lawrence College in India, before going on to obtain his Master’s in Engineering. With his industrious nature, he established his first company MergerTech in 2009. The company provides consultancy on mergers & acquisition, with the unique selling point of Nitin Khanna providing his personal expertise.

Nitin Khanna and his brother had previously established Saber, a service company working with the government. Some of the services ranged from vehicle to unemployment registration. The company became the largest state service firm in America, employing over a thousand people on the way.

Saber was eventually acquired for a whopping $420 million in 2007, afterwards the brothers decided to set on their current venture, MergerTech. MergerTech is currently a California based investment bank consulting firms willing to sell the company under a $100 million. His salesmanship and eye for opportunity found a market ripe with opportunity, and he looks to make the most of it. MergerTech consults mature startups looking to sell, companies looking for investment and those hunting for a live boat to save equity. See more here.

Nitin Khanna has a sense of purpose and direction mixed with passion. He has produced critically acclaimed movies like “What Lies Upstream”, developed reputable wine brands like Oregon Pinot Noir and Four Handle. Along with that, he’s a passionate musician playing at concerts and festivals.

He recently backed a software company, ISos. It was founded by Anil Rana, and Gourav Arora. ISos can be used in the educational system, health and for data mining purposes by the government and external companies in the US or beyond. There is increased productivity when all the needed data is all in one place, and Nitin Khanna is making that a possibility.

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Shervin Pishevar Calls AFor An Open And Transparent Society

Shervin Pishevar is an Iranian-American entrepreneur, venture capitalist, and super angel investor. He is the co-founder and former executive chairman of Hyperloop One and a co-founder and managing director of Sherpa Capital, a venture capital fund which has invested in companies including Airbnb, Uber, and Munchery.He took to twitter to call for an open and transparent society. Shervin discussed the problems with the way human beings are innovating. Unnecessary volatility is part of the issue. It compounds the current paradigm. At the heart of Shervin Pishevar’s critique is a lack of competition. This can be seen in the differences between an economy that has a small business backbone opposed to one driven by lobbying forces by way of political arenas.

Open information allows all individuals the ability to innovate. Transparency, as cryptocurrencies are showing, help sustain trust. Both aspects are necessary for any life changing innovation. The alternative would be hasty business solutions that go viral. This does not sustain human life. It may allow people to continue breathing, but it does not satisfy humanity’s soul.

Benefits of fad business solutions are also unlikely to reach all areas of the globe. A popular fad will likely die out before those most in need receive their share. Rushing to catch up with popular consensus may also lead to a lot of unnecessary conflict that destroys resources. This is the type of volatility that Shervin Pishevar warned against.

Societies that embrace innovation are preferred. The alternative is being directed by a large company, or government dictatorship, who release new products, rather than meet the needs of consumers. Diversity, instead of bottlenecks, lead to true innovation. Divergent cultures add variety to both life sustaining resources and to new products throughout the world. Incorporating distant geographic areas are important as well. Undeveloped areas, like rainforest populations, can add to modern innovation by providing a unique perspective.

Involving the entire world means using all available human resources. This is a much better solution than an isolated corporation controlling resources of unfamiliar people and living conditions. Corporate cultures often exist to differentiate themselves from competition. Planning to provide benefits through this corporate model is, in effect, taking a blind perspective to innovation. It is a reactionary business model that does not rely upon quality planning. Shervin Pishevar’s call to true innovation touches upon a dire need.


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Chris Burch Moves Into the Resort Business

Chris Burch saw his first success in the business world while he was still a student at Ithaca College. Along with his brother, Mr. Burch started an eye apparel company that was later sold for millions of dollars. From this initial success, Chris Burch has invested in a number of different projects in a wide range of industries.

Burch has invested in and helped develop companies that include luxury home developers, lifestyle brands and organic food companies. Some of the brands that he has been associated with include ED, Cocoon 9, Tory Burch and Voss Water.

In addition to his entrepreneurial work, Chris Burch is involved in a number of charitable endeavors. Mr. Burch is charitably associated with Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City, The Sumba Foundation and The Henry Street Settlement.

Chris Burch’s latest project is the development of the Nihiwatu Resort in Indonesia. Back in 2012, Chris Burch and James McBride purchased an island in Indonesia. They invested several million dollars to develop a luxurious resort. In 2016, Travel + Leisure named Nihiwatu the best hotel in the world (

Nihiwatu is made up of 27 private villas. There is also a main house on the property that Mr. Burch uses as his private home. Around the private residence, there are four more villas. All of the villas have private plunge pools. Some of these provide exquisite views over the Indian Ocean.

In addition to these villas. Mr. Burch and his designers have created two tree house units. Each of these units has its own private balcony. Those staying in the tree house units can go back and forth between the units on a bamboo bridge.

The Nihiwatu Resort includes a wellness center and a hall for meetings and activities. Guests at the resort can take surfing lessons, visit nearby waterfalls and ride horses on the beach.

Chris Burch uses some of the profits from the resort to help locals in the area. The Sumba Foundation was created to provide community projects for local islanders.

Due to the success of Nihiwatu, Mr. Burch is considering the development of additional resort properties. Plans are underway for resorts in both Costa Rica and Nicaragua. More on

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Nihiwatu was voted best hotel in the world

Big time investor Chris Burch and hotelier James McBride have banned together and created a 5 star resort called Nihiwatu. Nestled on Sumba, a remote Indonesian Island, it has been voted by Travel + Leasure Magazine as the best in the entire world. The two friends fell in love with the resort and decided to purchase it. They invested around $30 million dollars into renovating it and it sure does show! Mr. Burch purchased the resort with the intent of it being a place for his children and also wanted to give back to the community. Now Nihiwatu, which opened in 2015, is a luxurious getaway for surfers and nature lovers alike. Its pristine beauty and villas make it an award winning place for anyone to enjoy. The resort contains 27 private villas all unique and beautiful. Chris Burch also lives part-time on the island and has his own villa, including four more connected to it. They all have their very own plunge pools. His villa is named Raja Mendaka and is quite stunning.   Additional article on

Fashion mogul and investor Chris Burch has had a steady rise to the top. With a passion to succeed in business, he started early in life. His first business was a major hit and was later estimated to be worth a whopping $165 million dollars. It is called Eagle’s Eye Apparel and was sold to Swire Group. Mr. Burch also invested in Capital Group which was a smart move on his part.  Refer to for a related article.

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Chris is currently the founder and Chief Executive Officer at Burch Creative Capital. They take a unique approach when it comes to help businesses flourish. Mr. Burch himself has invested in over 50 businesses, growing them until they became very successful. His 30 year career in the industry have given him lots of experience and now he helps others achieve success too.  Browse on to know his latest innovative product in the market.

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Christopher Burch is not new to the business world. He is among the most envied business moguls in the nation. Recently, Chris Burch gave tips to already established and upcoming entrepreneurs. According to Burch, one of the keys to the success of any business is communication. Effective communication from the consumers to the company and from the business to the consumers enables the firm to produce products that are tailored according to the customers’ needs. He also urged business owners to consistently craft their brand and learn from their past mistakes and experiences. The backbone of the success of any business lies in production. Investing in creativity on production ensures that a firm produces goods and services that meet customers satisfaction and in return, the company not only retains customers but also gains more consumers.

About Chris Burch

Christopher Burch is the founder and the current Chief Executive Officer of Burch Creative Capital. He has a rich background in entrepreneurship since 1979 while he was attending school at Ithaca College. Chris Burch and his brother Bob founded Eagle’s Eye Company. With a start-up capital of $2000, Chris and his brother grew the business net worth to about $165 million. However, Eagle’s Eye was sold to Swire Group which gave Chris capital to invest in the Internet Capital Group.  Refer to for a related article.

Chris Burch seizes an opportunity every time it presents itself. He is a leading investor in both international and local real estate business. Burch owns multiple luxurious homes in New York, Florida, Southampton, and Nantucket. He has also invested in hotels and recently, he bought the Nihiwatu resort in the Indonesian island of Sumba. Also, he owns the famous Cocoon 9 and C.Wonder hotels. Burch is currently in a partnership agreement with architect Philippe Stark and Alan Faena, and they are in an investment project of redeveloping Faena Hotel + Universe.  Additional article on

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Chris Burch is a generous man who likes to take part in community development and charity work. He has sponsored various programs and organizations such as The Child Welfare League of China, The Sumba Foundation, The Henry Street Settlement, The China Association of Social Work and The NYU Langone.  For contact details, check this link on

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Chris Burch Believes in Personal Branding

At the Hamptons, people take parties very seriously, especially the food part. When one wants to throw a party, they go all the way out to ensure that the best type of eateries regarding cocktails, tables cape, and the food is presented. Chris Burch, the Chief Executive Officer at Burch Creative Capital, is no exception, especially as he prepares to throw a summer party at his resort. His research led him to Chef Andres Morataya, whom he felt would offer the best services to his guests.  For related article about his famous resort, check on

Chef Andres says that he started his restaurant in a very humble beginning as he could not even afford the money to buy the required cooking equipment. Albeit he was passionate about his job, he lacked the necessary resources. He could not look for investors for he was avoiding debts. Consequently, Morataya used his creative genius to make his cooking grill from scratch using bricks and driftwood. Although he has made a lot of money now and can afford modern equipment, Morataya says that he still prefers to use his hand made grill as it reminds him of his journey to success. Moreover, he says he loves to use his creative genius and save as much as he can. The summer party, which will be held at Burch’s Sumba Island resort is an event which Morataya will offer guest with the best of his delicacies.   Click on for additional article.

Chris Burch

Chris Birch is the founder and CEO of Burch Creative Capitals, which is currently a dominant brand in the world economy. The brand has multiple prestigious portfolios such as Cocoon 9, Niwatu and Poppin. At the moment the brand also boasts of several investment portfolios such as the production of organic food and hospitality services.   To learn more about him and his works, hit on

Chris Burch holds several values that make him successful. First of all, he believes in personal branding as an important part of his career. To make a personal brand, Burch says that one should analyze their strengths and weaknesses and take advantage of the strengths. Moreover, he warns people against presenting a very complicated brand as that’s hard to convey and for people to understand. He also asked people to adjust their brands as time progresses. The best way to build a brand is using a website as that is likely to communicate your values best than a resume can. Burch says that employers are likely to visit one’s website and learn a lot more about what their values are.  To read more views from him, head over to this.

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Chris Burch Opened The Nihiwatu, The Premier Luxury Holiday Destination In Indonesia

Chris Burch has always been someone who likes good luxurious things in life. He is a venture capitalist who made a fortune in the world of fashion. But taking the work out of his interests, he decided to invest into building a luxury hotel for his children on the pristine island of Nihi Sumba in Indonesia. The hotel has received an incredible response and was rated as one of the best vacation spots by Travel + Leisure magazine for the second time around. The luxury hotel has given the other top hotels in the world a run for their money, as celebrities and famous people have been lining up to have one of the most beautiful vacations in the lap of absolute natural beauty. Read more about the resort on

Chris Burch is known for the numerous business ventures that he has undertaken and the multiple brands that he has given life to. The hotel was a collaborative effort between him and his longtime friend and now business partner, James McBride. McBride is known for putting together numerous projects for luxury hotels around the world. The two business partners spent roughly around thirty million buying the entire island and renovating it to be what it is today. The hotel first opened its doors for business in 2015 and since then has gained a massive fan following, and has appeared on numerous top hotels lists. Click on burchcreativecapital,com  for a closer look of his various busines ventures.

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The reason Chris Burch bought this property was for his children. But while doing so, he also wanted to make a difference and give back to the community. The opening of Nihiwatu has done wonders for the community and people living on the island. Because of Chris Burch, numerous people on the island can now support their families owing to the incredible amount of jobs that the hotel has for the natives to the beautiful island.

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The Nihiwatu has exceeded expectations when it comes to a good island vacation. Chris Burch wanted to make the entire experience as lavish as possible and implemented some of the most beautiful things to complement the scenery around the hotel. The hotel boasts of some of the best views, and twenty-seven private villas where guests can come and spend their time. Each one of the guests coming here gets their butler, just so that they can feel like royalty, even if it is just for a day. Chris Burch also constructed a home for himself and his family in the Nihiwatu, which is the biggest villa among the lot.  For an update of his recent timeline activities, hit on

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Chris Burch’s Newest Success

The worldwide brand of Burch Creative Capital, founded by Christopher Burch, embraces the motto: create. disrupt. scale. These words encapsulate not only the mindset of the man behind this franchise, but also the fashion by which his company takes on its endeavors. His 5-star resort of Nihi Sumba Island is clear evidence of this. It was just named Travel + Leisure’s best hotel in the world for the second year in a row. The prestigious award is derived in collaboration with the testimonies and experiences of the publication’s readers. As the recipient of this award, the resort not only stands for the excellence in luxury hospitality which it is; but it also serves as a representation of the innovation and success of the resort’s creator.   Related article on

What would become the most distinguished resort in the world began as a mere beach hostel located in Sumba, a small island in Indonesia. In 2012, Christopher Burch partnered with James McBride to purchase the property, spending $30 million in renovations to make it into what it is today. To drastically alter the landscape, features, and experience of the island, Burch exhibited his propensity to find that diamond in the rough, and turn it into a gem. The resort now boasts breathtaking views, exceptional service, luxurious amenities, and an experience like no other.

Such a massive undertaking is nothing new to Christopher Burch. He has flourished in the industries of fashion, technology, and real estate ever since the creation of his first brand, Eagles Eye Apparel. However, Burch is more than just a successful businessman. His knowledge and accomplishments serve as invaluable resources for aspiring entrepreneurs. His resume consists of example after example of making strong investments and creating a diverse portfolio. To have a glimpse of his business portfolio, check  Christopher Burch brings with him over 40 years of experience and knowledge, having played a vital role in the success of over 50 companies.   For his latest cool offering to the market, click on

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Christopher Burch’s unique and effective approach to entrepreneurship and resulting philosophy is ever-present in his most recently praised accomplishment of the Nihi resort. He truly created a masterpiece of luxury hospitality. Much of his success comes from an awareness and understanding of what the consumer wants and subsequently providing it. In this case, it’s a vacation destination like no other. However, merely knowing is just a part of achieving something great . The manner by which Christopher Burch takes action and uses that understanding serves as an ideal blueprint for success.  For his recent timeline activity, hit

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