Meet The Compassionate Lawyer: Jeff Herman

Some things happen and remain printed in our minds forever. One example is a case of sexual abuse and rape. The act is something that the victims find difficult to get past and forget. Founder and Managing Partner of Herman Law; Jeff Herman chose to represent the cases of such malicious action after an encounter with a woman whose son had been raped by a pedophile employed in pre-school. Later, Herman came to realize that there were many cases of the sought.


Today, Jeff Herman is a nationally recognized attorney. He has represented thousands of brave victims of the sexual and rape cases. If you are struggling with such a case, he is the right person to approach. He understands how delicate the issue is, and the hurtful emotions that come with the experience. Jeff Herman says that he finds joy in helping the victims heal and move on with their life. He further explains that as much as seeing the people who did the evil act face justice doesn’t erase the act, it helps, and it’s comforting to know they pay for their crimes.


Jeff Herman has been in the field for more than two decades. He says that these years have helped him gain the skills required to interview the victims. He understands that many people find it difficult to go through the whole act again. It is critical that they are interviewed without making them feel like their dignity is being reaped off.

It is sad to hear stories of people who have been sexually abused. However, Jeff Herman says that having people have the confidence to talk about what they went through is very empowering. Talking about it makes them heal. One trend that excites Herman is the #metoo movement. Having people from all over the world talk about the experiences helps the people who have gone through the rape cases stop feeling alone. Go To This Page to contact Herman and Herman Law.


When we look back on our lives, they are certain things we feel we could change to improve our results. Jeff Herman says that there is the anxiety that people face when they are young. You become so worried about the end and forget to enjoy the ride. If Herman went back in times, he could embrace and enjoy the journey.



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