The Privileges that the Securities and Exchange Commission has given to its Informants.

In 2010, there was a transformation of legislations that manage the United States’ finance industry. These changes were caused by the Congress when it passed the Consumer Security Act and the Wall Street Reforms of Dodd-Frank. The laws assisted the Securities and Exchange Commission in creating a whistleblower protection program, which safeguards the individuals who offer to provide valuable intelligence to the organization on any business that is not abiding by the federal and state securities laws. According to the plan’s regulations, the whistleblower is to be offered a financial incentive and a job guarantee as a reward for giving information to the SEC.

The informants are currently represented by attorneys and law firm that have specialized in offering SEC whistleblower representation services. The Labaton Sucharow is a company that was created in 2010, and it has been devoted to providing top-notch services to its clients. The firm had the first whistleblower representation practice in the industry, and it has advanced over time. It currently employs skilled personnel, and they include company detectives, financial auditors, and forensic specialists. All staff members of the organization are devoted to offering excellent legal solutions to the clients, and they understand how the state and federal securities laws are implemented.

Jordan A. Thomas who manages the whistleblower representation services of the Labaton Sucharow is a highly skilled and experienced individual on securities. He is a chief plaintiff representation attorney, and he formerly worked for the SEC as an assistant director. Mr. Thomas sat on the board that drafted and enacted the whistleblower protection program.

The SEC’s rule have offered to be giving 10 to 30 percent of the sanctions that it collects as a financial incentive of the whistleblower. It also assures the informants that their jobs will be secured after they offer intelligence. According to the Dodd-Frank Act, the employers are not allowed to bully or fire SEC whistleblowers.

The sources of the commission are authorized to use the representation of attorneys for them to hide their identities when providing information. The SEC offers translators in case the whistleblower does not understand English and it uses client-attorney privilege in protecting the information that it receives. The informants are advised to try and hide their identity by not revealing information such as their address and names. No consultation fee is charged by the commission, and this makes it easy for anyone to access the services of the organization.


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The Attorneys behind the Scenes for the SEC Whistleblower Program

One of the most impressive overhauls of the United States financial regulation was the Dodd-Frank Reform and Consumer Protection Act that was enacted by Congress in 2010. Among the extensive reforms set up by the Dodd-Frank Act was the ingenious Whistleblower Program. This was established as a means of providing financial incentives and considerable employment protections to bold individuals that come forward with credible information on possible violations of the federal securities laws under the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). This, indeed, was an impressive means to ensure financial management firms exercised all their roles within the confines of the law and that all transactions were carried out fairly and justly.

LabatonSucharow was the first law firm established in the country to counter this historic legislation. This particular law firm was set up solely on the basis of protecting and advocating for potential SEC whistleblowers. In order to establish its presence as a securities litigation program, the firm does this by leveraging the best in-house team of financial analysts, investigators, and forensic accountants with prior experience from Federal and State law enforcement agencies. With all these in play, the firm is more than equipped to offer world-class and unparalleled representation to potential whistleblowers.

This prestigious law firm is chaired by Jordan A. Thomas, who previously played a huge role in the SEC’s Division of Enforcement as Assistant Chief Litigation Counsel. Mr. Thomas was able to demonstrate outstanding leadership qualities being a major team player in the development of the Whistleblower Program which also included the drafting of the proposed legislation and the final implementation of rules.

In accordance with the rules set up for the program, eligible whistleblowers are entitled to monetary awards. 10-30% of the monetary sanctions collected from a successful SEC enforcement action is granted to the eligible whistleblowers. The awards credited only sanctions that exceed the minimum value of $1 million. Inclusive of the award, are additional payments from related actions carried out by other regulatory and law enforcement agencies. Potential whistleblowers are allowed to report on any securities violations anonymously as long as they have an attorney present. Under the laws set up for the Whistleblower program, the employers under scrutiny are prohibited from any retaliation means to the potential whistleblowers.

Requests for case evaluations may be presented orally through telephone or in written form via email. All consultations carried out to evaluate possible securities violations are free, and whistleblowers are guaranteed confidentiality under the attorney-client privilege.

Whistleblower Legislation helps to keep Business Corruption in Check

Corruption and unethical behavior does exist within the work place. This is true for corporate offices as well as local businesses. When an illegal activity or questionable business practices are discovered within an enterprise; it is sometimes up to its employees to expose the truth. A whistleblower is a person that is dedicated to exposing unethical, immoral or unlawful behavior within an enterprise’s environment.

The Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act was created by Congress in 2010. The purpose of this act was to put an end to the shady and underhanded business and organizational practices that helped to create the conditions for the 2008 recession.

Added to this problem were thieving CEO’s, money hungry property sellers and Wall Street Fraud. All of these conditions and many more is what brought the U.S. to near financial ruin back in 2008.

The bad part of this situation is that it could have been avoided if people were willing to expose what was going on. Instead, many people turned a blind eye. Most of them did so because they wanted to keep their jobs. Still, other people did not want to reveal any wrongdoing because they were afraid for their lives or what could possibly happen to their families. Sometimes, whole entire organizations were so corrupt and people could not get out from under the wrongdoing unless they departed from that place.

Congress realized that employees needed a huge incentive to turn on their employers when they were discovered doing wrong. So, they created this piece of legislation to favor Whistleblower activity. The whole goal of a whistleblower is not to snitch or inform but to help businesses to stay legit.

Ultimately, if too many businesses become corrupt; it can create another condition like the 2008 recession. If this happens again, the U.S. could possibly be brought to financial ruin. Whistleblowers are powerful individuals in the workplace that will help to keep the financial and business sector in check. Learn more: