Ricardo Tosto, a Success Figure in the Brazilian Law

Law as a profession is quite common in Brazil. Those who have made it in the country as lawyers are quite reputable as they form the policy makers. The country has several law schools that are in charge of instilling the right education to enable students to practice legislation successfully. The process of becoming a lawyer with the capability to exercise fully involves passing the Bar examination. This exam, both in multiple choice tests and written form, follows the regulations of the Orders of Attorneys in Brazil. All the students have to go through this exam upon which they graduate to become certified lawyers. The mandate to practice is offered by the Bar Association from the central government based on the Brazilian constitution. The lawyers in Brazil may find a hard time studying the Latin law which is quite complex and integrated. However, the result is rewarding with the ability for a lawyer to practice in vast fields.

One of the individuals who have undergone this process to become a lawyer looked upon in Brazil is Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho. Besides being a lawyer, Ricardo Tosto is also a strategist that makes policies for companies and the government. He is an excellent consultant and is approached by several people on legal matters. Borrowing from his experience, he provides them with the knowledge to help them make right decisions for personal and economic development.

Mr. Tosto studied at the Mackenzie-SP and had since been associated with the law business industry. Some of the fields where his services include bank contracts, judicial recovery, business restructuring and bankruptcy issues. In addition to that, he has also taken part in the electoral law. Under that docket, his clients include politicians having problems with their election process or campaigns.

It, therefore, shows that Ricardo Tosto is also recognized in the international legal platform. At the Centre of Studies of Law firms, he served as a member of the board. At the same time, he was also attached to the HR Network Centre as an advisor and director to the Private Security Network Foundation. He often writes legal newspapers, articles and journals distributing his policies as well as providing legal advice to the public.

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