Magnises Attracts New Crowd of Millennials

Billy McFarland is a young guy that wanted to give young people a chance to acquire a black card. This is one of the most promising new things for millennials that are getting out and about on the town in the East Coast. For $250 a year young professionals can get access to a Magnises club that puts them in an exclusive environment. This was once a members only club, but now there is a great amount of buzz about the open enrollment for new members.

People are accepted on a rolling basis when they sign up. A lot of the members that are signing up for the card have American Express Cards, but Magnises is not a credit card. It is simply more a payment tool for those that are interested in joining the club. The benefits are not worldwide, but there is definitely some potential for this club to grow. There are some interesting benefits like VIP exclusive invitations to late night parties. This is ideal for people that like to avoid the hassle on getting into clubs. The Magnises ClubPass is a big thing for people that like to party.

There have also been great events like movie premieres and after parties for members. Fourth of July parties are commonplace, and there is also buzz about the South Hampton parties. The Magnises club is something that is exciting for the millennials that may have been denied access to these type of environments prior to discovering the Magnises club.

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The thing that the Magnises club has managed to do is make so many more experiences better. The VIP treatment is something that many people look forward to. They want that complimentary bottle of champagne when they go out to the club. They have the desire to get the concierge services when they travel. This is something that makes people feel special. That is what gets people hooked on what the Magnises provides. This is a club experience that is bound to provide more people with better ways to save money.

A person that is outgoing is going to love what they can get when they sign up for a membership with the Magnises club. Billy McFarland has established the perfect black card on for those people that attend places like the Ainsworth or the Bounce Sports Club. These are environments that give people access to discounted tables and exclusive reservations when they have the Magnises card. On the East Coast this may be one of the best cards to have if you are the life of the party for your group.

The millennials that are hanging out today want to be part of a trendy scene. They want the exclusive membership that gives them access to more things. This allows them to post more videos of exclusive outings on their social media sites on People love to post the pics and videos of outings with celebrities in VIP settings. This is something that the Magnises club gives them access to.