Billy McFarland Is A Young Genius In The Business World

Billy McFarland may be young but that’s no hindrance on his accomplishments. McFarland is only in his mid 2o’s and he already is the CEO and Founder of Magnises. That’s quite an accomplishment for almost anyone and especially someone so young. His age is actually a compliment to what he founded. Magnises is something that is geared towards millennials. It’s a card with additional perks and even an additional lifestyle.

According to Buzzfeed, The founder Billy McFarland wanted a card that would appeal to the younger ages of 25-35. He wanted something that had relatable perks and rewards to that age group. He noted that other credit cards often geared their rewards towards an older crowd and there was nothing marketing towards younger adults.

So, enter Magnises. Magnises is only available in New York and it essentially creates a network among new yorkers. It’s great because it’s not necessarily a new credit card or debit card. Instead, it takes what a user has already and transfers it to the Magnises card. It’s used to enhance a user’s social life, overall.

McFarland is seeing quite a bit of success with his startup. After all, he’s no stranger to it. McFarland started up his own company at the age of 13. It was an outsourcing business that matched clients with designers online.

Billy McFarland also founded a different online platform called Spling. He is the current CEO of the site which turns URLS from text links into images. McFarland has truly discovered what it takes to be a successful businessman. His talent, personality, and experience has led him to partner with clients such as Discovery and Universal.

One of the most astonishing aspects is that McFarland did all of this without completing his education. He dropped out of college when he was only a freshman because he knew what he wanted to do and more importantly, how to do it. McFarland is truly a genius in the business world. His Magnises card has only been around since March of 2014 so it will be interesting to watch it grow and watch what he comes out with next.