Kimberly Bakker: The Great Event Organizer


Being a successful professional event organizer requires a certain set of skill. Some people learn naturally over their career while others pick the lessons practically. A good event organizer should be flexible to accommodate the needs of various clients. An excellent event planner should possess management skills too. Such are the traits of Kimberly Bakker, a “Momtrepreneur”, and professional event organizer with vast experience in planning parties, and securing perfect venues for her clients.


Although many people stumble out of bed, and into the busy, chaotic mornings without a perfect plan of how to handle their tasks, she wakes up to a scheduled day, motivated and organized to plan her client’s events. She indulges in a series of pampering activities before preparing a nutritious breakfast for her children. Bakker is a serial entrepreneur with a passion for planning and organizing various events regardless of the challenges she encounters. Learn more about Bakker in Her Interview with IdeaMensch


Kimberly Bakker grew up in Ross, Marin County. She attended Santa Catalina High School before relocating to Los Angeles and enrolled at the University of Southern California for a degree in business where she also volunteered as a teacher and served as the Women’s Advocate at the Panhellenic Board. Bakker graduated in 1992 and earned the year’s Outstanding Seniors Award while serving as director of sales for L’ermitage Hotels.


She also worked as an event’s production manager in technology-based firms for several years before gaining her footing in 2000 and establishing her events management company called the Kimberly Bakker Events. Her clients include Sutter Hill Ventures, Dom Perignon, Moet, and Chandon, among others. In 2003, Bakker was hired to work on The Moet Cup, one of San Francisco’s notable sailing regattas.


In addition to serving as the director of her event organizing firm, Kimberly Bakker is a board member at Children of Shelters as well as Blue Star Music Camp. Bakker also supports organizations that provide animal aid to animals, the less fortunate youths, besides being a member of the Society of California Pioneers. Bakker has a unique skill set in event planning, business affairs, knowledge of the entertainment industry, and public relations.


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JD.COM Unveils Eco-Friendly Packaging Initiative, also known as Jingdong Mall is a leading e-commerce company based in China, has unveiled an environmental-friendly packaging program. The program will ensure customers get products that are packed in reusable or recyclable packaging in an effort to promote sustainable consumption.

The company is striving to make e-commerce eco-friendly and reduce costs. Jingdong has estimated that the program will make them save 32.5 million RMB per year. In the platform, customers will have the opportunity to choose whether to receive a product packed in reusable packaging or not. The packaging is returned after use.

Customers who will opt for the packaging will earn royalty points that they could use to buy products in the platform. The packaging is applicable to small-size and medium-size products except fresh food.

Jingdong plans to extend the program to Chengdu and five other cities in less than a month. The program has already been rolled out in Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou as well as Shenzhen. Moreover, It aims to extend the program to 20 cities by the end of this year. Click Here to visit their page.

According to the Head of Planning and Development at JD Logistics, Bing Fu, the company is always looking for ways to use green-logistics to reduce e-commerce waste. He added that the eco-friendly initiative will enable its customers enjoy the company’s products and services without worrying about carbon emissions. has always embraced the green approach and it has endeavored to promote it to logistics across industries. In 2017, JD Logistics launched Green Stream Initiative. The initiative is the largest environment effort that is aimed at promoting use of eco-friendly packaging. JD aims to replace the currently used boxes with green boxes. It has also endeavored to make 80% of its packaging materials re-usable and to replace 50% of plastic packages with biodegradable materials. It also aims to make 100% of logistics packaging recyclable or re-usable.

In an effort to be environmental conscious, JD started using hydrogen-powered trucks for logistics. It introduced the vehicles early this year in Shanghai and went down the history lane as the first largest use of hydrogen-powered vehicles for logistics in the country. Jingdong is keen on not releasing more carbon to the environment. It also introduced 50 solar-powered vehicles in Beijing to help in delivery services.



Jingdong Sheds Light On Their New Deals And What’s In Store For Thailand

In coordination with the leading Thai retail conglomerate, Central Group, Jingdong is facilitating its development in Southeast Asia by its launch of the “JD CENTRAL” platform. With this new e-commerce’s official arrival last September, it’s going to promote JD’s presence with the region. Their presence already includes a current e-commerce platform set in place in Indonesia and a vital investment in Vietnam’s leading B2C e-commerce business, Tiki.


With an earlier opening for test operations last June, Jingdong‘s anniversary, JD CENTRAL, provides both marketplace models and direct sales. All sales expectations have since been exceeded. Products available from the website include anything from digital products to electronics, home appliances, fashion, music and books to fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) like toiletries, cosmetics, processed foods, beverages and so much more. Thus far, upwards of 80% of customers have used the platform with smartphones. FMCG, mobile devices and fashion are among the best-selling products. The most popular products come from Chinese suppliers including leading brands such as Huawei, Xiaomi, Lenovo and OnePlus.


By applying its own innovative technology, Jingdong Mall has created the most enhanced retail operation in the world. They now offer unrivaled delivery speed and leading logistics expertise for Thai customers. JD CENTRAL’s warehouses are powered by the firm’s warehouse management system. Within Bangkok, the competitive e-commerce company will soon have same-day delivery available. With its cooperation with local delivery providers, JD CENTRAL nationwide coverage will also be provided.


“The launch of JD CENTRAL brings up feelings of delight. This is just one more step forward in JD’s continual journey to improve our service to customers all over Southeast Asia,” mentioned Vincent Yang, CEO of JD CENTRAL. “The recent connection with Central Group, a unique union among Thailand’s strongest retail player and China’s biggest retailer, will afford Thai consumers with an authentic and world-class e-commerce opportunity. This is a 100% guarantee for quality products. The advancement will develop the local economy and stimulate the boundless consumer possibilities of the country’s large population. The ultimate goal is to become the most esteemed brand in Thailand.” See Related Link to learn more.



Vinod Gupta From Commodore Corporation To InfoUSA

Self-made millionaire, philanthropist, entrepreneur and Rampur Maniharan Indian native did not grow up with a silver spoon in his mouth and had to earn everything he has accomplished. From beginning his educational career in 1962 to selling his company for over $600 million by 2010, Vinod Gupta story serves as an inspiration to all walks of life.


Vinod Gupta began his road to success in the small town of Rampur Maniharan, where at a very young age Vinod Gupta learned life lessons from his father that served as a foundation to build him to who he is today. Attending The Indian Institute of Technology in 1962, Gupta began his educational groundwork in agricultural engineering and graduated in 1967, with a Bachelor’s degree in Technology. From 1968 to 1971, Gupta pursed his Master’s in agriculture engineering and business from the University of Nebraska. Vinod Gupta also earned a Master’s in business administration during the time he earned his degree in agriculture engineering.


Gupta was able to put his talents to use during his time as Marketing Research Analyst at Commodore Corporation. Commodore Corporation was based in Nebraska and was one of the largest building supplies companies in the middle states of the United States. Gupta took a small $100, he borrowed from the bank and created marketing materials he used to target potential businesses that would be interested in the solutions offered by Commodore Corporation.


In 1972, Gupta founded the American Business Information. The American Business Information became the go-to business resource for other technology-centered business seeking to grow and expand their market share. By 1992, the company was valued at $500 million and Gupta stepped down as CEO and renamed the company InfoUSA, as it was now not limited to the mid-west but provided solutions for the nation. By 2010, the company was renamed again to InfoGroup and was sold for almost $700 million. Refer to This Article for additional information.



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Making Your Own Money from Home with Market America

Market America has been a leader for people who would like to be able to earn money from the comfort of their own home. If this sounds like something you’d be interested in for yourself, it is time to give Market America a try for yourself. The best thing you can do if you’re interested in Market America is to visit them on social media. They are incredibly popular and active on Twitter and Facebook, and you will notice that by their recent tweets, they are able to help just about anyone realize the true potential of being able to work from home doing something that you love.


The beauty about Market America, as outlined by their recent tweets, is that it’s a way for you to add freedom and financial growth to your life. A lot of people work away from the home and notice that they have issues with what this might entail. It might not necessarily be convenient for you to work outside of the home, and this is where Market strives for those who want an at-home job without necessarily giving up on their salary. With this company, you choose the product that you’d like to sell and then create a website that you will be able to put out to the world. This is essential for when you need and want to make the most out of your own career from home.


Market America is a Better Business Bureau accredited business has earned an A+ rating.


The reason Market America is as popular as it is, even when it comes to its social media sites, is because it is a company that you can trust. You can feel confident knowing that this company is there for you when you would like an earning opportunity from the comfort of your own home. In order for you to get started, you’re going to want to visit Market America’s official site and see what they can do for you. This is a wonderful and easy way for you to earn cash without the hassle of trying to open your own company and hoping that this is something that you are going to benefit from over the years.


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