Get More Data For FreedomPop Phone Plans By Completing Offers

Even the free cell phone service featured in a FreedomPop review comes with 4G LTE data, which means that those who get the service will be able to obtain 500 MB of completely free data that can be used to send text messages, to surf the Internet, to run applications and more. When the data comes within 100 MB of being depleted, an email will be sent out to the user to let them know that they will be automatically topped up. Turning off this feature is always possible by going online, but there is a charge per megabyte if the plan isn’t topped up.


It’s always a good idea to either purchase additional data or to complete some of the many offers that FreedomPop has, or a user may consider using the Wi-Fi service that FreedomPop has because it’s a great price for only five dollars per month for unlimited service. With the Wi-Fi service being available in millions of locations, it makes it so much easier for a person who has constant access to Wi-Fi service to use the service to get unlimited calls, text messages, and data from FreedomPop for only five dollars per month.


Those with a compatible phone that allows for Wi-Fi calling can always use the Wi-Fi service in place of the free plan, which gives them all the services that they need for less than the cost of a fast food lunch. One can always choose to get the $10.99 paid plan, which has 500 MB of data but unlimited talk and text. Those who want to up their plan to the unlimited everything plan will not have to worry about data because the data is unlimited. There is also 1 GB of 4G LTE data added to the unlimited everything plan.


FreedomPop allows its users to customize their different plans, either by adding extra data or even an international calling plan, which many people can use. Some choose to use the international calling plan while they are in the United States, but some choose to use the plan while they are overseas, which can be done without roaming charges in many different countries. FreedomPop has great prices on their international calling plans, and additional plans can be added to make phone calls to other countries that are not on the list of countries that can get unlimited calls on the international plan.

FreedomPop Has Potential For Great Things

FreedomPop is an innovative Internet provider that promises wireless Internet access to all. FreedomPop offers free 500 MB of data per month, making it a wise choice to casual Internet users. Other plans are available for power users, requiring more Internet services. The only thing required to begin using FreedomPop service is to purchase a modestly priced wireless hotspot. Once the piece of equipment is connected, web service is available for instant access.
FreedomPop provides free wireless voice as well as data services that collects its operating costs on service options such as voicemail and the offering the purchase of larger data plans. It requires users not only to purchase the Freedom Hub Burst wireless router, but to be in the WiMAX network coverage area. This service covers a large amount of the United States and hook up in most areas is available. It proves to be a useful option for residential broadband services.

The necessary wireless hub is available on the FreedomPop website. The basic Freedom Hub Burst begins at a modest $99.99 with other router options available at varying prices. Hubs are designed to operate on a variety of operating system platforms ranging from Windows, iOS, Android, etc. This makes FreedomPop a versatile broadband Internet solution. Finding a FreedomPop review will outline the positive aspects available with this popular Internet service provider.

Data packages that exceed the free 500 MB range from 1 GB of data per month priced right at only $9.99 up to 10 GB per month priced at under $20 per month. Easy setup makes this an attractive option for a person’s home Internet needs. This service is well suited for casual Internet users and other than having to buy the initial wireless hub to connect to service, FreedomPop promises free to modestly priced services tailored for home users. The company also offers cellular service at reasonable prices, so that is a plus in considering FreedomPop as an Internet/cellular service provider.,2817,2427635,00.asp