JD.COM Unveils Eco-Friendly Packaging Initiative


JD.com, also known as Jingdong Mall is a leading e-commerce company based in China, has unveiled an environmental-friendly packaging program. The program will ensure customers get products that are packed in reusable or recyclable packaging in an effort to promote sustainable consumption.

The company is striving to make e-commerce eco-friendly and reduce costs. Jingdong has estimated that the program will make them save 32.5 million RMB per year. In the platform, customers will have the opportunity to choose whether to receive a product packed in reusable packaging or not. The packaging is returned after use.

Customers who will opt for the packaging will earn royalty points that they could use to buy products in the platform. The packaging is applicable to small-size and medium-size products except fresh food.

Jingdong plans to extend the program to Chengdu and five other cities in less than a month. The program has already been rolled out in Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou as well as Shenzhen. Moreover, It aims to extend the program to 20 cities by the end of this year. Click Here to visit their page.

According to the Head of Planning and Development at JD Logistics, Bing Fu, the company is always looking for ways to use green-logistics to reduce e-commerce waste. He added that the eco-friendly initiative will enable its customers enjoy the company’s products and services without worrying about carbon emissions.

JD.com has always embraced the green approach and it has endeavored to promote it to logistics across industries. In 2017, JD Logistics launched Green Stream Initiative. The initiative is the largest environment effort that is aimed at promoting use of eco-friendly packaging. JD aims to replace the currently used boxes with green boxes. It has also endeavored to make 80% of its packaging materials re-usable and to replace 50% of plastic packages with biodegradable materials. It also aims to make 100% of logistics packaging recyclable or re-usable.

In an effort to be environmental conscious, JD started using hydrogen-powered trucks for logistics. It introduced the vehicles early this year in Shanghai and went down the history lane as the first largest use of hydrogen-powered vehicles for logistics in the country. Jingdong is keen on not releasing more carbon to the environment. It also introduced 50 solar-powered vehicles in Beijing to help in delivery services.


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Jingdong Sheds Light On Their New Deals And What’s In Store For Thailand

In coordination with the leading Thai retail conglomerate, Central Group, Jingdong is facilitating its development in Southeast Asia by its launch of the “JD CENTRAL” platform. With this new e-commerce’s official arrival last September, it’s going to promote JD’s presence with the region. Their presence already includes a current e-commerce platform set in place in Indonesia and a vital investment in Vietnam’s leading B2C e-commerce business, Tiki.


With an earlier opening for test operations last June, Jingdong‘s anniversary, JD CENTRAL, provides both marketplace models and direct sales. All sales expectations have since been exceeded. Products available from the website include anything from digital products to electronics, home appliances, fashion, music and books to fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) like toiletries, cosmetics, processed foods, beverages and so much more. Thus far, upwards of 80% of customers have used the platform with smartphones. FMCG, mobile devices and fashion are among the best-selling products. The most popular products come from Chinese suppliers including leading brands such as Huawei, Xiaomi, Lenovo and OnePlus.


By applying its own innovative technology, Jingdong Mall has created the most enhanced retail operation in the world. They now offer unrivaled delivery speed and leading logistics expertise for Thai customers. JD CENTRAL’s warehouses are powered by the firm’s warehouse management system. Within Bangkok, the competitive e-commerce company will soon have same-day delivery available. With its cooperation with local delivery providers, JD CENTRAL nationwide coverage will also be provided.


“The launch of JD CENTRAL brings up feelings of delight. This is just one more step forward in JD’s continual journey to improve our service to customers all over Southeast Asia,” mentioned Vincent Yang, CEO of JD CENTRAL. “The recent connection with Central Group, a unique union among Thailand’s strongest retail player and China’s biggest retailer, will afford Thai consumers with an authentic and world-class e-commerce opportunity. This is a 100% guarantee for quality products. The advancement will develop the local economy and stimulate the boundless consumer possibilities of the country’s large population. The ultimate goal is to become the most esteemed brand in Thailand.” See Related Link to learn more.


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Let’s Take A Moment To Learn About GreenSky Of Atlanta, Georgia – The Operator Of GreenSky Credit

GreenSky, Inc. is a major name in the world of fintech, a portmanteau of the words technology and financial that refers to the integration of the planet’s latest technological developments into the field of financial services. GreenSky – particularly its lending program known as GreenSky Credit – has contributed to the field significantly by making it possible for individuals of all income levels and credit scores to receive funding in the thousands of dollars for whatever purposes they might need such money for.

Growing larger

In May 2018 – slightly more than three months ago, GreenSky opened its proverbial doors to the public in the form of an initial public offering, in which the company sold more than 34 million shares of common stock from as low as $21 per share to upwards of $23 per share. The company’s stock (GSKY) is currently rebounding from a steady price drop that it has experienced since it offered its stock for public investment and trades upwards of $19.

The workings of GreenSky Credit

GreenSky Credit regularly works with upwards of 13,000 merchants that lend approved customers funding ranging from a minimum of $1,000 to a maximum of $55,000, which longtime, reputable debtors are able to receive. So far, GreenSky Credit has met the financial needs of roughly 1.9 million customers to the tune of $13 billion – these statistics are current as of August 2018 and have been recorded since GreenSky’s incorporation in 2006.

Important financial information for GreenSky and GreenSky Credit

GreenSky, Inc. earned $85 million in revenue for its most recent fiscal year; from that $85,326,000 in revenue, GreenSky garnered $18.6 million in net income. The company currently holds $521.3 million in total assets offset by $545.9 in total liabilities. GreenSky – thanks to its revolutionary lending program GreenSky Credit – has been consistently profitable since 2016 according to its filings, all of which have been independently audited by major public accounting firms that are overseen by the United States Securities and Exchange Commission, the go-to authority when it comes to overseeing assertions made by companies with stock that is traded publicly on exchanges like the New York Stock Exchange and the NASDAQ Stock Market.