Nitin Khanna Reinventing the World of Business

Coming from a disciplined background, Nitin Khanna was dutiful on his way to becoming the CEO of MergerTech. Earlier in his life, he attended The Lawrence College in India, before going on to obtain his Master’s in Engineering. With his industrious nature, he established his first company MergerTech in 2009. The company provides consultancy on mergers & acquisition, with the unique selling point of Nitin Khanna providing his personal expertise.

Nitin Khanna and his brother had previously established Saber, a service company working with the government. Some of the services ranged from vehicle to unemployment registration. The company became the largest state service firm in America, employing over a thousand people on the way.

Saber was eventually acquired for a whopping $420 million in 2007, afterwards the brothers decided to set on their current venture, MergerTech. MergerTech is currently a California based investment bank consulting firms willing to sell the company under a $100 million. His salesmanship and eye for opportunity found a market ripe with opportunity, and he looks to make the most of it. MergerTech consults mature startups looking to sell, companies looking for investment and those hunting for a live boat to save equity. See more here.

Nitin Khanna has a sense of purpose and direction mixed with passion. He has produced critically acclaimed movies like “What Lies Upstream”, developed reputable wine brands like Oregon Pinot Noir and Four Handle. Along with that, he’s a passionate musician playing at concerts and festivals.

He recently backed a software company, ISos. It was founded by Anil Rana, and Gourav Arora. ISos can be used in the educational system, health and for data mining purposes by the government and external companies in the US or beyond. There is increased productivity when all the needed data is all in one place, and Nitin Khanna is making that a possibility.

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“Mark Beer speaks about Renovia “

Marc Beer is the founder, Executive Officer, and chairman of Renovia Incorporation. He is the founding chairman of Good Start Genetics Compensation Group. He has led several companies and is highly sought for commercialization services. He has been in the industry for more than 25 years. He was the Executive Officer of Viacell in 2000. Marc Beer boosted employee morale, thereby increasing productivity. The number of employees increased under his leadership. He was appointed the chairman of Minewa Neurosciences Limited.

Mark Beer believes that a successful healthcare business heavily relies on talent acquisition. Investing in people is the first step towards success. Beer states that he focuses on talent acquisition more than anything else. Moreover, having a strong leadership system helps in attaining success. Renovia value employees and promote equality. He spent a lot of time identifying the right leadership team to use. He helped them recruit and create individual domain skill areas.

Marc Beer asserts that keeping the company focused on the vision led to its growth. He believes that the world is ripe for digital health. Technology affects every aspect of human life. Renovia wants to be a leader in women’s digital health. It has succeeded in pain management, and cardiac disorders.

Marc Beer has new products for pelvic pain floor disorders. Renovia closed a 32 million dollar series B round and 10 million dollars in debt. It is creating therapeutic and diagnostic products for pelvic floor disorders. It will use the money for research and product development. Approximately 250 million women suffer from pelvic floor disorders such as urinary incontinence, which make life difficult. FDA approved its first product, Leva. Renovia received support from Longwood Fund in the series B round of the product. Longwood fund invested in Renovia products to improve healthcare.

Renovia announced that the money it received from Longwood Fund would be used to develop and test diagnostic and therapeutic products. It is developing a new generation of Leva device. Marc Beer said that he was excited about the future of the company. Furthermore, he expressed his gratitude to investors who share the vision of the company. While thanking them, he assured them that the funds would be used to improve healthcare.

Renovia knows the immense pain women suffer due to pelvic floor disorders hence the research. Marc Beer stated that the company would do everything possible to ensure that women get quality healthcare services. Using proprietary sensor technologies can improve healthcare. Moreover, it gives clients valuable information about treatment options. Beer hopes to meet its goal of improving women’s health. Investors believe that the company is the right path and it is only a matter of time before it comes up with products for pelvic floor disorders. Learn more:

Financial Services Offered by Graeme Holm through Infinity Group Australia

Graeme Holm is an experienced financial analyst and planner. Before forming Infinity Group Australia, Graeme Holm had a successful 15 years career in Australia banking system. He co-founded Infinity Group Australia with the assistance of Rebecca Walker who is an accredited financial planner. They both exhibit a great desire and commitment to improving the lives of Australian by reducing debts levels and improving financial accountability. The objectives are prompted by the realization that many families receive bad deals from lending firms. They thus spend most of their earnings offsetting the accrued interties as opposed to the principal amounts.




Infinity Group Australia Founders




The Infinity Group Australia was established in 2013 by Rebecca Walker and Graeme Holm. They spent time exploring the problems in the loan market and discovered that banks lack financial coaching services to their employees and clients. Currently, Infinity Group Australia has a professional team made of Paul Lang (General Manager), Monika Johnson, Craig King and Lou Pavatich. The team is customer-centric and is guided by principles like commitment, hard work, care, and honesty. Additionally, the Australia Financial Review ranked Infinity Group Australia as being the most competitive and innovative organization in 2018.




Background Information on Graeme Holm




Graeme Holm is an exceptional leader and has contributed towards the transformation of both the Infinity Group Australia and the Australian community. Holm was born and raised in Illawarra, South Coast of South Wales. He grew up having a great passion for sporting activities and excelled in football. However, a physical injury marked the end of his sporting activities. Rather than spending time on sports, he channeled the time and energy in the financial sector where he equally excelled. His unique skills saw him become a bank manager at 21 years.




He oversaw the mortgage and real estate activities of four banks. The period offered an ideal platform where he developed strong relationships with the customers. After noting the problems facing many clients, Holm decided to start an organization to offer financial coaching services. Poor financial accountability and management meant that many clients owed the lending institutions more money on their mortgages as compared to the amount they owed while purchasing the homes. Graeme Holm is guided by well outlined worth ethics and values. Other than winning many awards, Infinity Group Australia has been successful in transforming the financial wellbeing of many homeowners in Australia.




Graeme Holm is keen on changing the financial industry in Australia by guiding the people on how to invest wisely. Wise investments have the advantage of changing the future of many Australian families. If people can learn to make the right moves when using their funds, they can live comfortable lives. The idea which was brought by Graeme Holm is aimed at changing the industry by making the people learn from personal bankers who shall be close to them and show them the direction to take. Infinity Group Australia is taking the people on a route of securing their future from a very young age. Anyone can work with them have control of their financial life. Learn more :