How Dick DeVos Has Turned Detroit Around

For a long time, Detroit had a problem with major crimes happening in the downtown area. It was scaring away every day citizens from going about their daily lives in the capital of their state. Something had to be done. The man who stepped in was Dick DeVos.


Dick DeVos has a history of helping the community when it is in need. He is a philanthropist who has run and founded many successful enterprises. Through his contribution of Direct Action, he brought together leaders in government and business to discuss tough issues that affect Michigan. What came up again and gain was education.


DeVoS is no stranger to education. He and his wife Betsy sit aboard the Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation which has given over $1 billion in his lifetime. In fact, in 2013 he gave over $90 million to various faith, social, community, health, education, and art causes.


He said he believes in giving back because he’s experienced so much success himself. He especially wants to see improvements in education in Michigan. One of the biggest problems was that children didn’t have high attendance if their schools were in the worn down inner city and they were a minority. To solve this, he and his wife led an effort to train educators on how to engage these students. Shortly after, attendance shot up 30%, a number that had not been seen until then.


With the Education Freedom Foundation and Choices for Children, he also helps parents get vouchers based on taxes to send their children to the schools of their choice. This applies to charter schools, but also to upper education. Many students have been able to go on and graduate with a degree of their passion. Furthermore, DeVos offers a scholarship to business oriented students, and many of the recipients have gotten ther MBAs since then. Clearly, his actions are having an influence on young children.


It isn’t just education that DeVos lends his time and money to. There are many homeless people who need access to basic services. He set up centers and funded them to provide basic amenities, drivers licenses, and job training. There have been many success stories. For example, Mel Trotter was able to get a job and obtain housing after 40 days on the program. When it comes to giving back, the world could use more people like Dick DeVos, who uses his influence for the good of the community.


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Gregory James Aziz Guarantees National Steel Car’s Success

You cannot credit every success to a leader, nor can you blame them for every failure. However, if the entire business succeeds or fails, then you can praise or crucify them as you wish. This is because a company will rise and fall based on the talent of their leader.


With that being true, the reason that National Steel Car has been able to maintain its longevity in business is because they had a great man at its helm, Gregory James Aziz.


Gregory J Aziz accomplished great things at National Steel Car Ltd while we was in the position of Chief Executive Officer. It was his wisdom that saw the company cross the finish line of one hundred years in business.


Greg Aziz was so successful because he had accumulated much wisdom. He himself credits his time at Western University, the Ontario based higher institution. It was here that he learned the fundamentals of economics and it was those fundamentals that he would apply during his time at National Steel Car Ltd.


Greg Aziz secured the company’s future by promoting several business practices. The first business practice that Greg promoted was the idea of Kaizen. Kaizen is a Japanese view of self-improvement. Rather than taking giant leaps, you improve little by little and steadily become better until one day you realize you have been transformed.


Greg Aziz applied this mentality to his business. The company must always be innovating. They did not have the luxury of sitting around on the accomplishments of the past. It was only be researching and developing new products that they could remain competitive over the next century.


Greg Aziz also applied Kaizen to the company’s efficiency. James Aziz knew that making a great product is needed, but if you can’t get enough off the belts fast enough to fit demand than your company will never excel. He personally worked with each department to see what they could do to make National Steel Ltd a more efficient company. Balancing quality and quantity is hard, but Greg Aziz was able to do it. He truly was a master in his chosen field of business. Read This Page.


Gregory James Aziz acknowledged and empowered the foundations of his business. His workers felt respected. His suppliers felt appreciated. His executives felt value. Most importantly, his customers felt loyal. By doing the ground work here, National Steel Car will succeed.

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