Squaw Valley Ski Holdings Phenomenal Response To An Unfortunate Situation

A statement was made by Squaw Valley in response to recent news. E. coli bacteria was found in Squaw Valley’s upper mountain’s area. It was in the water meant for drinking. This issue involved people’s health, so it was reported to the Environmental Health Department located in Placer County.

Since this happened, treatments have been applied on a consistent basis to the water and improvement is being seen. There are a total of four wells serving the area in the upper mountains and three of them are displaying lower levels of coliform. There is absolutely no E. coli present in any of the wells. The director of Environmental Health in Placer County is Wesley Nicks and he has stated to the Sierra Sun that the situation is being handled properly.

The upper mountain restaurant’s are temporarily closed and the skiers are not being allowed to drink any of the water until everything if fully resolved. Due to the speed in which the situation was handled, there have been no issues involving health difficulties reported. This famous ski resort on squawalpine.com is still operational.

A statement was given to the Sun on November 30th by Liesl Kenney who is the Director for Public Relations for the Squaw Valley. The statement basically said that due to an unusually strong storm numerous Placer County water systems were adversely affected. The unusually heavy rain caused one of the water systems of Squaw Valley that had been upgraded to overflow. This happened at the High Camp as well as the Gold Coast and caused the system to become contaminated.

Fortunately, that was the only system that was affected and the other systems are fine. The water that was contaminated was never made available to the public. The routine testing always performed on these systems showed the contamination so the Environmental Health located in Placer County as well as the Public Service District located in Squaw Valley were notified immediately. Numerous experts in the area of water safety were also contacted immediately. The experts gave the necessary help so that all possible steps were taken and the situation will be monitored until all of the system’s water is showing normal levels again. Not until the officials have deemed the water to be perfectly safe will the regular usage of the water be allowed to continue.

The customers safety is the most important concern. The problem that occurred is being taken quite seriously as do any possible issues concerning safety at the resort. While waiting for the issue to be fully resolved, guests at both the High Camp facility and the Gold Coast will have full usage of the facilities. Bottled water for drinking purposed is being provided at no charge. Guests will be contacted as soon as the experts have given confirmation the issue has been taken care of. A heartfelt thank you was given to the officials of both agencies for their continued assistance and support.

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