Samuel Strauch – A Savvy Real Estate Entrepreneur On The Move

Samuel Strauch is a real estate agent with his finger on the Miami, Florida pulse. He has a formidable education to back his ventures. He graduated from Hofstra University in Hempstead, New York, and spent time as well at Erasmus University in Holland. His crowing educational achievement is his Harvard University studies. He can also add to his resume that he is a former banker and financial expert. This forms the basis for his success as a real estate expert.

After 14 years gaining experience as an agent, Strauch branched out on his own to establish Metrik Real Estate, which has made its mark as a highly successful enterprise in the South Beach, Florida area. He also possesses a license to enact real estate deals in Latin America. He has an established reputation for being able to close home and condominium deals quickly. At present, he is one of the leading property sellers in the Miami Beach area.

Metrik real estate is not a typical agency. The company edges out the competition due to its ability to structure deals through equity sourcing, implementing innovative ways of property acquisition and development, and property management. While he has a definite passion for real estate, Strauch also has a passion for art and photography, and he has a personal blog that showcases his photography skills.

His travels to Latin America also opened up doors to investors who look to invest in Miami. Miami is the gateway to Latin America. His travels have also helped him to keep on top of technology advances in how people live their lives now, and how they will likely live in the future.

His team constantly analyzes business and investment opportunities, and he places focus on how today’s youth interact in the workplace. He reasons that people today are more interested in sharing experiences in small workplace environments. This all relates to architecture and real estate in a major way. Tomorrow’ society will usher in new ways in how people communicate in crowded environments.

This philosophy also has an impact on how he hires people to work at his own company. He prefers people who pride themselves in being professional and ethical. Employees must also embrace the company’s vision. Samuel Strauch is on the move.

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The Work and Financial Giving of Betsy DeVos

Typically, when I think of politicians, I think of people who don’t really care about giving back to the community. However, I was pleasantly surprised to find that Betsy DeVos is ethical and actually gives a lot. For example, Betsy DeVos and her family have donated an impressive $1 billion so far. Actually, just a few years ago in 2013 they gave $90 million. Perhaps even more interesting is the breakdown of the percentages of what they’ve given. Half went to educational causes. About 13% went to faith institutions, 25% to health and community services, and a nice 12% to the arts. Follow Betsy DeVos on

DeVos pioneered a program that helped kids in lower income communities increase their attendance rate by 30%. I wish that kind of help was available in my local community. Through her partnership with faith organizations, she helped people access basic shelter and food needs, have showers, get hired and even get their driver’s license, as well as other basic needs that many of us take for granted. Take, for instance, the case of Mel Trotter. She was homeless but thanks to the help of Betsy DeVos she was able to turn her life into a success story just 40 days later. DeVos is also a co-chair on the board of the Education Freedom Fund, and that has been since way back in 1993. This seems like a proper background for someone who is the Secretary of Education. This program helps kids in Michigan get scholarship money. And if that isn’t enough, when the Children’s Scholarship Fund offered up $7.5 million, she matched every penny of it with her own money. It’s not often you find someone willing to do that.

DeVos also supported Kids First which assists parents in getting credits for taxes when they want more choices for their children’s education. Together with her husband Dick, Betsy DeVos has done so much for education and children, including Children First America, Choices for Children, and American Education Reform Council. Furthermore, the Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation helps hospitals. There are a number of success stories in which students had help from the DeVos family to go to higher education. Examples include getting their MA, MS, and even MBA degrees. If they are involved in some kind of startup or other business, there are funds available for that too. Finally, what really struck me as great about Betsy DeVos is that she helped to revitalize Detroit by bringing young people together with career politicians and business leaders to discuss solutions to common community problems that affect everybody. Imagine the next generation of young people, having better education, choices, and the experience to bring goodness into the new innovations and solutions they come up with.

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Flavio Maluf: His Professional Career

Throughout his professional trajectory, Flavio Maluf earned tremendous experience in management. The Brazilian, Flavio Maluf, was born in 1961. He graduated with a mechanical engineering degree from the University of Armando Penteado Foundation in Sao Paulo. For more than one year, Flavio lived in abroad working and studying business management at the University of New York.

In 1986, Flavio got married to Jacqueline Torres Coutinho. Their marriage was blessed with three children. The 22-year-old Chemical Engineering Graduate from the University of London is their firstborn daughter. The 19-year-old Business Administration graduate from Armando Penteado Foundation University is their second born son. The 15-year-old son is planning to take over his father’s career. He is studying engineering at the University of England.

Since 1989, Flavio Maluf has worked in the Eucatex Company. During his trajectory period, he worked in various sectors in the company to acquire enough experience. He arrived at the top management seat of the enterprise. When he was working on the trade section of the business, his career commenced with flying colors. For over three years, he moved to the industrial section of Eucatex group. He remained in that section for four years. Before proceeding to the next section, he was appointed as a board member of the company by his uncle who was the current president. He extended an invitation to become an executive board member of Eucatex group. Because Flavio succeeded at whatever he did, his ideas for a successful company emerged. While their families came to a meeting, they agreed upon nominating Flavio Maluf as the next president of the enterprise. Flavio Maluf assumed the seat as president in 1997. He commenced his career by investing in big innovation to launch new products into the government.

When he assumed the seat as president, he began modernizing the company. According to a management format learned in school, he transformed the management of the enterprise. He has an aggressive profile. He continually seeks perfection. Success is at the back of his mind. He is widely considered as an exclusive executive. According to, Flavio doesn’t waste opportunities about plans.