Nationwide Title Clearing Inc. Updates its Website to Avail Property Reports Online

After calls for action to address the issues regarding title defects, Nationwide Title Clearing , Inc. responded by making property reports readily available through online ordering. NTC did this after rampant claims of title defects had dominated the real estate market for a couple of years. As a matter of fact, many stakeholders in the real estate market attributed the defects to wrongful foreclosures as well as stagnation of the process of transition of assets in the secondary market.


Executives from the National Title Clearing claimed that property records are vital in minimizing buyback risk as well as ensuring a clear conveyance of title. For this reason, the company has implemented various processes to simplify the process of securing property documents or reports. In its endeavors, NTC unveiled an updated website that avails property reports online.


Title Defects


Title defects mostly take place when a person or entity places claim to a property owned by another party. Here are some other factors that would cause a title to be invalid:


  • Failing to follow filling processes when recording real estate reports.
  • Failure to remove past or previous encumbrances and liens.
  • Failing to include the signature of a party involved in the transaction like a spouse.
  • Simple problems with the wording of the document.


About Nationwide Title Clearing Inc.


Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc. is a prominent professional document processing, audit and research provider. It is devoted to serving the country’s largest, servicers and investors. This has allowed NTC to gain recognition year after year since 2011 as Tampa Bay Times Top 100 Workplace. An anonymous employee-oriented research company conducted the research. Currently, the company operates from its headquarters, which is a five building campus located in Pinellas County. Since its establishment in 1991, NTC has grown into a leading lien release and assignments provider in the globe.


Before relocating to its current location Pinellas County, Nationwide Title Clearing was initially situated in California. Currently, NTC is proud of its latest venture into Dallas, Texas. The Dallas, Texas office boasts of a new data center, which is dedicated to ensuring that service levels are not affected in times of emergency cases. By 2016, the company had an employee base of more than 450 local workers. In fact, NTC has land document and record professionals who are not only able to fulfill but also track county document prerequisites in over 3600 recording jurisdictions spread out across the country.