Kimberly Bakker: The Great Event Organizer


Being a successful professional event organizer requires a certain set of skill. Some people learn naturally over their career while others pick the lessons practically. A good event organizer should be flexible to accommodate the needs of various clients. An excellent event planner should possess management skills too. Such are the traits of Kimberly Bakker, a “Momtrepreneur”, and professional event organizer with vast experience in planning parties, and securing perfect venues for her clients.


Although many people stumble out of bed, and into the busy, chaotic mornings without a perfect plan of how to handle their tasks, she wakes up to a scheduled day, motivated and organized to plan her client’s events. She indulges in a series of pampering activities before preparing a nutritious breakfast for her children. Bakker is a serial entrepreneur with a passion for planning and organizing various events regardless of the challenges she encounters. Learn more about Bakker in Her Interview with IdeaMensch


Kimberly Bakker grew up in Ross, Marin County. She attended Santa Catalina High School before relocating to Los Angeles and enrolled at the University of Southern California for a degree in business where she also volunteered as a teacher and served as the Women’s Advocate at the Panhellenic Board. Bakker graduated in 1992 and earned the year’s Outstanding Seniors Award while serving as director of sales for L’ermitage Hotels.


She also worked as an event’s production manager in technology-based firms for several years before gaining her footing in 2000 and establishing her events management company called the Kimberly Bakker Events. Her clients include Sutter Hill Ventures, Dom Perignon, Moet, and Chandon, among others. In 2003, Bakker was hired to work on The Moet Cup, one of San Francisco’s notable sailing regattas.


In addition to serving as the director of her event organizing firm, Kimberly Bakker is a board member at Children of Shelters as well as Blue Star Music Camp. Bakker also supports organizations that provide animal aid to animals, the less fortunate youths, besides being a member of the Society of California Pioneers. Bakker has a unique skill set in event planning, business affairs, knowledge of the entertainment industry, and public relations.


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