Raj Fernandos: My Summer Reading Picks

According to Raj Fernando, the summer has a lot to offer regarding education and technologies. From the summer barbecues to the summer blockbusters, from the summer road trips to the summer internships, the weather means that you will never run out of activities to fill your days.

Raj Fernando also said, You might have noticed a good pattern. Most of these choices focus on new ways of thinking and new approaches. For this reason, they counter the established facts that are taken for granted. According to Ariana Huffington, she tackles a reminder of the benefits and tackles the urge of over-productivity. When many business leaders are seeking self-sacrifice, all she asks is the benefits of prioritizing self-care. Cliff Gaddy ad Fiona Hill break down the widespread fallacies and myths about the President of Russia Vladimir Putin. They clarify on the real ambitions of the man and what t means for the West. She has constantly pushed the possibilities of technology revolution past anything ever imagined.

I hope you’ll find something that comes to the ear. You must pick the most presented in the list below.

“Mr. Vladimir Putin: Operating in the Kremlin.”

This is a book by Clifford Gaddy and Fiona Hills. According to the authors of the book, the Brooking Institution have completed working on their Russian friend’s implications for the West. Vladimir Putin is the center of discussion in the book. It portrays his priorities and ambitions concerning his Russian way of thinking and perspective.

“The Sleep Revolution, Ariana Huffington”

When personal work and work were blended in age, Ariana makes a compelling case that self-maintenance and sleep have the greater effect on performance in the two worlds.

“Third Wave, by Case Steve”

The recent technology can make entrepreneurs revolutionize every sector of the world’s economy. What is to be lost|? What will we gain? And what does it all mean to you and me?

“Smarter Better Faster, by Charles Duhigg”

From the Power of Habit author comes to an applicable, yet probing, science of productivity examination. It contains an appendix of real-time instructions. While you try to control what you think, you should manage how you think.