Adam Milstein Emphasizes The Need For Cooperation Between Christians And Jews To Stamp Out Hate

Adam Milstein and Pastor Carlos Ortiz together published an article on the HuffPost on the need for Jewish and Christian cooperation to stamp out hate and protect liberal values in the United States. Mr. Milstein points emphasizes in the article that Christians are being slaughtered by radical Islamists in the Middle East. The Christian population overall is in decline in the Middle East as radical Islamic ideas and groups spread throughout the region.

Isreal is the only country in the Middle East that provides safe haven to Christians and all other minority groups such as Druze and Samaritans. Both the Jewish State of Israel and Christians are routinely demonized and attacked by radical Islamic terrorist groups. Carlos Ortiz is a Christian Pastor and created the Hispanics Allied for Israel organization. It seeks to gain Hispanic support in the USA for the Jewish people and the Jewish state.

Carlos Ortiz echoes Adam Milstein’s statement that Jews and Christians must unite together to drive out the hate that is spreading across the Middle East. Both leaders also agree that Christians and Jews must stand up to the BDS movement at home that aims to delegitimize Israel. Adam Milstein describes the BDS or Boycott Divestment and Sanctions Movement as anti-Semitism in disguise as a social justice movement. He points out that terrorist groups and leaders are actually leading and organizing the campaign.

The Jewish people are routinely attacked and demonized and increasingly so are Christians in the Middle East and elsewhere. The Jewish Christian Alliance is vital for the continued existence of our great democracy and civilization states Adam Milstein. After all, our civilization is based on the Judeo-Chrisitan tradition. It is these traditions that form our rich history, culture, laws, and government.

One of the major points in the article is that terrorist groups that have links to the BDS movement routinely launch attacks against Israel using rocket fire and suicide bombers. Such groups are also targeting Christians living in the Gaza Strip and the Palestinian territories. Only by standing firm and fighting back, can the Jewish people and Christian minorities hope to survive and continue their legacy in an increasingly hostile Middle East region.

Adam Milstein is originally from the Jewish state of Israel and served in the Israeli Defense Force during the Yom Kippur War. He is a graduate of the Technion in Israel and the University of Southern California. Mr. Milstein is now a managing director at a property management and investment firm in the United States. click  here

Samuel Strauch – A Savvy Real Estate Entrepreneur On The Move

Samuel Strauch is a real estate agent with his finger on the Miami, Florida pulse. He has a formidable education to back his ventures. He graduated from Hofstra University in Hempstead, New York, and spent time as well at Erasmus University in Holland. His crowing educational achievement is his Harvard University studies. He can also add to his resume that he is a former banker and financial expert. This forms the basis for his success as a real estate expert.

After 14 years gaining experience as an agent, Strauch branched out on his own to establish Metrik Real Estate, which has made its mark as a highly successful enterprise in the South Beach, Florida area. He also possesses a license to enact real estate deals in Latin America. He has an established reputation for being able to close home and condominium deals quickly. At present, he is one of the leading property sellers in the Miami Beach area.

Metrik real estate is not a typical agency. The company edges out the competition due to its ability to structure deals through equity sourcing, implementing innovative ways of property acquisition and development, and property management. While he has a definite passion for real estate, Strauch also has a passion for art and photography, and he has a personal blog that showcases his photography skills.

His travels to Latin America also opened up doors to investors who look to invest in Miami. Miami is the gateway to Latin America. His travels have also helped him to keep on top of technology advances in how people live their lives now, and how they will likely live in the future.

His team constantly analyzes business and investment opportunities, and he places focus on how today’s youth interact in the workplace. He reasons that people today are more interested in sharing experiences in small workplace environments. This all relates to architecture and real estate in a major way. Tomorrow’ society will usher in new ways in how people communicate in crowded environments.

This philosophy also has an impact on how he hires people to work at his own company. He prefers people who pride themselves in being professional and ethical. Employees must also embrace the company’s vision. Samuel Strauch is on the move.

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José Auriemo Neto: Guiding JHSF Towards a New Dawn

Over the past few decades, the call for sustainable development has reached a crescendo. It is a call that many property developers and managers are increasingly responding to positively. One such property developer and manager responding to the all-important call is JHSF: a publicly-held Sao Paulo-based property developer and manager specializing in luxurious properties with sustainable designs.

Since its founding in 1972, JHSF has carved out a name for itself in the highly competitive properties markets as one of the market leaders when it comes to developing sustainable and high-end properties. The company specializes in commercial and residential properties as well as shopping malls and upscale hotels. In the recent past, the family-owned company has included an executive international business airport to the portfolio of properties it manages. While its portfolio has continued to grow, JHSF reaped in dividends in the form of awards from various organizations locally and globally. The company’s shopping malls and buildings have been honored with a place in the coveted Worth Magazine, North American Architects and Yearbook Business Sector 360° list of excellent buildings. They have also won the Pini Awards and Brazilian Forum of Shopping Centers Award as well as the Aqua Sustainable Building Seal.

José Auriemo Neto’s Leadership at JHSF

In the past years, JHSF has embarked on an expansion mission that has transformed it into a global property manager. The company has established operations in the United States where it has properties in Miami and New York where it also has a corporate office. The company has also made inroads in Punta del Este (Argentina), New Delhi (India) and numerous Brazilian cities where it owns luxurious residential and commercial properties and upscale hotels. These new expansion initiatives have coincided with the leadership of José Auriemo Neto who currently serves as the chairman and chief executive officer of the company.

José Auriemo Neto is a company veteran having joined the company close to two decades ago. His experience and academic background in engineering have been crucial pillars in his ushering of JHSF into a new era. He ventured into entrepreneurship as a 17-year old before joining FAAP for a course in engineering. His hands-on leadership approach, which has seen him personally inspect some of the company’s projects, has also been a crucial success factor.

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