Police Union Indicated In Wrongful Behavior

Allegations of rampant discrimination have been circulating over the San Fransisco area police unions. It is alleged that racism as well as a lack of concern over promoting diversity within the department have all been overlooked by the union and its officials. A task force was setup to investigate further into the matter.


The former president of the Police Officer’s Association gave a depostition to the task force concerning those issues and homophobia. Mr. Delagnes also stated that the union and its activities were seriously hindering the ability for chiefs and commissioners to get their jobs done. They were and are essentially caught between that rock and a hard place.


Delagnes stated that the political arena expects the chiefs to assure diversity and fairness within the hiring and promotion practices of the department.


The former president of the Officer’s Association, George Gascon, also recounts other instances where racial slurs and remarks were made by upper ranking individuals in the hierarchy. At one formal dinner the remarks were so loud and boisterous that a civilian actually approached the individuals and asked them to be stopped.


As a standard practice all allegations have been denied. Ranking officials dealing with these allegations state that Delagnes lacks the credibility to be taken seriously. They do state that he has a vivid imagination though. Officials with the union seem unconcerned and rather annoyed by the statements.


When asked if he would go further into depth with his deposition, Delagnes made it clear that any further statements would need to be through a subpeona to the task force. It will be at that time that further expounding upon the allegations and offering of physical proof will be done.


Time will tell where these allegations will go. In past instances with police forces in the area some proof of culpability has been substantiated. Further investigations will definitely be in order and a full report from those who have allegedly been harmed will be needed.

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