Andrew Rolfe And The Entire Ubuntu Fund Team Meets Their Target During A Gala Dinner

The success of any institution is anchored on its leadership. The Ubuntu Fund is a revered organization that seeks to help the needy members of the society, especially the youths and children. Over the years, the Ubuntu Fund has played a pivotal role in transforming the lives of many needy people in the society.

Owing to increased expenditure resulting from the high number of young people enrolled in the school run by the Ubuntu Fund, the management of the same decided to hold a funds drive in London. 300 guests attended the gala dinner. Andrew Rolfe, who is the chairperson of the organization, made sure that each guest was comfortable. He also organized for a Xhosa Choir to perform different songs to the attendees. Among the attendees were two beneficiaries of the Ubuntu Fund’s scholarship and Jacob Lief, the chief executive officer of the organization.

After dinner, Sinesipho Rabidyani was called to the podium to deliver her speech to the audience. Sinesipho stole the show owing to her inspiring story. She recalled that when she was in her formative years, she dreaded going home. This is because of her father’s drinking behavior. He would mistreat them. When the other students were going home, Sinesipho felt the need to redouble her efforts in school. In the end, she excelled in her examinations earning the recognition of the top management of the Ubuntu Fund. Sinesipho was given a scholarship. In addition, the management of the institution offered her psychosocial support and mentorship. Today, she is pursuing law at the University.

In his speech, Jacob Life said that the Ubuntu Fund had played a pivotal role in enhancing the lives of many needy people who live in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. He posited that for the last 20 years, he had learnt that children need everything to grow.

About Andrew Rolfe

As one of the visionary leaders of the Ubuntu Fund, Andrew has been heavily involved in transforming the lives of many people in Africa. To this end, he has championed the fund raising activities of the Fund to ensure that they continue to help more disadvantaged people in the society.

The alumnus of the University of Oxford has a sound background in economics, politics and philosophy. Moreover, the transformative leader holds an MBA from the prestigious Harvard Business School.