Roseann Bennett: Using Canine-Assisted Therapy For Psychotherapy


Roseann Bennett is a counselor, family therapist, and a dedicated philanthropist with a stellar reputation in offering innovative therapies based on her client’s cases. She is a committed in-field therapist with vast experience in providing individual therapy sessions. Her experience motivated her and her partner Dr. Bennett to establish The Center for Assessment and Treatment.


Over the years, Bennett has developed some skills in care giving. She, therefore, uses her organization to offer extensive services to patients with low-income levels. Since Roseann Bennett is financially capable, she understands that clients have different needs encompassing their financial capabilities. That should however never deter them from receiving appropriate mental healthcare.


With the guidance of Roseann Bennett, Center for Assessment Treatment has been providing comprehensive as well as extensive counseling services that allow self-efficiency to avoid bureaucracies linked to foreign funding from individuals who would like to support her organizations. Bennett uses this platform to cater to adolescents and their families. Bennett commits her time, resources and efforts to establish a secure treatment channel for the depressed who seek treatment in costly healthcare organizations. Her exposure to the real world motivated her to develop the center’s programs and various clinical trials based on helping through affordable therapy programs.


Roseann Bennet’s advocate for incorporating Canine-Assisted Therapy into conventional therapy programs is rooted in the existence of dogs and humans. From time immemorial, dogs have been comforting human beings by providing supportive such as helping them carry out their daily tasks. Dogs have also been a good security system for humans. Refer to This Article for related information.


Bennett uses Canine-Assisted Therapy to help her patients to live healthier lives. To that end, she admits that her therapeutic dog has assisted children who have psychological disorders in their recovery journey. Bennett encourages physicians to incorporate this treatment method because it is fruitful in many ways.


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