Aloha Construction Bags the Torch Award for Better Business Bureau

The Torch Award is conferred by Better Business Bureau and is a mark of excellence in organizational practices. It also recognizes companies that have dedicated their human resources towards providing excellent services and improving customer experience by providing high –quality services. The award is given to various organizations in different industries. One such company that received the award is Aloha Construction, a prominent roofing company with its central office in Southern Wisconsin as well as Illinois. The decision to award the company was arrived at by a panel of 15 judges.


Why The Company was awarded


The Better Business Bureau serving Northern Illinois and Chicago recognized Aloha Constructions’ relentless dedication to providing quality services through excellent client-centric packages. It also recognized the firm’s dedication to participating in charity work through like-minded organizations in Lake Zurich.


Aloha Construction Gives Back to the Community


According to the CEO of Aloha Construction David Farbaky, the company deserved the award following the management’s active participation in philanthropy. To be bag the award two years consecutively was a humbling experience for the growing family-owned business. He also added that the organic production of their services was not based on their need for recognition but environmental preservation.


Company Profile


Aloha Construction is a general contractor. It was founded in 2008 and for a decade, it has been providing services in roofing, side replacement, as well as gutters to the community of Lake Zurich. The company has transformed into a friendly team that offers quality customer care. Since its establishment, Aloha Construction has completed more than 17,000 projects. It cares for its community making it an equal employer in Southern Illinois. Besides providing standard roofing as well as replacement services, Aloha Construction offers remodeling services in addition to free property inspection. In conclusion, Aloha of Lake Zurich uses vital inspection processes to investigate issues in your roofing system.

Upwork  Creating To-Do List can Help you Get Pass Your Tasks Easily

There are many freelancers who achieve tremendous success while there are many others who are not able to achieve any success. The difference in the quality of work they provide and how organized they are. One of the key ingredients of becoming successful as a freelancer is that they should keep a to-do list with them and update it frequently. Having a to-do list would ensure that they are managing time properly and not keeping any work pending. There is a need for people to be more professional when they are working as a freelancer.

Upwork is one of the only platforms online with nearly twenty million active users, which includes over five million clients and twelve million freelancers. Upwork said in one of its blogs that freelancers who are maintaining a to-do list would be able to complete their work on time, can manage time more efficiently, and are able to get more clients. Always make sure to write down things to do a day before at night, so that you are able to make the most of your time the next day. Freelancers should also make use of the advanced technology and have applications of to-do list on their phone. It would keep their tasks synchronized and can be accessed remotely as well. But, one has to ensure that they create just one to-do list and not make multiple to-do lists as it can leave you confused as to which one you have been following.

A well-made to-do list can help freelancers from forgetting tasks that are essential. They can also prioritize their work depending on when they are due. Also, it is crucial for freelancers not to waste time on tasks that can be done by other freelancers. It will allow them to concentrate on work that is high paying.

The Fagali’i Airport

Believe it or not, the Fagali’i Airport, located on the Isle of Upolu, wasn’t paved until June 2002. Before that, it was was an all grass airstrip. In January of 2005, the Fagali’i Airport was decommissioned due to safety concerns with the surrounding village as well as the noise of the landing and taking-off of aircrafts.

Polynesian Airlines, who were the original owners (now known as Samoa Airways), re-opened Fagali’i Airport in 2009 even though the decision received more than a fair amount of criticism. The concerns were with, of course, the safety of the surrounding village as well as environmental issues.

Fagali’i Airport is open to the public and offers international flights, Pago Pago, the capital of American Samoa, being just one of many destinations. Both Samoa Airways and Tolofa Airways operate out of Fagali’i Airport.

Fagali’i is also known as Fagali’i-uta. A census taken in the year 2006 reported the village’s population at just under 1,600 people. Fagali’i also has an 18 hole golf course. It is named the Royal Samoa Golf Course and is very close to the airport. It was opened in 1970 and was originally a 9 hole course. A lot of golfers state that the course is quite challenging, especially when you factor in the heat and humidity.

What Does the Media Think of Brian Torchin?

Brian Torchin is President and owner of HCRC Staffing, a company with online resources for companies and professionals looking to fill medical positions open around the world. Torchin has received a lot of attention from the media about his company and what he is trying to accomplish in the medical staffing field.

The Digital Journal featured him in May 2013 in an article entitled, “Torchin staffing the global healthcare industry.” According to Glassdoor, In that article they describe Brian Torchin as “always being able to provide the most comprehensive solutions to his clients and consistent in providing a qualified pool of candidates to organizations seeking help.”

The website also featured him in an article praising his skills in providing staff who helped treat ailments through chiropractic care. In October 2014 wrote that in an article on, Torchin is “responsible for finding the best chiropractors out there for everyday folks with mild to moderate back pain.” As mentioned on, Torchin is a “trustworthy chiropractor [who]… knows the signs to look for in an employee.”

Brian Torchin himself uses social media to broadcast information helpful to those looking for positions open in the chiropractic field. On his Facebook and Twitter accounts he is continually posting articles and helpful tips on how to succeed in an interview or how to make sure your own social media sites are kept professional. He gives helpful insights on what employers are looking for in potential employees.

Indeed, it is difficult to find anything in the media that doesn’t mention the work Torchin is doing and the services he helps to provide through his company. HCRC Staffing certainly has a good reputation and a lot of room to grow.

Learn more about Brian Torchin:

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