Chris Burch Builds the Best Hotel in the World on Remote Island

Chris Burch is a well known entrepreneur who has started several businesses. Now he is getting into the hotel industry. Chris Burch, together with a partner called James McBride, purchased a small hostel on a small island off Indonesia. The island is called Sumba. They spent tens of millions of dollars renovating and refurbishing this resort in order to turn it into a luxury hotel that offers high quality services.

His new hotel is now called Nihiwatu. His hotel was named as the Best Hotel in the World in 2016. Chris Burch said that his location gives him the opportunity to do things that would otherwise be impossible. For example, in most locations, hotels are totally unable to build a spa under a waterfall, but it is possible on Sumba. There is so much privacy and serenity on the island, which is one of the things that make Nihiwatu such a great place. Chris Burch originally bought it so that his family would have it and to give back to the community, but it exceeded his expectations and became even more loved and popular than he ever dreamed of.

There are a total of twenty seven villas on the island, all part of the resort. Chris Burch himself lives in a house and four villas, each with their own plunge pool. You can rent out a villa on the resort island if you want to go somewhere where you can get away from your daily life and be surrounded by peace and nature.

There are many other reasons why Nihiwatu has become known as the best hotel in the world. There is excellent service there. For example, there is a butler in every room. Most other resorts do not have that. They also offer tours all over the island. There are various activities that you can do on the island which you can not find at most other resorts. Additional article here.

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