Chris Burch Decides to Modernize a Remote Indonesian Island

Chris Burch is a self-made entrepreneur recognized for raising the bar in the entrepreneurial causes. Most people know Chris as an authority who values brand development. His records show that he has been involved in launching and co-founding several global-ranking retails brands. Being a jack of all trades, Chris boasts of his prowess in technical matters, fashion, and real estate. It is not so long since Mr. Burch expressed an interest in extending his presence to hospitality. Chris Burch collaborated with James McBride, a high-ranking hotelier, and purchased a beach hostel. The two entrepreneurs set aside $30 million, which they spent on revamping the resort located on the island of Sumba. Renovation began in 2012 upon buying it and completed in three years. In 2015, the duo rebranded it Nihiwatu and re-launched as a five-star resort. To learn more about Burch, head over to

What Burch Says of the Bravura Resort

Nihiwatu’s magnificence has taken the world by storm. In an interview, Chris confessed that the structure ended up surpassing his expectations. In most cases, people end up with results below their anticipation. In the case of Nihiwatu though, things worked out differently. When raising the structure, Chris had his children in mind. This is what he and his kids will preserve and through it give back to their society. In essence, the community is already enjoying what Nihiwatu brings. You can choose to stay in one of the 27 private villas with several private plunge pools and enjoy the best of life’s experiences. During your stay at Nihiwatu, you will have the best opportunity to be where no one else has been. More related articles on

Christopher Burch Explains How Mistakes That Could Bring Success to Managers

Having been in entrepreneurial causes long enough, Chris understands challenges that face leaders. Chris advises people not to focus so much on failure that they fail to get the bigger picture. According to him, some mistakes could lead you to success. And again, managers should strive towards going beyond the status quo. With a mind focusing on prevention of errors, it becomes difficult to reach any significant metric. More interesting news on this.  On the same, leaders must devote themselves to ensuring that mistakes are not often made or repeated. As much as they allow your employees to grow and expand above the ordinary, they might eventually hurt the venture. Allowing those working under you to take risks is also good. He says it gives them the confidence to stretch their minds and perform beyond the obvious.  Additional reading on

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