Chris Burch: Developing the Island of Sumba

The remote island of Sumba is located in the Indonesian archipelago. The island has limited facilities, but it never stopped Chris Burch and James McBride from discovering its real beauty. Chris Burch is an American businessman and entrepreneur, while James McBride is an Australian hotelier. Together, they went to Indonesia to scout the best place where they could set up their dream resort. When they arrived in the island of Sumba, they were amazed by the beauty of its beaches, and they were welcomed warmly by the locals living in the island. They later decided to buy a cove situated on the island and develop it into a luxurious hotel.

The construction of the property took years, and when it opened to the public, resort enthusiasts were amazed by the structure and the services provided inside the resort. Chris Burch and James McBride called their resort “Nihiwatu,” and after it was published online for the public to see, many have booked their tickets to Indonesia to visit the hidden paradise in the island of Sumba. Years after the establishment of Nihiwatu, the luxury resort still receives positive reviews from those who have experienced visiting it. In fact, the resort was recognized in 2016 as the best luxury hotel on the planet by the renowned travel magazine Travel + Leisure. Chris Burch thanked everyone who has nominated his resort to become the recipient of the coveted recognition.

Chris Burch invested $30 million for the construction of the resort, but he managed to take his capital back immediately because of the surge of tourists coming into his cove ( Today, the residents of the island of Sumba are thanking him and James McBride for choosing their island as a gateway for tourists. The island of Sumba drastically changed ever since the duo discovered its beaches in 2012. Today, the residents of the island enjoy traveling on their paved roads, and a hospital just opened near the island center to cater the residents and the visitors of Nihiwatu. Chris Burch also gave the local people jobs, and he stated that more improvements would come shortly that would benefit everyone on the island.  For additional article, click

Anyone flying into Indonesia can access the Nihiwatu resort. Visitors would have to contact Chris Burch, James McBride or any of their associates if they wanted to visit the resort. Chris Burch ensures all of their visitors that they would enjoy their stay on the island because of the warm hospitality from the locals.

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