Chris Burch Founds Nihiwatu for His Children and to Give Back to The Community

Chris Burch is a prominent businessman, investor and philanthropist. He has amassed a lot of wealth from founding companies in different industries, which is something that he has been doing for over 4 decades. And, it all started in the year 1976 when he started his first company.

At the time, Burch was still in college, Ithaca College to be precise. He collaborated with his brother to start an apparel company, where they would market their products to other students. Initially, the company was worth about $2,000. However, when the Swire Group bought it, it was worth not less than $165 million.  Additional article on

The sale of Eagle’s Eye did not put a stop to Burch’s innovativeness. In fact, it only made him a sharper businessman. He has always had a keen eye for trend. This combined with adequate capital, power of implementation and utilizing of channels that are direct to the customers, has seen him very successful in business.  Read about his diverst investments on

Chris Burch has founded a number of companies including C.Burch that is in the fashion industry, Cocoon9 that deals in delivering prefabricated luxury homes with genius floor space saving plans, and most recently Nihiwatu. His latest project Nihiwatu is one that he built for his children. He co-founded Nihiwatu with his good friend James McBride, one of the best entrepreneurs in the hospitality industry.

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The current Nihiwatu used two be a beach hotel that was owned by a South American couple. Burch and McBride invested over $30 million to go towards its renovation, which took about three years- from the year 2012 to the year 2015. But the years and money spent on it was worthwhile. Nihiwatu is one of the best resorts in the world and was named the best hotel of the year 2016, by the Travel + Hotel magazine.

With Nihiwatu being in a very remote place in Indonesia, it provides the perfect get-away destination. The view is magical and so are the services. There is just about anything you could ever ask for in your dream vacation home. From villas with plunge pools to treehouses. There is also Raja Mendaka, which is Burch’s private home that is also open guests. And then, there are more pools, both indoors and outdoors.   Related article on

Nihiwatu provides employment to hundreds of Sumbanese people. Other than that, the company contributes part of its revenues to the Sumba Foundation, which is a non-profit organization for helping the underprivileged people of Sumba to access basic needs.  Check

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